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Scary: Billy King wants to return !!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 28, 2009

76ers King Fired BasketballNow relax, he wants to run ANOTHER TEAM…

We don’t have to worry, LOL.

Former Sixers GM talked to Mark Kram in a nice interview, and I would like to add some comments.

Overall he says some interesting things and at the end of the reading you have the impression he has matured, and he realized SOME of his mistakes, he is aware of them.

So I’ll give him some credit for that, at least he’s not acting like a complete jackass.

But, being the “politician” that he is, he doesn’t get much into a deeper analysis of his job as Sixers’ GM (trades, signings, relationship with coaches, players etc), admitting his (dozens of) boneheaded moves, and is more focusing about showcasing himself for a future job. Smart, uh?

The most interesting excerpts to me are:

(about giving the team to Randy “juicy face” Ayers, in the summer of 2003)

“I think it was unfair to give him Allen, Derrick Coleman and Glenn Robinson to coach,” King said. “I think a veteran coach would have had a hard time managing these three difficult personalities. So it was unfair to ask a rookie coach in the league to work with them.”

Who could have said it? LOL. By that time Paul Silas was available, coming off good seasons in Charlotte, just to name one. Instead, we got Juicy Face, a mediocre coach, that was put at the helm of a disfunctional team, and eventually fired. Ayers was replaced by Chris Ford (…).

And (about starting to entertain offers for Iverson): Read the rest of this entry »

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-10, are Sixers ready to run?

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 31, 2009


Ten games are left after the 101-97 loss at Detroit, Sixers stand at the 6th place in the Eastern conference with their 37-35 (.514) record, and their schedule doesn’t look easy.

Tonight Sixers meet the 43-31 Hawks, that already secured a playoffs spot and hold a comfortable four game-lead over 5th seed Miami (39-35). Atlanta seems in a great position to keep home court advantage in the first round.

The game is the first of a three game homestand. Here is Sixers’ remaining schedule, with my predictions:

  • Atlanta (W)
  • Milwaukee (W)
  • Detroit (W)
  • @ New Jersey (W)
  • @ Charlotte (L)
  • @ Chicago (L)
  • Cleveland (L)
  • @ Toronto (W)
  • Boston (W)
  • @ Cleveland (L)

In my opinion tonight’s game could spark us to a small winning streak: I am afraid we will lose again to the Bobcats, good and rising, while for the last two games we could perhaps take advantage of the fact that Cavs and Boston will probably already be sure of their 1st and 2nd/3rd spot and maybe rest some starters.

But I am predicting a L at Cleveland, just not to be too optimistic: if Sixers really go 6-4 in this last stretch, they will finish the season 43-39.

That would mean a +3 improvement in wins versus last year (= still mediocre), and matching the record of 2004/2005, which by the way was Sixers’ last winning season (…).

If you remember, it was Jim O’Brien’s year, with Iverson & Webber. Sixers lost 4-1 to the Pistons in the first round. That costed Obie the job, and it costed all Sixers fans six more years of Dalembert (LOL), because after that – good – series by Sammy, King rewarded him with that infamous notorious deal.

I think 2008/2009 Sixers are ready to finish the season strong and make some noise in the playoffs.

More than likely they will NOT pass the first round, because we match up pretty bad with Orlando AND Boston, but I think a series with the same Hawks could be very interesting, and give us a good chance for the upset. Read the rest of this entry »

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Shockingly true: Elton Brand will be a Sixer !!!!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 9, 2008

It’s nice to break my long silence (not my fault, though) and take all of my lunch break at the new job to create the new “Elton Brand” category in this blog.

This morning I was simply extatic in reading that Ed Stefanski brought us Elton Brand, showing what a real GM should do. Now before I wrote my take about this move, let me remind you the major steps Stefanski took before closing this deal:

1) last season, traded Korver to Utah to clear cap space for this summer: around 4 mill off the books. Remember many fans complained then, but they should have known that the move should have been judged only some months later… 

BTW readers of this blog know I was, am and will always be a great Korver fan, but this time I was with our management, waiting/hoping for the eventual big move. I looked at the big picture, for once !!

