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Scary: Billy King wants to return !!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 28, 2009

76ers King Fired BasketballNow relax, he wants to run ANOTHER TEAM…

We don’t have to worry, LOL.

Former Sixers GM talked to Mark Kram in a nice interview, and I would like to add some comments.

Overall he says some interesting things and at the end of the reading you have the impression he has matured, and he realized SOME of his mistakes, he is aware of them.

So I’ll give him some credit for that, at least he’s not acting like a complete jackass.

But, being the “politician” that he is, he doesn’t get much into a deeper analysis of his job as Sixers’ GM (trades, signings, relationship with coaches, players etc), admitting his (dozens of) boneheaded moves, and is more focusing about showcasing himself for a future job. Smart, uh?

The most interesting excerpts to me are:

(about giving the team to Randy “juicy face” Ayers, in the summer of 2003)

“I think it was unfair to give him Allen, Derrick Coleman and Glenn Robinson to coach,” King said. “I think a veteran coach would have had a hard time managing these three difficult personalities. So it was unfair to ask a rookie coach in the league to work with them.”

Who could have said it? LOL. By that time Paul Silas was available, coming off good seasons in Charlotte, just to name one. Instead, we got Juicy Face, a mediocre coach, that was put at the helm of a disfunctional team, and eventually fired. Ayers was replaced by Chris Ford (…).

And (about starting to entertain offers for Iverson): Read the rest of this entry »


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The Andres carry Sixers to playoffs

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 5, 2009

Pistons 76ers BasketballFinally the stretch of several weeks of crazy work SEEMS over, and starting from today I’ll “normally” watch and blog the remaining Sixers games.

This couldn’t have been more timely because I just enjoyed the 95-90 W over the Pistons that officially brought Sixers (40-35, .533) to the post season.

And I am 3/3 on the prediction I made some days ago about the last ten games.

But what matters the most is that ALL Sixers, in Thaddeus Young’s absence, picked up the slack and showed some great effort on both ends of the floor in the last three games, not coincidentially all won.

In the last one, vs the Iverson-less Pistons, the two Andres carried the load, not only offensively, because they logged in 90 out of the possible 96 minutes (!!!).

This was an “interesting” move, especially in such a tough, close game, that looked like a playoffs matchup. As minutes, and quarters, were passing, I was asking to myself “Why in the hell we aren’t making any sub at all ???”

DiLeo gave the explaination after the game: Read the rest of this entry »

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-10, are Sixers ready to run?

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 31, 2009


Ten games are left after the 101-97 loss at Detroit, Sixers stand at the 6th place in the Eastern conference with their 37-35 (.514) record, and their schedule doesn’t look easy.

Tonight Sixers meet the 43-31 Hawks, that already secured a playoffs spot and hold a comfortable four game-lead over 5th seed Miami (39-35). Atlanta seems in a great position to keep home court advantage in the first round.

The game is the first of a three game homestand. Here is Sixers’ remaining schedule, with my predictions:

  • Atlanta (W)
  • Milwaukee (W)
  • Detroit (W)
  • @ New Jersey (W)
  • @ Charlotte (L)
  • @ Chicago (L)
  • Cleveland (L)
  • @ Toronto (W)
  • Boston (W)
  • @ Cleveland (L)

In my opinion tonight’s game could spark us to a small winning streak: I am afraid we will lose again to the Bobcats, good and rising, while for the last two games we could perhaps take advantage of the fact that Cavs and Boston will probably already be sure of their 1st and 2nd/3rd spot and maybe rest some starters.

But I am predicting a L at Cleveland, just not to be too optimistic: if Sixers really go 6-4 in this last stretch, they will finish the season 43-39.

That would mean a +3 improvement in wins versus last year (= still mediocre), and matching the record of 2004/2005, which by the way was Sixers’ last winning season (…).

If you remember, it was Jim O’Brien’s year, with Iverson & Webber. Sixers lost 4-1 to the Pistons in the first round. That costed Obie the job, and it costed all Sixers fans six more years of Dalembert (LOL), because after that – good – series by Sammy, King rewarded him with that infamous notorious deal.

I think 2008/2009 Sixers are ready to finish the season strong and make some noise in the playoffs.

More than likely they will NOT pass the first round, because we match up pretty bad with Orlando AND Boston, but I think a series with the same Hawks could be very interesting, and give us a good chance for the upset. Read the rest of this entry »

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Brand-less Sixers beat Pistons with the bench

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 7, 2008


Due to a “region problem” (??) of my Int’l League Pass I couldn’t watch the 91-96 win at Detroit (9-11, .455).

That sucked, because it must have been a great, exciting game.

