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Tony DiLeo is a class act and a real asset

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 13, 2009

86012991FM102_Sixers_MagicHe might not be the greatest coach alive but I take my hat off to him as a professional, basketball guy and person.

I’m glad he will remain in the franchise, he adds a lot to this organization.

Check the 20 minute-video just released by the Sixers and tell me if I’m wrong.

Now please get Anthony Johnson (or that Thibodeau guy) here and leave Jordan & mainly Collins doing what they are doing

2 Responses to “Tony DiLeo is a class act and a real asset”

  1. michael said

    avery johnson?

    also, lol @ the jordan & collins comment. i don’t understand why anyone wanted doug collins to be their coach after witnessing his debacle after debacle.

  2. year, Avery, not Anthony LOL… I had the Magic series still in mind…

    I don’t get thy would Doug Collins be a good coach, he’s so washed up that makes Doug Moe look a good option 🙂

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