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Ruins of Celtics enough for these Sixers

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 16, 2009

82993737JG012_CELTICS_SIXERSYeah, I know the recap comes late, but luckily I didn’t get fooled again, I didn’t stay up until 4 AM to watch this shit live, and it was a good choice: it’s better, or less painful, to watch these Sixers games replaying. 

It’s healthier, let’s put it like this. In this case, the time zone difference HELPS.

So Sixers lost 98-100 to what’s left of a great Celtics team, the third unit I guess. 

And Boston did its best to make us win the game, they tried even the impossible. But they swept us anyway, sixth straight loss, 40-41, .494.

Let’s recap how the Celtics (politely) tried to leave us the W, just for the record:

  • no Kevin Garnett 
  • no Ray Allen
  • no guido Brian Scalabrine (LOL)
  • got whistled for FIVE technical fouls (!!)
  • in a close game, shot a sixer-esque 53% from the line, missing NINE free throws
  • in game decided down the stretch scored a whopping ONE point in their last FOUR offensive possessions (!!!)

It wasn’t enough. No way, at least with these Sixers.

Uhm, wait, I could have added some more, actually.

How about playing Paul Pierce only 31 minutes? How about leaving him on the bench until 4.30 left in the fourth, after he had TORCHED us with 29 points, including 7/9 from downtown, through the first three?

How about going for extended minutes in the fourth with a lineup of Marbury – House (simply awful) – TONY Allen – Glen Davis – Mikki Moore? That’s nearly D-league material. How about a career 83% FT shooter (the same, horrible House) that chokes makes only 1/2 with 3 seconds to play, leaving the door open for another, last chance?

No f’n way.

S4G sources told me that reportedly Celtics tried to get Greg Kite and Kelvin Upshaw back just for this game but neither was available. That move could have been the only useful one to make us win the game.

Another game in which Sixers came up short in the final: we are now 6-11 in games decided by 4 points or less. That is a stat to mull over.

And one more time we are here underlining “the effort”, the intensity”, the “spectacular plays”, some good individual performances… but all coming after ANOTHER FUCKING LOSS. And I’m tired, really. That’s annoying, even for a positive-thinking fan like I usually am.

Two WIDE open threes missed, 1/2 from the line, an unwatchable off balanced shot that barely hits the rim on the biggest possession of the game, a horrible last second shot from midcourt after TWO timeouts taken before the inbound pass… and this only to talk about the last two minutes – when the Celtics were “producing” that one point – and without saying any name.

It’s tough to be a Sixers fan. Yes, I know, we’ve seen worse times and at least we’ll make the playoffs, but it’s hard to get excited. Sixers are no Tera Patrick (LOL).

The Cavs game probably started while I was finishing to type this. I’ve read LeBron is NOT expected to play, but instead of falling for it again – ala Dalembert for the shot fake – I’ll (wisely) go to bed and (happily) write another late recap tomorrow. 

Sixers4guidos, where (late) wisdom happens.

(Uhm, we were wearing the old uniforms. That was actually nice to see.)


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