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Ricky = Sergio Olmos ???

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 20, 2009

Is it me or Temple Owl center Sergio Olmos looks very, very similar to my ugly guido ass face ????




I saw his picture for the first time a couple of hours ago (I don’t follow college bball), immediately emailed it to a group of friends, and immediately received warm (LOL) feedbacks, so I’m curious to have more opinions from people who don’t have a damn thing to do accidental readers.

Wifey agrees with me, just FYI, and had some good laughs looking at the two pics, so I decided to post them. For sure me and Sergio go to the same barber.

Btw that reminds me a lot of the notorious Ron Jeremy-Stan Van Gundy similarity I first came up with (in this case, I would be Ron Jeremy of course).

One Response to “Ricky = Sergio Olmos ???”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    Hey Ricky My Friend!!

    well bro the “W” in the Staples Center was a memorable One, I Scream and Jump and jump and jump when Iggy made that shot(I watch the game live on always is nice to beat Kobe Bryant and all the Fuck…. Lakers I Agree with all the Phily Fans in that this is the most important “W” for the team in a Long Time

    pd: Im Ready here in my house(with a delicious Pizza hahaha) to watch Tonight game vs The GSW


    From Colombia


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