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DiLeo back to the desk, good move

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 12, 2009

86012989JM009_ORLANDO_MAGIC(Back to blogging after a much needed break…)

No disrespect for DiLeo, rather the opposite.

Tony was ax excellent front office guy, he did a lot of good things in that key position (= leading to all Sixers’ smart drafting over the last years) and I am happy the franchise will have him back at that desk after he decided not to come back as a coach

Of course there is NO ONE in the world that believes in the official version of the “personal reasons” behind DiLeo’s call. Not coincidentially the initials of those two words are PR… anyway it doesn’t matter now, as long as he stays in the organization and continues to contribute in making the Sixers a better team.

The 32-27 record he compiled, after the 9-14 start with Cheeks, says he did a good job on the bench as well. Especially considering that the last year he coached Berlin was still split in two…

So I think we have to thank Tony DiLeo, a ‘rookie’ coach, for taking a team that was going nowhere to the playoffs, providing many exciting games and even some fun. The biggest problems came at the end, with that awful Game 6, the statements by Ratliff etc.

More, I think DiLeo wasn’t the right coach if we think in the medium-long term. He’s not the coach that can take you to the upper level. In my opinion these young Sixers need a hard-nosed, experienced coach: my ideal candidate would be Jerry Sloan, to give you a rough idea.

I don’t like the two names I read (Doug Collins IMO is done, while Eddie Jordan’s resume isn’t exactly appealing), that’s why I hope that Avery Johnson will come. He is the right mix between experience (as both player and coach), freshness (still young but not rookie) and charisma.

I know AJ has a reputation of being tough, very demanding, authoritative, maybe even annoying, and getting into players’ minds too much, but I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, given Sixers’ rosters and the personalities of our guys. Another players’ coach won’t work in Sixerland, I’m afraid. JVG would be a ok coach also.

The ball is in Stefanski’s field now, but the first move of the offseason is a good one.

Thank you for everything, Tony.

(S4G update: some changes will be made in the blog soon, stay tuned)

2 Responses to “DiLeo back to the desk, good move”

  1. michael said

    jeff van gundy can die in a fire. can’t commentate and couldn’t coach games.

    terrible coach who couldnt coach a team to the championship with all the talent in the world (exception 98 knicks). he couldnt get past the 1st round out of 4 tries after the 2000 season.

    it’s pretty clear: he wouldn’t be a good coach.

    i do agree with the avery johnson comment. it would be interesting to have him come in, but i also wouldn’t mind if a fast paced coach came in and ran our team like d’antoni would. we have the athletes and the speed but just need some consistent shot makers to make that work.

  2. Guess we disagree about JVG then, Micheal, even if he would be a second choice.

    I like D’Antoni but I don’t see another D’Antoni available. Maybe another guido, Messina? I could have a post up in the next days about that.

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