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Sixers set new, dubiuos record in 4th L to Nets

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 6, 2009

manico_scopaI guess deciding to watch live the 96-67 L to the Nets (40-36, .526) wasn’t a brilliant idea.

But I was pumped after the win over the Pistons and I was curious to see whether we could carry on the momentum after that tough, emotional game. We couldn’t. And I stayed up until 4 AM to realize it. Nevermind.

Unfortunately it was one of those games in which the boxscore says it all. Sixers look exhausted (also mentally), confused, lost, not focused, their minds empy, their legs heavy.

The result was an embarassing fourth season loss versus (what to me still looks like) one of the worst teams in the League, that, another time, didn’t do anything special to win the game other than taking advantage of our atrocious performance. 

Let’s recap the “highlights”.

– Nets NEVER swept the season series vs Sixers before this season. Talking about making history here (LOL).

Keep in mind that Nets went to the NBA Finals two straight times in recent years, so it shouldn’t have been embarassing being swept by THAT team with Kidd, Kenyon Martin etc. But this, with a fading Carter, and the Doolings, the Boones & the Hayeses ???

– Nets shot better from three point (11/25, 44%) than Sixers did from the line (9/23, 39%). LOL !!!

– Nets placed SEVEN players in double figure vs Sixers’ ONE. Our “hero” was Lou Williams, though, and he shot 27%, with a -28 in plus/minus, worst in the team. You do the maths.

– Sixers scored 28 points in the SECOND HALF (LMAO). Before the Sixers game, I watched Dallas burying the Suns under a 81 point first HALF (!!) that included Mavs going 10/13 from three point land, and the (inevitable) comparison was really… uhm, embarassing?

– Sixers missed their first nine shots but, since Nets suck as well, managed to finish the (horrible) first quarter up two, 18-20.

– the sequence to start the second half, after that pitiful 24-minute show was: goaltending (Dalembert) – traveling violation (Dalembert) – 0/2 from the line (Iguodala) – turnover (Dalembert). So much for the comeback hopes.

– since Nets really suck – in case I didn’t tell you before – the partial after six minutes played in the same third quarter was 4-5…

Nets suck to the point that they missed nine consecutive shots in the third, but Sixers found a way to fall to -20 (64-44) reguardless.

the 67 points scored are, needless to say, a season low, and the 29 point final deficit is the widest this year.

Speaking of single players, I’d like not to forget that:

1) I promise I’ll never suggest to play Rush until the end of the season. A wide open three missed, another that barely hit the rim, a layup that came up short and two turnovers in 9 sorry minutes of action. Completely in style with Sixers’ night.

2) Sam Dalembert gave signs of life in an encouraging first quarter (7 +5) but didn’t do shlt for the rest of the night. Five, also comical, turnovers complete the picture.

3) the two Andres competed in a tough race for LVP of the game (Less Valuable Player). We’ll give them a free pass, but only for this time.

Let’s put this game behind us very quickly and move on. We have two more back-to-backs and we need to regroup and focus.

Since I am always your half-full type of fan, I’ll leave you with the good news: no more Nets games left.


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