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Five things to expect from Sixers’ playoffs

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 17, 2009

82993737JG001_CELTICS_SIXERSFive is also the number of games that this series will consist of (4-1 Magic is my prediction, for what is worth…), but I would like to focus for a while on some aspects to take into consideration, other than the final score(s) I mean.

What I would like to see in the upcoming playoffs is:


Last year I was ashamed when we couldn’t sell out the Wachovia Center in neither game vs the Pistons, with the weirdest thing being that in Game 4 (with Sixers up 2-1) the crowd was SMALLER than in Game 3 !!!

I know we are the underdog, I know the end of the season has been extremely disappointing, I know that paying big $ to watch Willie Green & Royal Ivey is might seem stupid, but… YOU BETTER MOVE YOUR ASS AND GO SUPPORT THE TEAM !! 

I’d do that, if it wasn’t for that small problem of living in another continent… and be as loud as you can, our guys need a lift from the fans.


I am confident this won’t be a problem. As much as Sixers pissed us off many times this year, often losing to crappy teams, I admit there were very few occasions in which I thought they didn’t play hard, and until the end.

Sixers really have a good, “blue collar” attitude, with no selfishness, and this started in the years with Cheeks at the helm, so Mo takes great credit for that.

Seeing guys playing their butts off almost every night is a good thing for a fan. It makes him ALMOST forgive the players for their shortcomings.


From 2008 playoffs, I mean. When he finished the Pistons series with 13.2 PPG on 33% from the field, if you don’t remember

This is the time for Andre to prove he’s worth all those $. He had a good year overall, despite a poor start, now we expect him to take it to another level in the playoffs. Otherwise, it will be tough to take off the “choker” label, honestly. I am confident he will play well.


These playoffs will be another step in Young’s, Williams’, Speights’ growing process.

Let them on the floor for many minutes, let them feel the atmosphere, let them even make their mistakes. It will pay back in the future.

I would be disappointed in seeing Speights getting sporadic minutes or DNP-CDs, to make an example, or Williams’ minutes being cut (I rather expect the opposite).


Offense/defense, I mean. And even reguardless of the outcome.

I don’t want to see Iguodala driving one-vs-five and take a forced, off balanced, unlikely shot on the potential game winner anymore. Let’s run plays, let’s make the defense work, let’s show we play organized basketball (LOL).

If they have the ball, please, please, please, DO NOT LEAVE THE SHOOTERS wide open on the last possession. It might sound redundant, but not with this year’s Sixers, that lost around 47 games this way…also with the Magic.  

DiLeo has to do a better job of rotating players also.

(Assuming he will play) Leave Dalembert on the floor if he hasn’t foul troubles, especially in the fourth quarter. Theo can (and will) take his place in trying to limit Howard.

Don’t give Green more than 22-24 minutes, unless he’s really on fire. Rememeber we have a Donyell Marshall at the end of the bench that has playoffs experience, can shoot the three or at least help stretching the defense. Remember Ivey is a specialist, no reason to give him more than 10 minutes per game (same logic used with of Green, but on the other half court).

If we’ll do these things, I’ll be happy.


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