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Few Sixers show up in loss to Bobcats

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 29, 2009

83007767ND008_BOBCATS_76ERSI’m out on a four day business trip and I completely missed the 96-88 W over the T’Wolves (37-33). Two things I noticed about that game.

First, Minnesota started Kevin Ollie (!!), Bobby Brown, Brian Cardinal, Rodney Carney and Craig Smith: that has to be the worst starting lineup in the history of the League.

Second, former Sixer bum player Carney went 7/8 from behind the arc, but Sixers, led by Thaddeus Young (29) and with only two other plyers in double figure, won the game, playing basically just one quarter (the third) and holding off Minnesota down the stretch.

I did watch the 95-100 home loss to the Bobcats, though (37-34, .521).

Not an enjoyable show, to be honest. Talking about a 33-50 half time score, that included Sixers’ 36% FG pctg (13/36) vs Charlotte’s 51% (19/37), with a -15 difference in rebounding (12-27). The first two quarters included multiple three seconds violations, tons of second chance opportunities allowed, limited circulation of the ball, no movement offensively.

You think that after such a poor effort, Sixers would have come pretty spirited after the break.

Instead, on their first offensive possession, Bobcats found Okafor under the rim for an easy dunk, extending the lead to nineteen (33-52), their largest. Sixers gave few sign of life, and Charlotte remained always in control, thanks to great circulation (they played even too unselfish bball, passing up on many open shots) closing the period at 60-73.

Sixers finally woke up in the fourth, sparked by Thaddeus Young and mainly Lou Williams, who scored 12 of his 14 points in the quarter, but the best they could do was cutting the lead to two (92-94 with 1.20 left). Nevermind, Okafor from the high post found Diaw for an easy layup (92-94), Miller missed a shot and Bell secured the game from the line (92-96).

I would forgive just Young, Williams and Evans, who gave 100% as usual and is having a good stretch of games. Iguodala played so-and-so, Green and Miller were horrible, Sam (reportedly slowed down by the flu) subpar.

We got killed under the boards all night, and when three of your five starters combine for 18 points on 6/20 from the floor there is not much you can expect.

Charlotte is a good, rising team, of course well coached, with balanced offense and many solutions.

Diaw is in great shape and creates mismatches with his inside-outside game, Bell is always reliable and Wallace does a lot of good things on both ends of the floor. I must say I appreciated Larry Brown’s work, his hand on the team is pretty evident.

Sixers play the Pistons tonight: Detroit has won ony two of its last eight games, the wins coming vs the Clippers and Wizards. BTW yesterday night Butler missed the last second shot that could have won the game for Washington. You draw the conclusions….

Check Need4Sheed and Pistons Nation for coverage about Detroit. I’ll be back at FBP (full blogging potential) on Monday.

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