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-10, are Sixers ready to run?

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 31, 2009


Ten games are left after the 101-97 loss at Detroit, Sixers stand at the 6th place in the Eastern conference with their 37-35 (.514) record, and their schedule doesn’t look easy.

Tonight Sixers meet the 43-31 Hawks, that already secured a playoffs spot and hold a comfortable four game-lead over 5th seed Miami (39-35). Atlanta seems in a great position to keep home court advantage in the first round.

The game is the first of a three game homestand. Here is Sixers’ remaining schedule, with my predictions:

  • Atlanta (W)
  • Milwaukee (W)
  • Detroit (W)
  • @ New Jersey (W)
  • @ Charlotte (L)
  • @ Chicago (L)
  • Cleveland (L)
  • @ Toronto (W)
  • Boston (W)
  • @ Cleveland (L)

In my opinion tonight’s game could spark us to a small winning streak: I am afraid we will lose again to the Bobcats, good and rising, while for the last two games we could perhaps take advantage of the fact that Cavs and Boston will probably already be sure of their 1st and 2nd/3rd spot and maybe rest some starters.

But I am predicting a L at Cleveland, just not to be too optimistic: if Sixers really go 6-4 in this last stretch, they will finish the season 43-39.

That would mean a +3 improvement in wins versus last year (= still mediocre), and matching the record of 2004/2005, which by the way was Sixers’ last winning season (…).

If you remember, it was Jim O’Brien’s year, with Iverson & Webber. Sixers lost 4-1 to the Pistons in the first round. That costed Obie the job, and it costed all Sixers fans six more years of Dalembert (LOL), because after that – good – series by Sammy, King rewarded him with that infamous notorious deal.

I think 2008/2009 Sixers are ready to finish the season strong and make some noise in the playoffs.

More than likely they will NOT pass the first round, because we match up pretty bad with Orlando AND Boston, but I think a series with the same Hawks could be very interesting, and give us a good chance for the upset.

Yes. Because despite what the rankings tell us today, we are 1-1 vs Atlanta this year, with both games played on the road, and with the loss coming on Nov 1st after we blew a 23-point lead, remember ??

But before talking about the post season, we have to get to it. To be sure of that, we have to avoid some mistakes made vs the Pistons (and here comes the short recap I still have to write, due to a shitload of work…).  

Like letting Will Bynum score 9 points in the fourth quarter (!). Williams’ defense on Pistons’ reserve guard was horrible, to the point that DiLeo put Green in for the last minutes.

Or letting a six point-fourth quarter lead (83-89, thanks to two fantastic fastbreak baskets by Iguodala) quickly turn into a six point deficit (97-91), capping a 14-2 run.

Sixers played a good game overall in Detroit, but stopped pushing just when they could (and should) have closed it.

They were too happy with the (small) lead, smiling on the bench during Detroit’s timeout, and came out of it not focused and ‘angry’ enough, leaving Pistons the stage, and letting the crowd play a part in their comeback. Talking about immaturity, or lack of killer instinct.

Also give Rip Hamilton a lot of credit, he knocked down a tough shot that rattled in with 14 seconds to go (101-97), he took it nearly behind the backboard, with his right foot almost touching the baseline.

I was happy to see Iverson finally back for the Pistons after a long absence, I’ll always love “the lil’ guy” and wish him the best.

Ok, enough of the past, bring on the Hawks, we want to RUN WITH THE SIXERS TO THE PLAYOFFS !!!

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