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New Sixers uniforms: a missed chance

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on September 23, 2009

I am sorry, but this is a missed chance.

Call me nostalgic, call me old fart, call me (uhm, what’s the opposite of “up to date”?), but these uniforms (pics via…


… that you can also see here…


… still cannot compete with these:


..meaning the, classic, storied, glorious, TRUE SIXERS uniforms that we signed the petition for, and that we outscooped everyone about. The kind of unis that never get old, to sum it up.

Few hours before unveiling the 2009/2010 jerseys, Sixers said via Twitter, in reply to a tweet by your fav guido blogger, that the new uniforms would have been “a nice blend of old and new”. As soon as I read that, I started having a bad feeling…

I think that by simply going back to our 1982/83 jerseys – ok, minus the short shorts – we would have done a better job.

But I don’t want to sound too negative or only complain: they are still a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the ugly ones we wore for more than a decade.

Let’s see the half full part of the glass: it’s nice to definitely get rid of the nonsense black jerseys. And the fact that the new ones have our old logo on (the real, Sixers logo !!) is a big plus, that’s true.

But the red ones look “too Clippers” to me (hey, I love the Clippers and I think their jerseys are very cool… but it’s their jerseys !), and the white ones…well… uhm… they look like… a missed chance.

Not horrible, not bad, and not even mediocre, don’t get me wrong.

More like “coulda/shoulda”, if you know what I mean.

9 Responses to “New Sixers uniforms: a missed chance”

  1. raffaele said

    Ricky man,

    I think you are too negative. Instead I think you should be proud of yourself. The campaign you started had indeed an effect: the new uniforms are definitely a step forward in that they put Sixers’ jerseys back in line with tradition.

    And we have to thank you for that.


  2. Thank you for the kind words, buddy… I see you are becoming a half-full type of guy, even more than me, lol


  3. Eric said

    I agree with your thoughts on the unis. I was really hoping they’d go with the 1983 look. What a classic. These are just bland, like practice jerseys. Ed S. can’t pick players or clothing.

  4. Thought one: They’re by far the best Sixers jerseys since they had the ’83s. Although I did kinda like the threads they were wearing around Iverson’s rookie season.

    Thought two: They’re simple, but in a good way. Block letters/numbers > any of these custom fonts teams are using these days, and that include my beloved Pistons.

    Thought three: When is the v-neck fad gonna go away? Bring back the circle necklines lined with the ribbed jersey material.

    Thought four: The blue letters / red numbers on the home white jersey looks A LOT like an L.A. Dodgers scheme copy

  5. @ Eric, thanks. True, they look like practice jerseys a lil’ bit…

    @ PistonsNation. Thanks for the comment. I also liked our unis of Iverson rookie year, that was REALLY “a nice blend of old and new”, while here…uhm… not so sure.

    I actually like the Pistons’ jerseys, especially the white ones. I think their simplicity is a reason of success

  6. Tim said

    I dont like these at all, they dont compare with the 83′ jerseys or the ones from the mid to late 90’s (Iverson rookie). I liked the black jerseys when they first came out with the 76ers in gold on the front. But these new ones look like pajamas all they need are footies on the warm ups.

  7. Joecooler2u said

    I agree about the home jerseys. I kinda like the red away jerseys but they do look a bit too “Clippers”. I really thought we were going back to the retro jerseys. Still anything beats the Iverson era jerseys. How could people still want that? Even when I was at my height as an Iverson fan I couldn’t stand those jerseys if I was being honest with myself. Still I’d take the red away jerseys over the black ones from the past decade. They just wore out their welcome. Also as a die-hard 76ers fan I never liked leaving our original red white and blues. Though our original shades were darker, I can stand these. Would have preferred the retros from last year along with the retro from the cool red away jerseys that Doc and company wore with pride.

    I can even deal with the new home jerseys. That’s how much I tired of the gold and black. Also nice to have the SIXERS back on the unis. Really, I’m just glad the old logo is back. This team needed change in appearance. Everything also screamed out “DRAMA” when I saw the logo and designs, even though AI and company (Larry Brown, Billy King etc) are no longer here.

  8. great comment Joecooler2u, all excellent points

    “anything beats the Iverson era jerseys. How could people still want that?”

    For real. But I counted not more than a couple of fans saying that. All around blogs and forums, I mean

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    […]New Sixers uniforms: a missed chance « Sixers 4 guidos[…]…

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