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Sixers piling up interviews: Casey and Rambis last

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 20, 2009

rambisWhile I am working at the new site, Ed Stefanski is working at finding a coach for the next season.

After interviewing Eddie Jordan, setting up another chat with Tom Thibodeau (currently pending), Sixers just confirmed via Twitter that they have completed interviews with Casey and Rambis also.

My comment on all those candidates is: uhm

Avery Johnson is still my fav man for the job.

Thibodeau built himself a (deserved, I guess) reputation of being a great defensive mind: too bad no one has a clue on whether he would be a good HEAD coach, meaning there is also an offensive phase to consider.

There are tons of examples of good assistent coaches that failed miserably when given the helm: the name Iavaroni is the first one that comes to my mind.

Casey and Rambis to me are smokescreens. At least I hope so. Their resumes are far from impressive, I’m sorry, we need something better. They both would be Randy Ayers part II.

I would like to remind all of Sixers fans that last summer Elton Brand was signed after EVERYONE thought that Sixers would have picked Josh Smith for the PF spot.

So stay tuned, don’t complain (yet) and expect our GM to make a move with no hurry.

3 Responses to “Sixers piling up interviews: Casey and Rambis last”

  1. […] We now know that Rambis has been informed he is out of the running for Sixers head […]

  2. Maverick said

    “The Sixers officially contacted me regarding their head-coaching position, but I have decided to stay in my role with ESPN,” Avery Johnson said in an ESPN news release.

  3. Thanks for the update Maverick

    that sucks (LOL)

    I hope for one between JVG and Thibodeau then

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