But I watched highlights and carefully read the play-by-play page, so some considerations can be made for sure.

1) the bench, in Brand’s absence, gave us a great lift. Rush was the only DNP CD (safe to say he’s in Cheeks’ doghouse, now). Speights got his first start in the NBA and did deliver, despite a tough first quarter (0/3, one turnover, one block against).

Seldom used Donyell Marshall hit the deciding three pointer (in the pic) and deservely got the biggest part of the credit but I was happy to see that Lou Williams (finally !!!) had an excellent night, scoring 14 pierce-esque points in the fourth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blogger MVP/ROY rankings, version 1.0

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 19, 2008

The first edition of the Blogger MVP/ROY rankings, from an idea of Alex and Frank from Brewhoop, is up at Hoops Addict.

I took part to this panel and think the final ranking is very interesting: it’s barely a suprise that no Sixer cracked the Top Ten in the MVP race and Marreese Speights didn’t get any vote in the ROY poll.

Here were my rankings in the two categories (please note that votes were sent on Monday… yeah, I’m slow):


1) LeBron James
It’s a no contest this year, apparently. Also “favored” by the fact that the rest of his team really sucks, even more than the usual

2) Bryant
Always a pleasure to rank him behind another player

3) Pierce
I hate the Celtics just as much as I like him. And I like him a lot…

4) Paul
Someone please get him a SG. I feel sorry for Paul everytime I read Peterson’s stat line on a boxscore

5) Howard
Numbers always unreal. Yeah, also from the FT line.

6) Wade
Looks like he’s back.

7) Joe Johnson
Don’t know if Hawks run will last much, but he’s the main responsable for their excellent start

8 ) Stoudamire
With THIS Shaq, he could climb the MVP rankings in few weeks

9) Roy
That buzzer beater was unbelievable. Hope Oden will be at 100% soon, he will be even better

10) dear old buddy Allen Iverson
Yes, I am biased. Hope he will kick the Celtics out in the ECF


1) Rose
Hinrich can take all the time he needs to heal

2) Beasley
A poor man’s Thaddeus Young 🙂

3) Mayo
Never saw him play, honestly, but I’ve read that he’s good

4) Luc Mbah A Moute
With that name, he should be #1 in a serious ranking

5) Fernandez
Gotta love euro shooters

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In Indy from -26 to a turning point

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 15, 2008

82994008RH012_SIXERS_PACERSYou had already given up after that 38-13 FIRST QUARTER. Just admit it.

That’s how you probably missed the final 92-94 W in Indiana (4-5, 0.444), a game that could be a small turning point in Sixers’ so far troubled season.

Well, I can’t entirely blame you this time, because the first period of last night was one of the sadest display of basketball I’ve ever experienced

The pitiful “show” included: a wide open three allowed to Granger just after the tip off, 0/7 from the floor to start the game and contribute building a 22-2 Pacers lead (!), three turnovers by your starting PG, that once “forgot” to take a dribble after getting the ball….

More: your center that can’t inbound the ball after a basket by Indiana and steps onto the court (I almost threw up), less-than-pathetic defense with Pacers happily scoring on layups and open jumpers. The end of the period was memorable as well: an idiotic offensive foul just before the buzzer sounded.

By the numbers: on Sixers’ side 5/21 from the field, 3/7 from the line and 7 turnovers. On the other, 17/29, 4/8 from behind the arc, 12 assists. A lot of Sixers fans went to bed or switched channel, I guess.

The comeback was built in the SECOND QUARTER mainly by three guys: Royal Ivey (yes, sir), Reggie Evans, THADDEUS YOUNG. Yes, the second year forward will (deservely) get more credit because he almost singlehandedly carried the team on offense (12 points in the period, including a spectacular two handed jam off an offensive rebound), but Ivey and Evans made some hustle plays on both ends of the floor (Evans had a putback DUNK as well, go figure…) and provided that psychological spark that the team was needing. That’s how it was still an open game at the break (57-49). Read the rest of this entry »

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Sixers on the rollercoaster. Pacers next.

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 14, 2008

82994068RT13_76ERS_RAPTORSSixers4guidos, where late recaps continue to happen.

Not entirely my fault, again, because my f’n Int’l League Pass decided not to work before, during and after the 80-93 home loss to Utah (2-5, .286, but maybe it was better skipping that kind of “show”), and I could watch the 106-96 win in Toronto (3-5, .375) only yesterday.

I’ll keep this short, because we have to get ready for tonight’s game vs Pacers (btw, check Indy Cornrows for great Pacers coverage).

The game with Utah was terrible, from what I’ve read basically everywhere. The four day rest didn’t help us at all, apparently, and the Jazz beated us easily, with a 30-13 fourth quarter.

