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Boki Nachbar remembers Sammy D…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 14, 2009

In a pretty quiet period with (no) real Sixers-related news, Hoopshype made this nice interview with former Net Bostjan Nachbar.

Why I post it here?

First because I have to prove I am alive, second because it’s an interesting read, especially in terms of understanding the economic situation of int’l bball and reminding the differences between european and NBA hoops, third because there is a fun Sixers reference at the end, as you will check.

Since the quality of the video from Hoopshype is not very good, I found another video of the same play, that you might ‘enjoy’:

So much for the “intimidating presence”.

Sam got shawnbradleylized there… 🙂

UPDATE: since we are in a You Tube mood, enjoy also this great Dr. J – George Gervin video, via Twitter4guidosFreeDarko:

(NOTE: I will be working at my new site in the next days, I hope I will be able to launch Sixers4guidos 2.0 soon, let’s say within the end of the month. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a great, brand new blog)

6 Responses to “Boki Nachbar remembers Sammy D…”

  1. Sean aka GuessWHosBAck said

    haha. thank you!

  2. sixerguy said

    good find and it’s in English wow. Interesting how some games in moscow only draw 1,000 people. My question would be what the full capacity of this stadium, ie how empty was it. Also thought it was interesting in how the finances for some teams are on a month-to-month basis meaning that market conditions could effect your paycheck (that’s not very good).

    Cool stuff

  3. Alex`D said

    Nachbar played well for our russian team Dynamo Moscow this year

  4. Thank everybody for the feedbacks !

    Alex, how is possible that games there gather so few fans?

  5. Alex`D said

    Only couple thousand people on basketball game in Russia is absolutely OK. In my city couple HUNDRED is ok, btw)))
    The biggest reason of it is very bad basketball halls, u now… CSKA has best one, and it’s only for 5000 people, if I’m right… And our league is not very interesting. In the beggining of season you already now CSKA will take it))
    As for me… I’m not really interested in russian basketball league. It’s so boring to me)) I watched only couple games this year)…

  6. Thank you Alex !

    same here, I don’t follow italian league, I happened to go watch Game 3 of the Finals just because I had free tickets, LOL

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