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Iguodala enjoying the offseason in Italy !

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on June 19, 2009

Just released on Andre Iguodala’s Twitter page:

“I’m so far gone right now…at a beautiful place on earth…”

He didn’t say where he is but guido sources I can 110% guarantee you that’s ITALY !!


The billboard on the left is from ENI, Italy’s #1 oil company… eheheh…. the city should be Rome, if I am not mistaken (EDIT: it is, actually. That’s ‘scalinata di piazza di Spagna’, or ‘spanish steps’, for you american guys ! And between the two buildings in the background there’s Via Condotti, Rome’s Fifth Avenue… Andre went shopping for sure)

Andre, enjoy your stay in guidoland, have some pasta fun and holla if you need tips !

And don’t forget to shoot 300 free throws per day (LOL) !!!

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2 Responses to “Iguodala enjoying the offseason in Italy !”

  1. Good eye Ricky. Judging from his pic AI was right about it being beautiful.

  2. he is my friend, Rome is the most beautiful city of the most beatiful country in the world 🙂

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