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Payback time for Turkoglu & the Magic

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 27, 2009

86012989JG028_MAGIC_SIXERSWell, perfect way to end a shitty bad day. A last second loss.

Hedo Turkoglu hit a tough three with one second left (in the Getty Images pic) to give Orlando a 81-84 W at the Wachovia center, and tie the series at 2-2.

We saw Turkoglu countless times on You Tube in these days, reviewing the game winner that Iguodala scored on him in Game 1 over and over. Now the Magic forward will be on the right side of some footage soon. Payback time.

Hedo hit a lot of game winners in his career, building himself a reputation of being a clutch player: maybe this is the most important shot, as it avoided an overtime that could have easily put his team into a 1-3 hole. Not to mention he was having a crappy series so far (11 PPG on 23% from the floor !!) so this play was huge, unfortunately.

Sixers came only close to another memorable comeback: trailing by ten with 4.32 to go in the fourth (69-79), and honestly looking in a slump, they went on a  stunning 12-2 run and tied the game at 81 on a dunk by Dalembert, off a nice feed by Iguodala when there were 14 seconds to play.

But Orlando had the last possession and Turkoglu made sure it was the decisive one, knocking down a contested three over Thaddeus Young. You can only tip your hat off to him, we couldn’t play better defense. Iguodala’s desperation shot at the buzzer hit only the side of the rim. Series even.

There are few points I want to address before going to bed.


1) shooting. Despite a nice 8/19 from behind the arc, we shot poorly, staying at 35% at the end of the third (22/62), that not coincidentially saw us down nine, 55-64. You are not going to win many games like this, obviously. 

2) poor rotations. I could say “no rotations” because DiLeo tonight decided not to use the bench. Three of our five starters logged more than 43 minutes (!!) which is something I really don’t understand, and disagree with.

First because it’s known we have a HUGE edge over Orlando as for bench contribution (even tonight, with few substitions made, we outscored them 15-4…), second because two of our starters were in an off night. And I’m clearly talking about the Andres.

3) not only they should have got some (deserved) rest, because they carried us to this point, but Miller and Iguodala weren’t playing well tonight, so others should have checked in, and perhaps picked up the slack. Marreese Speights had his second DNP CD (and I disagree with this also), Marshall and Ivey played a meaningless seven minutes combined. Not a smart idea, really, especially considering it’s gonna be a long series and we need fresh legs down the stretch.

I won’t blame the Andres for their subpar performance (many will do that, I know, but I don’t care), in a series it can happen to have a bad game. I’m blaming the coach for not taking them out.

Of course there are other things that keep our hopes pretty much intact, despite the hurting loss.


1) rebounding. We outrebounded Orlando again, and allowed their first of a ridicuolous three offensive rebounds with 8 minutes left in the fourth (!).

2) three point shooting, of course. This should give us confidence for the next games. We can hit them from outside.

3) “limiting” Howard. I know it sounds stupid after he had 18 + 18, but he was less of a factor than in the other games. His 6/12 from the line is encouraging also, the reggiemiller-esque performance of Game 3 was accidental, I assume. Unlike the other games, this time he was double teamed on many plays.

4) related to 3), Sam Dalembert had another good game, working well on defense and boxing out their big men (ok, man…) to secure the rebounds. He contributed also offensively, which is always a plus.

5) perimeter defense was ok. We denied Orlando the open looks in the first half (1/8 from three point land). Magic shooters got hot only in the third, when they knocked down three threys in the mid of a 13-2 run that put them up by ten (41-51). But the final 6/20 from behind the arc is acceptable.

Too bad the sixth trey was the decisive one (at least we didn’t pull a Chicago, that tonight left Ray Allen wide open on the last shot for the second time in a series….).

Back to Orlando, but also back to Philadelphia, because there will surely be a Game 6. The series is getting even more interesting, with all these last second shots piling up, game after game…. I’m proud of my team, even after the loss.

SIXERS4GUIDOS BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS – Magic started the third draining all of their first seven shots… – Willie Green was excellent in the first quarter, with eight points – Sixers shot only two free throws in the first half, not a good sign – Orlando had nine turnovers at the break, but two for the rest of the game – After the (pathetic) 16.492 attendance of friday, the arena was NOT sold out, again: 16.464 tonight, LESS than in Game 3. I am speechless.

