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Extra thoughts after Game 2

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 23, 2009

86012986FM028_SIXERS_MAGICAfter watching live Game 2 and recapping it, I slept three hours, went to work, had a meeting.

Now I am here in office at lunch break thinking again about a WINNABLE game that we let slip away, and that we eventually might regret not having won.

I already said in my recap what basically didn’t work (read the post below this), I’ll add some more points to conclude the analysis.

I agree with Iguodala that Magic were better in “the small things”:

“We feel like we had some opportunities,” Iguodala said. “They did all the little things. They hit a big 3. They got all the little loose balls. They made the shots. They got all the rebounds. They did a great job of sealing the game this time.”

True that.

Like failing to get the defensive rebound off a missed free throw by Orlando, giving them an extra possession, that resulted into a three pointer (70-61 Magic, end of the third).

Or miss four shots from the line in the crucial third quarter (5/9).

Or, mostly, let them score on four of the first five possessions after Howard fouled out (3.11 left to play, 84-76), making the crowd go wild.

All of the above contributed.

Few more points to mull over.

1) we are keeping two of their three “bigs” in check. Through the first two games Lewis is shooting 9/25 for 36%, Turkoglu is even worse, at 5/18 for 27%. A bargain, right? Well, since I think this won’t last long, please take advantage of it as much as we can.

2) for the 356th time, we have to make those damn free throws. The current 23/38 (60%) is ridiculous, even for Sixers’ standards I mean. Please fix it…yesterday.

3) trade Green for Lee. Uh, you think Magic won’t do it? Ok, well, at least not now, right? 21 PPG on 53% vs 2 PPG on 18% (LOL)… the SG matchup isn’t exactly turning well. We all know Green is garbage not an all star, but we need him AT LEAST at his reg season productivity.

Small tip: Willie, the goal of this game is to put the ball INTO the basket !! Hitting the rim is a good start, but you have to take a step forward. At least try, thank you !!

4) trade Dalembert for Howard. This would be a great move also, even if Sam (80% FG) is shooting better than Dwight (a modest 78%), so maybe I’ll have to re-think about it, LOL.

5) Alston would like to thank Miller for the PG classes he took last night. Andre is playing fantastic basketball, I’ve heard some fans criticizing him for playing too “selfishly” in Game 2, they probably didn’t realize he was the only offensive weapon we had… 21 points in the first half on 9/13, when none of his team mates, withthe exception of Young, showed up.

I’ll try to have a post about Game 3 up tomorrow. Back to work, damn.

(This is Third Quarter Collapse’ recap, nice post again from Ben & his crew, check the Magic fans’ standpoint)

2 Responses to “Extra thoughts after Game 2”

  1. franklin said

    It seems like the sixers still has no plays for thad(there is plays for willie, they run 3 consecutive time in the first and ended up wasting three possesion and….turnover). thad is sixers third best scorer and doesn’t miss layups(#1,2 andres). I think thad and iguodala should have like a 2 man plays(some kind of pick and roll). I think it would be more effective than iguodala playing pick and roll with dalembert, reggie evan.

  2. thanks for the comment Franklin, welcome to S4G

    this is true, it always seems that Thad has to score his points on accidental plays rather than set up situations. The only thing we do with him is feed him in the low post when he plays vs a smaller opponent, or give him the ball at the top of the key and let him play one-on-one

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