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Birthday present needed: how about a Game 7?

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 30, 2009

Kirsten DunstToday is my 38th birthday. Wow. 

(Other celebrities that were born on the 30th of April: the mighty Isiah Thomas (…),  hottie actress Kirsten Dunst (in the pic) director Lars Von Trier, but mostly, porn actor T.T. Boy – LMAO)

I would like a nice present from my beloved Sixers, and extending the series to seven would be perfect.

There are the conditions, I guess. At home, no Howard, no Lee (+ no Nelson). I will be there, watching online and I’m expecting ALL of these:


1) attack the rim like crazy. Superman will be wearing a suit and I want Iguodala, Thad, Lou Williams etc to take it to the rack until exhaustion.

I’d expect some points in the paint even from Dalembert and Speights (he MUST play tonight !!): Gortat is big but not particularly athletic, the alley oops would be there.

Also, he and “El basto” Battie will basically be the only big men available, so putting what’s left of their frontcourt in foul trouble would give us an even bigger advantage.

2) dominate the boards, of course. Orlando outrebounded us in Game 5, that CANNOT HAPPEN again, particularly tonight. I expect a double digit edge in rebouding. Also we can’t allow to.. allow them more than 4-5 offensive boards. The paint should be Sixers territory.

3) strong defense on the perimeter. STICK TO YOUR MAN !!! Overall we are doing a great job in these games, tonight we will have one more reason NOT to double team in the low post. We can’t give Lewis, Turkoglu, Alston and mainly JJ Redick & Pietrus (that will share Lee’s minutes) open looks.

4) smart rotations. No need to keep Miller and Iguodala on the court for another 44-46 minutes, use 10-11 men and rotate them. Magic’s bench has never been good, now it has been shortened by injuries. Our is deeper and can give us many options, offensively and defensively, to keep the starters fresh for the final quarter: use it.

5) don’t underrate the Magic. The biggest mistake we can make is thinking that this is gonna be an easy win. WRONG !

They will be pumped up after the injuries, DiLeo’s statements about officiating after Game 5, the Howard episode etc etc, so expect Lewis & co to step up in their team mates’ absence, trying to show they are the better team (check this article, for example). Some bum back up will have a great game for sure, that always happens in such situations. They will work their butts off for 48 minutes, that’s granted.

If we will do the same, we will go back to Orlando for the final game. If not, golf courts are waiting for us. And I hate golf.

6 Responses to “Birthday present needed: how about a Game 7?”

  1. Alex`D said

    Happy Birthday! ))
    All best to you, your blog and Sixers)

  2. Thank you Alex !!

  3. Julia bernard said

    Hi, Kirsten. Im Julia your friend.

    Write me,as soon as you can

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