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Short message to the NBA before Game 3

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 24, 2009

The first italian Sixers blog would like to send a special message to the NBA and its shitty mighty Int’l League Pass, that is blackouting Sixers’ Game 3 here in Italy (like Game 1, and like Game 2…):


This won’t stop me, as I’ll watch the game on another streaming.

“International League Pass: where stealing money to Sixers fans happens”

I just hope the 40 Euros I gave Stern as a gift (zero games watched on LP so far…) will be used to buy him drugs to cure his male menopause. 

Since I am a gentleman, I’ll send some regards also in my mothertongue language, to make sure the message is delivered:

Da Sixers4guidos, il più cordiale vaffanculo a tutto lo staff di League Pass, fottetevi voi e i 40 euro che mi avete rubato.


2 Responses to “Short message to the NBA before Game 3”

  1. Raffaele said

    Ricky, you should do as I do. Find a friend dumb enough to have paid for Intl LP, ask him the pswd and watch the games from time to time. It’s fun, you don’t get too mad about games not shown, plus, when your friend start cursing about Stern, it’s get a good laughter… 😉


  2. LOL

    good idea, I just think it’s impossible to find a friend THAT stupid… but thanks for the advice, really

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