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I, Sixers will miss Andre Miller

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 30, 2009

(last post before my offseason break. I will be back at the end of August, hopefully with the new site up)

82994503JG011_NETS_SIXERSSo after weeks of rumors, talks and non talks, Andre Miller signed with Portland.

I think this departure will make the Sixers worse. Possibly much worse. It’s a huge loss. Probably underrated by most analysts and fans.

If you followed this site you know I am a great fan of Andre Miller. I think he’s a really good player and was instrumental in getting us to the last two playoffs (short, I know) runs and making our kids better.

Portland did a nice move by signing him and expect Miller to have solid seasons there, it will be a great addition for the young Blazers core. I I will try to follow Portland closer next year and I wish Andre the best.

What will happen on Sixers side? I think we have to consider this move (?) from two standpoints.

But I have to be honest, overall I think Ed Stefanski and management blew this one.


Of course NOT extending a 33 y/o PG when you already have a young, promising (?) PG (???) could make sense. Especially with a shrinking economy, low attendance numbers, (reportedly) even lower season tickets renewals.

If you think the Wachovia center had too often too many empy seats in the past two seasons, expect the holes in the standings to be more next year. And it’s not that hundreds of Miller fans will stop buying tickets, of course: it’s more that the team will win less games, I’m afraid.

I think that Sixers could have offered Miller the same 3 year/21 mill deal that he got from Portland, especially with the third year being a team option. It’s a reasonable amount of $ for a player of his value, to me.

I said numerous times that a contract around 2 year/16 mill would have been fine, a right mix between mantaining flexibility for the summer of 2011 – when we’ll have three expiring contracts (Dalembert, Green and Kapono, for around 23 mill) – and the needing to, well, win games, go deeper in the playoffs… those kind of things that in the League MIGHT count, you know ???

To sum it up, the (understandable) need to save money on a veteran’s contract could become a boomerang for Sixers, in terms of decreased box office revenues, depleted roster and so on.

I am just a blogger, I don’t know what were ownership’s guidelines: probably they weren’t willing to spend big money on him, period.

But at the end of the day, we lost Miller and got NOTHING in return, that’s the hurting truth. The “sign & trade mode” Stefanski talked about some weeks ago resulted more into a “sign (with another team) while Sixers are left with crap”. Bad (non) move, really. 


Again, I have to be honest: I don’t feel so confortable with Lou Williams as starting PG next season.

First, I don’t think Lou is a PG. Second, he’s coming after a pretty disappointing season. Third, he’s handed a starting spot after having showed… nothing to deserve it. Not a great message, for him and his team mates, I think. Sixers are basically saying “you will be a starter because we don’t have a better option”.

On the other side, to complete the picture, – and also to throw in some optimism, in pure S4g style… – we have to consider that:

1) in Jordan’s system you don’t need a traditional PG (= Miller), while a combo guard (= Williams) could work well. True.

2) Lou Williams is still very young, extremely talented and can improve. No need to go on details about the areas where he has to improve: defense,  defense, defense, defense; then decision making, looking more for his team mates and less for his shots (even if I think he will NEVER be a pass-first point guard), leadership. And defense, too.  That’s a lot of work to do. But he has all the skills to get it done.

3) Sixers’ will probably sign another PG to fill a backcourt that as of now is not only thin but also overall poor: no disrespect but TODAY Williams, Green & Holiday form probably the worst rotation of guards in the NBA. Wanna go with them vs Rondo-Allen, Nelson-Carter-Pietrus?

The names that I am hearing aren’t exciting (I’d still take Tinsley, even with the baggage, over Flip Murray, Arroyo etc) but it’s crystal clear that an addition has to be done, and will be done. NONE of the available PGs are better than Miller.

4) Iguodala, that is not happy for Miller’s departure

“I aint gone lie, I’m still a lil bitter over this dre miller situation. I knew he wasn’t comin back, but reality is settin in…” 

will probably play the two at the beginning of the season. I hope he does good there because we would need that badly.

A line up of Lou Williams – Andre Iguodala – Thaddeus Young – Elton Brand – Sam Dalembert looks good for another playoffs run and another first round exit.

Good luck in Portland Andre Miller, you are a good player, a good guy and I really liked what you did for this team. You will be missed.

Have great holidays everybody, see you at the end of August !!

2 Responses to “I, Sixers will miss Andre Miller”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    Ricky My Friend!!

    no doubt about it the team will miss DRE a lot!!!!

    my big hope for the upcoming season is watch Elton Brand Healthy, this wil be a Big Boost for the team

    and as you said the Front Office needs to sign a Veteran PG I Like Arroyo and Tinsley

    PD: Diego Milito is a great player bro, we will make me happy every sunday


    from colombia


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