9 Responses to “Payback time for Turkoglu & the Magic”

  1. franklin said

    I don’t agree that the last shot by turkuglu is defended well enough. I think Andre Iguodala will give turkuglu a harder shot. But unfortunate the magic had the pick and roll and force sixers have to switch. I disagree with the andres playing bad, maybe miller. Iguodala is doing very well with the passing, and i think i took like 2 30 feet+ shot at the end of the quarter which might have made hes stats looks bad. Overall, I think iguodala was taking enough shots to start the game(willie green took all of them) and resulted bad scoring game. So first let the andres get going if not than thad than willie.

    P.S. dun give dalembert confidence or he gona do something funny in the offensive end, also 2 goatender tonite

  2. michael said

    i still think we’ll take this in 6.

    what i like about our odds is the fact that we still match up well and have been exploiting that all series long thus far. having thaddeus able to play the 4 against rashard lewis (although thaddeus’ defense was really terrible at times letting rashard get past him, but golden during other times because he contested shots well) allows for one of our weaker points to be addressed. our perimeter defense isn’t bad because our rotations are fast enough to recover as seen numerous times during game 4.

    our problem most of the game was pick n roll defense and rotation. a lot of times there were free baskets off switches because thaddeus would fall off his man and usually help on courtney on the perimeter leaving dalembert/ratliff to fend for themselves.

    this game actually showed more about the teams’ matchups than the first three games combined. a lot of half court was run and a lot of half court failed. i do agree that iguodala had a bad game and it looked as if he was exhausted at times. although i want to bash on willie green, he did contribute this game. although this is what he should’ve been doing since he was drafted and didnt decide to do so until game 4 of the first round of the 2009 playoffs, i still think hes an ass hat. if he can find consistency in the next two games, his 20+ minutes will be deserved.

    dalembert played absolutely fantastic. ball denial and forcing dwight out of the post for a good portion of the night is what i call mission accomplished. ratliff > dalembert in rebounding, but dalembert > ratliff in achieving our goal defensively: force dwight to put it on the floor and travel (and not get called for it about 6 times last night).

    also, another note. having donyell marshall in for periods of time REALLY affects what we do on defense. granted that sounds kind of funny… “what we do on defense.” but regardless, hes really limited footwork-wise and having him guard their 3/4 (turk/lewis) was hard to watch.

  3. Franklin, the same Thad and coach DiLeo agree with you so all I have to do here is admit I was wrong. I wrote the recap immediately after viewing the game, with only one replay of the shot. Anyway, I’ll cut the BS, you are correct.

    Excerpt from Kate Fagan’s article:

    “He was way behind,” said Turkoglu, meaning that Young was off him. “I had to take a jumper.”

    All the Sixers could manage with the remaining 1.1 seconds was a drifting three from Iguodala that hit the rim as the buzzer sounded.

    Did Young give Turkoglu too much space?

    “I know Thad probably knew that a minute before, Turkoglu drove and got a three-point play,” said DiLeo, explaining why Young would give space to a shooter like Turkoglu.

    Young admitted he gave Turkoglu too much room, allowed him to shoot in rhythm.

  4. Michael I just hope you are right !!

    the reg season told us we match up TERRIBLY with Orlando, but playoffs are (fortunately) a different story, one more time !

    agree on your points about Green, Dalembert and Iguodala

    DiLeo has to use the bench more, for God’s sake !!

  5. michael said

    yeah. great post btw.

    i’d also like to comment on lou williams. i really want to see him play at least 32-35 minutes for offensive production, but we wont see that happen as long as green plays decent on offense. lou’s rotations, bball iq and ball control are all superior to green. who knows how well we would’ve performed in the losses if lou played with the consistency during certain stretches we saw during the season.

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  7. Michael, thanks for the kind words, appreciate

    I agree on LW, he’s playing ok, but he has to play better D, Green could be put in for stretches, for defensive purposes (go figure…)

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    With thanks, Garrett

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