And here comes the original content from your fav guido blogger: I’ve made a little research and found that Sixers LOST EVERY FOURTH QUARTER in each of their last five losses, while they outscored opponents in the final period in each of the three wins. See a link? At least superstition-related?

Going through the numbers, what is most interesting to me is the margin: in the five losses, the combined score of the fourth quarters is Opponents 134 – Sixers 87 (!), with an average of 26.8 – 17.4 The stat includes three routs, 29-13 in Atlanta, 31-20 in Miami and the embarrassing final 30-13 vs Jazz. A fix anyone?

When we won, on the other side, we beat our three opponents for a combined 85 – 66 (the average is a closer 28.3 – 22).

The Jazz took our team to a season low (hopefully we won’t fall any deeper), with the usual predicable reactions between fairweather fans, but the good thing is that our guys bounced back immediately and with a great team effort came out of Canada with a nice win over the Raptors the night after.

Five guys in double figure, Miller AND Iguodala AND Brand playing excellent all around games, and all together for the first time, a mighty contribution from the bench by our favorite whipping boy Willie Green and by rookie Speighter-man, and Raps were shocked, despite their three seven footers dominating inside – in Dalembert’s absence.

What I especially liked in that game was: Read the rest of this entry »

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M2M (Memo to Mo): you have a bench…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 3, 2008

…so please use it !!!

I’ll keep this post short, I went to lovely Venice this weekend, to celebrate the 3rd wedding anniversary with my lovely wife.

You know, the kind of occasion when you really CAN’T say “Get into the kitchen and cook me some pasta, Sixers’ game will start soon”… once a year, exactly 🙂

That’s why I watched the (replayed) games only between Sunday night and today, and why these recaps come late. Still, I want to keep track of every game, so I’ll leave some random thoughts anyway.

The 116-87 thrashing of the NY Knicks (1-1, .500) isn’t worth a long analysis.

When Willie Green knocks down his first SEVEN shots, including a long three to beat the 3rd quarter buzzer, and when one of the highlights of the night is an alley oop pass from Reggie Evans (!!!) to Marreese Speights, you really have few things to add. It was nice to see Elton Brand slowly getting back in good shape, and Andre Miller absolutely abusing all Knicks guards, playing a fantastic all around game and looking more like our MVP of last year.

The “Guido note of the night” was Guido Danilo Gallinari scoring his first points in the League and getting a taste of the NBA. The fellow guido got in in garbage time and first turned the ball over with a lazy pass that let Iguodala get the steal (= easy layup by Andre Miller), then got schooled by the same Marreese Speights, who burned him with a step back jumper from the corner. 

The 88-95 loss at Atlanta  (1-2, .333) was more interesting. Read the rest of this entry »

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Iverson gets the ovation, Sixers the W

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 21, 2008

04bc5b5bbb2f477eec98c5a409962042-getty-76075355dd001_nuggets_sixers.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

The number of signs that this could be a special year for the Sixers is rising.

The last one was the 115-113 win over the Nuggets (34-34, .500) in the long awaited first comeback of Stephen Hunter Allen Iverson to Philly.

It ended up in the best way it could: a great, warm, long standing ovation for Iverson, an amazing game by The Answer, a close, much needed Sixers win.

All in front of a 20.674 sellout crowd. I mean, can you ask for more?

Philly fans showed brotherly love for Iverson, celebrating him like he deserved (even if the franchise should have thought about something more for AI last night, like David Aldridge says in what is BY FAR the best article on this topic, in my opinion).

I am writing this post one day late (wifey…), no need to recap the game. Just few thoughts:

* I guess Andre Miller had something to prove last night… impressive performance

* Green and Dalembert were solid as well, the first one having one of his best shooting games of the season. Again, the fact that Nuggets play no perimeter defense it helped.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Allen Iverson is no Santa Claus

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 18, 2008


Dear Sixers fans,

tomorrow Allen Iverson will come to the Wachovia Center, to play in Philly for the first time with another jersey on.

He wore the Sixers uniform for years (one of the nicest ones is in the pic), and always honoured it.

His name will be linked to some of the best seasons of this franchise after the glorious 80’s.

Give Bubba Chuck the loud, long standing ovation he fully deserves.

Thank him for what he did for the Sixers organization through the years: hard play, amazing moments, hilarious rants.

Then root for the new, Iverson-less Sixers to beat his Nuggets.

That’s how it’s supposed to be.

I know Philly is the town where fans once booed Santa Claus (LOL @ that story, always one of my favorite…) but don’t be bad with one of the most exciting athletes to ever play this game. He’s no Santa Claus, and he’s no Webber either.

Read the rest of this entry »

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