2) seriously courted Josh Smith, involving even Philly’s mayor (!) and creating a smokescreen that probably helped him reaching the real goal  

3) traded Carney and Booth to Minnesota in order to be able to increase the offer(s) 

4) finally, signed Brand when everybody thought he was going to end up elsewhere (Golden State, Clippers etc)

I call this a great job by a GM who knows his stuff. (Ouh, and by the way move 1) was decisive in making Thaddeus Young getting some minutes… how did that turn out? Not surprisingly, he’s laughing, you see)

Now about Brand as a Sixer: Read the rest of this entry »

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Bitter end for a fantastic Sixers season

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 17, 2008


REGULAR season, I mean.

It ended with the 115-109 loss in Charlotte, the fourth straight, that kept us under .500 (40-42, .488).

Big deal? No, it was a fantastic run, and this young, exciting, athletic Sixers team probably overachieved, thanks mainly to the wonderful job done by Maurice Cheeks, a guy I bashed on these pages many times. Time to apologize again.

Some of you would perhaps remember I predicted 31 wins, but hundreds of “colleagues” (in the category I put journalists, experts, bloggers, fans) were more around the 24-28 W range, with Sixers finishing from last to second last in the Eastern Conference.

So I won’t complain about these final four games, even if I would have preferred to take at least this last one, in order to avoid finishing with a losing record and to build some momentum before the playoffs (starting on Sunday at Detroit).

Cheeks rested most of his starters last night, with only Iguodala logging his usual minutes. Sixers were down 23 in the third (76-53, after a three pointer by Jason Richardson) but rallied back and closed the quarter 87-80 thanks to a 12-2 run with five consecutive points by an active Thaddeus Young and an alley oop dunk by Willie Green (season high 27 – in the picture, getting a rare S4G front page honour ) right at the buzzer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Not the Big Three, but the threes

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 6, 2007

retro-unis-vs-celts-3.jpgThat’s what gave the f’n Celtics a 103-113 win at the Wachovia center, and made our record slide at 5-13 (.278).

Sixers played a heck of a game for 40 minutes. Unfortunately games last more. Same old story. These guys always play hard, give 100% on the court, but their flaws in a 48 minutes games are exposed sooner or later. This time it was our porous perimeter defense again (10-22 from three point land for Boston) and some unexpected exploits by Celtics’ role players that we couldn’t guard.

It sucks containing the Big Three to a “standard” night and getting burned by the Eddie Houses, the Tony Allens and the James Poseys of this league. Not to take anything from them, they are very good players, and they showed it. And I’ve always been a big fan of Posey (well, I was…). It’s just that you don’t think you can lose a game because of them when you have to face Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

But this is what happens with a team with three proven all stars. They just play their standard basketball on a daily basis, and they open up spots for the others: it’s reserves’ job, then, to take advantage of the chances they are given. They did it versus the Sixers. Whatever…

The first game with Ed Stefanski as GM, after Billy King was fired, started with a wonderful surprise: Sixers wearing some damn cool retro uniforms (in the picture). Jeez, I love those. While we are “re-examinating everything, from the top to the bottom”, can we please sack also the current lame jerseys (especially the black ones), fire the modern logo (LOL) and go back to the old style unis, with our storied 76ers logo? Read the rest of this entry »

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Santa Klaus came earlier this year

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 4, 2007

babbo_natale.jpg…and brought Sixers fan a nice gift: THE FIRING OF BILLY KING.

Yes, King got the axe in the late night in Philly, as David Aldridge and Phil Jasner reported.

I’ve read it this morning on the best Sixers blog, Passion & Pride, (congratulations guys), and could not believe it.

But it’s actually true. Ed Stefanski, former GM of the New Jersey Nets, replaces King, and a press conference is about to be held in Philly in few hours to introduce the new general manager.

I am happy. I never liked Billy King.

The second post of this blog, more than a year ago, was about his flaws. Since then, nothing changed.

I wanted him gone after the Iverson trade (a move that I liked, though), I confirmed that he doesn’t have a plan, that he sucks, and I repeated it few days ago.

To his credit, I liked the Hunter-Evans trade and I thanked him for not being Danny Ainge (LOL).  Damn, the Internet is nice…

The overall record of his 10 years tenure in Philadelphia speaks for itself: Sixers lack of accomplishments, current mess, cap hell situation is all on him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Iguodala, please take note

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 4, 2007

capt_8f31271c859242b1b7589b9cb4dacb1b_hawks_76ers_basketball_pxc107.jpgwe want you to play like last night’s Josh Smith (in the picture) !

