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TMac for Sam and Willie ?? Let’s pray !!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 1, 2009

The first day of free agency in Sixerland is shocked by this rumor (link posted first by poster GuessWHOsBack on the Sixers boards of

Yes, Tracy Mc Grady (I don’t care if he doesn’t play, that’s 23 mill expiring next summer) for Dalembert & Green.

Read it again. Yes, it WOULD be Sam & Willie out, Mc Grady in.

My fav excerpt of that article is:

“There aren’t too many other possible landing spots for Dalembert because of his contract and trade kicker.

“Every team has bad contracts,” the source said. “But that [trade kicker] just adds insult to injury.”

LOL (thank you also for this, Billy King…).

While my reaction to the Dalembert-and-Green for TMac trade is this:


Too good to be true? Sometimes miracles happen.

I know you are thinking Houston can get a lot more than that garbage package for TMac but… pray with me.

2 Responses to “TMac for Sam and Willie ?? Let’s pray !!”

  1. Sean aka GuessWHosBAck said

    LMAO. phenominal.. our father.. who art in heaven, hallow be thy name…

  2. Mo Sweat said

    Greeeeaaaat new!!.

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