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Sixers’ opponents are always greener

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 10, 2009

83009603SD003_PHILADELPHIA_Honestly I have no clue why Bobcats AND Bulls wore green uniforms (?) playing the Sixers.

They all looked awful in those unlikely jerseys, but for sure the move worked well in terms of final result for both teams.

No, I didn’t watch the 113-99 L at Chicago, because the game was blackouted here in Italy, but I don’t have many regrets this time. It was our third straight loss (40-38, .513) that came after another bad night.

I just finished watching highlights, reading many reports all around and analyzing the play-by-play page (those are usually the only things I can do when I am not able to catch the game). I noticed many familiar facts repeating themselves and some new things emerging.

Under “Your usual 2008/2009 Philadelphia 76ers” category we could file:

1) horrible free throw shooting. Bulls hit more freebies (19) than we did (16), but they shot EIGHT less from the line (!). Make it 100% vs 59%, if you prefer. Eleven misses from the stripe in a game lost by thirteen points.

And here is S4G “Iguodala update”: after last night’s 3/6 Andre “improved” to 7/17 in the last three games, 72% for the season. Hello? 

2) their PG killing us. This time it was Derrick Rose (in the pic), in the previous game it was Raymond Felton (…) setting a new career high with 32 points.

It’s a fact that Andre Miller and Lou Williams (+ Green, when he is put in  to guard PGs) struggle, to say the least, when facing quick players that like to drive (Paul, Parker, Deron Williams, Harris etc). We always have a hard time trying to limit these type of players.

Well, judging from last night’s figures, another game has passed and we still didn’t find a solution for this problem. Not even a small improvement, I mean.

3) our frontcourt outplayed. Noah, Tyus Thomas and Brad Miller combined for 47 points (on 15/25, 60%) and 17 rebounds, while Dalembert, Evans and Speights put together 24 points (on 8/18) and 14 boards.

When DiLeo says:

“Number one, I think we really miss Thad,” … “And the other players have to play more minutes and we’re trying to do things, we’re trying to work it out and stay positive.”

..he is probably right, but I don’t like much to hear that kind of crap.

It’s ok if a fan says that, but from an NBA coach I want to hear something like “Hey, we have some guys out and that doesn’t help, but we have a deep roster – and Sixers really have it, btw – and I am confident in the other fellas, we can turn things around before he comes back”.

Because put like DiLeo put it, it sounds like an excuse, and it might have a negative effect. Like “we can’t do shit until Thad returns”, you know what I mean?

But let’s quickly move to what apparently (and surprisingly) went well, because LeBron James is coming to town tonight and we want to have something good to build on.

1) three point shooting was excellent. It doesn’t happen often that Sixers go 7/11 from downtown. Willie Green contributed with 2/2, and is continuing to play well. That’s why Sixers lost the last games.

2) the two Andres were efficient. Solid game for both our leaders, with Iguodala just shy of a triple double and Miller extremely effective at the offensive end.

3) Lou Williams is rising, and this at the right time of the season.

I’ll watch the game vs Cleveland, and recap it tomorrow.

I just hope Cavs will show up in red.


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