And not like a role player. Aren’t you supposed to be our franchise player, after all?

The high flying Josh Smith scored the first two points of the game on a (high flying, right) dunk a couple of seconds after the tip off, and never stopped, in an impressive display of athleticism, efficiency and all around dominant presence, to lead the Lue-less (LOL) Hawks to a 79-88 road win, the first one in Philadelphia after nearly 4 years (!). Sixers’ record is 5-12 (.294) now.

The game was pretty sloppy on our side, Hawks took an early advantage (13-19) and maintened it for the first quarter thanks to many offensive rebounds. A three by Josh Smith at the buzzer closed it at 17-24, with Sixers shooting 3/8 from the line and Andre Miller having 6 points.

In the second quarter Willie Green put on a show (yes, Willie Green was BY FAR out best player last night… enough said), scoring 16 points and giving us the first lead at 44-43. Al Horford showed all his talent on the other half, hitting some mid range shots and low post moves (= exactly what we lack…). The half ended with a 46-45 Sixers lead.

By halftime Sixers shot a remarkable 51% (19/37) but were 6/13 from the line, and it was 4/11 at one time. Green paced us with 19 points on 8/10 (!!), Miller had 8 + 6 assists (he had ZERO in the second half) but the most notable line was Iguodala’s: 2 points on 1/3 FG. Read the rest of this entry »

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There is another GM named Billy that sucks

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 12, 2007

ayers_200_0306251.jpgI just finished watching Hawks-Wizards, which means few things:

a) my other options for this sunday evening weren’t exactly exciting

b) I am a NBA junkie

c) in every NBA game, and I mean every, you can find at least a dozen things that it’s worth watching: players, plays, facts to analyze

Here are some of the things that came to my mind following this game

1) dear old Randy “juicy face” Ayers (in the picture) is still around, and he’s the assistant to Eddie Jordan. He must be a nice guy and a good assistant.

I mean, he even looks like an assistant coach, you see him and you realize it’s like he was born to do that. Actually someone named Randy Ayers HEAD coach of a NBA franchise one time, but I’m digressing…

2) Josh Smith is a great athlete but his shot selection makes Antoine Walker look like John Stockton

3) you think your favorite team (whatever it is) is disfunctional? Take a look at the Hawks roster. Today they played basically the whole fourth quarter with this line up: Joe Johnson, Josh Childress, Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, Al Horford.

This means a SG as point guard, a SF at shooting guard, two forwards (you pick who is the small and who is the power one, I honestly have no clue) and a PF as center. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sixers get Reggie Evans, ship Hunter

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on September 10, 2007

reggieevans.jpgA trade !!!

And again with the Nuggets. And again with one of my favourite role players involved. Yes, I like this trade because basically I like Reggie Evans, while I will NOT miss Stephen Hunter (who will ?).

We all knew we would have had issues rebounding the ball, and in Evans we get a MONSTER rebounder, considering his production-per-minute (7 in 17 minutes last season, 7.2 per 19.9 for the career !).

He’s in the Jeff Foster-category of boarding specialists, and I’m puposely bringing up another player I’ve always liked and pushed for.

Evans is probably a little overpaid and his contract is pretty long, but he’s still young (27) and he’s the kind of player that coaches and GMs like. Tradeable, I mean.  Hard worker, aware of his limits, he knows his role and does what you ask him to do.

What do we lose by trading Hunter? Well you tell me, because other than his (nice) shotblocking skills, I don’t see anything worth mentioning. Good riddance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Billy King is no Danny Ainge (thank God…)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on August 1, 2007

ainge.jpgI apologize, mr King. Time to give you some props. 

Ok, if you are one of the four usual readers of this blog, you know I am a LONG TIME BIG critic of Billy King. I think he is a bad GM and he’s the main guy to blame for the poor situation Sixers are in.

But we have to give him this: at least he never pulled a Danny Ainge.

This is my comment after the Garnett trade became official. I debated this all day in the Sixers board of and I want to confirm it here.

In a nutshell my point is: no doubt acquiring Garnett and pairing him with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce makes Boston significantly better. But no way Celtics are title contenders now and not even Eastern Conference Finals bound. At the end of the day if I was Boston’s GM, I wouldn’t have done the trade. Let’s see why.

1) they gave up way too much: Read the rest of this entry »

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