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Sixers4guidos translation for BK’s sentence

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 16, 2007

billy-king.jpgSixers beat writer and fellow guido Marc Narducci just wrote:

‘In a phone interview Saturday, Sixers president and general manager Billy King said his team would use discipline in the free-agent market. Oddly enough, he cited the team that beat the Sixers out for Smith.

“Look at what a good job Chicago has done” King said. “They had the discipline not to overspend, and last year they were able to have the cap room to sign Ben Wallace”. Link for the whole story


“I am an HOF idiot.

I couldn’t do what Bulls and many savy GMs did (= have the discipline not to overspend).

I overpaid big time for average to bad players, giving them 5-6 yrs deals like they were candies and now Sixers can’t play any role in the free agent market.

Look at Chicago, they can so they stole us players we would have liked to keep or sign.

Thanks God guido journalists in Philadelphia don’t have the balls to bash me like I would deserve”.

But the first italian Sixers blog has.


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And Billy King’s plan is….?????

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on June 29, 2007

thaddeus-young.jpgLet me make this clear immediately: I AM NOT – I repeat, I AM NOT – a college basketball expert. I don’t follow NCAA. Ok?

I don’t know shlt about college players except when I (occasionally) watch some game. It happened like 3-4 times this year, so that you know it.

That’s why I won’t break down Sixers’ draft picks, first because in my blogroll you have dozens of sites that do it remarkably, second because I wouldn’t be credible. And as a Sixers blogger I want to be credible.

Let’s stick to FACTS and things that are SURE. 

Fact #1 is this: “The draft concluded with the Sixers eventually acquiring Georgia Tech forward Thaddeus Young (in the picture), Colorado State 7-footer Jason Smith, Vanderbilt forward Derrick Byars and Providence forward/center Herbert Hill“.

All I read about these guys is: Young could be a terrific player but CAN NOT play PF, Jason Smith is a good big man with serious upside (…) but an average rebounder, Byars is a SG/SF, Hill doesn’t count, I guess…

Fact #2 is: Sixers desperately needed (well, actually need) a REBOUNDING PF. They didn’t get any player to solve this problem, that to me was THE priority.

Fact #3 is: we didnt’ manage to trade up, even if we had a lot of assets to do so, such as 4 picks a really good playmaker like Andre Miller + some role players that could be used, Carney, Hunter, Green etc. Billy King’s explaination for failing to trade up is this. Some significant excerpts: Read the rest of this entry »

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So it’s #12. Let’s have fun, then

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 23, 2007

draftlott627.jpgI really enjoyed following the lottery live yesterday night, chatting with my friend Sixerguy on Yahoo messenger. It was pretty fun, first the long awaiting, between endless commercials and stupid interviews, then the quick conclusion.

At the end of the day we will pick at 12th, not exactly surprising, since we had like the 93% of possibilities to end up there…

So what are my feelings? First one is the “I knew it” phase, the typical italian-smart-ass-attitude, well backed up by mathematical possibilities this time.

Second came the “Holy shit” phase, since I realized that Seattle got the #2 overall pick (= Kevin Durant) after losing only 4 games more than Sixers.

Here I went back to the “I knew it” phase, because I wrote several times that with a SMART – not dirty – tanking we could have had more ping pong balls, and this without losing our dignity *** COUGH *** unlike Boston… ** COUGH ***.

I mean, it wasn’t that difficult to lose another 4-5 games at the end of the regular season, but Mo Cheeks & co thought the opposite, so we’re stuck at #12. Whatever. Read the rest of this entry »

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S4G rates for the season (I): GM and coach

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 3, 2007

billy-king_microfoni.jpgOk, enough with the BS, time to judge our season seriously.

The first italian Sixers blog will give rates from 1 to 10, in a scale that pretty much goes like this: marks from 1-3 mean “terrible”, 4 “very bad”, 5 “bad”, 6 “decent”, 7 “good”, 8 “excellent”, 9 … well, I won’t use marks over 8 I think…

It all starts with the head, so:


PLUS: got a good package out of the Iverson trade. Two first round picks, a real PG like Andre Miller and a more than serviceable big man like Joe Smith (that we all honestly thought of only as an expiring contract, forgetting that he still can play). Drafted pretty good again, even if the jury is still out for Rodney Carney: for sure he’s not an Araujo kind of pick, at least.

Buying Chris Webber out was a good move as well. Not BK’s fault if he got rejuvenated in Detroit (see the next rating for further details). Sixers salary cap situation is still complicated but improved. From “horrible” to “tough”, say.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Our awards: “Guidoest (?) player of the year”

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 26, 2007

siffredi06.jpgTime to elect the winners of the 2006-2007 awards. Sixers4guidos jury worked hard to chose the first players who deserve to be put in our special book.

The “Guidoest player of the year” goes, as you all know, to the Sixer that better embodies the characteristics of the italian man. It’s the “macho” player that has the complete package, basically: he’s a stud (…), he’s athletic, he’s handsome, he’s nice, he’s successful with chicks and he makes a lot of money. Kinda like Italy’s finest product, Rocco Siffredi (in the picture, seconds before going to action).

Well, the Guidoest player of the year is Andre Iguodala. No, we didn’t watch him naked (at least not yet) but we somehow guess that the comparison with Rocco is fair enough. As for the other features, we are confident our prize goes to the best candidate. Congratulations Andre.

The Billy King award – brought to you by Scott Layden, and dedicated to the Sixers GM that screws the team the most – pretty surprisingly this year went to… Billy King !! Read the rest of this entry »

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Andre Miller is a keeper (and mark this day)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 27, 2007

andre-miller_utah.jpgEasy to praise a player when he just had a triple double, uh? Unfortunately Andre Miller’s 12 points, 12 rebounds and 13 assists (wow !) weren’t enough to hold a 17 points lead, so the second consecutive game vs a James-less Cleveland team resulted in a home loss (105-97) that stopped our winning streak (?) at two, and kept us at a 13-31 record (.286).

Now, all the fans that were worried for the 2 W (…) will finally calm their aesses down. No one will stop us on our road to the lottery, guys. But the real news are other.

From a journalistic point of view, it’s the fact thet we actually agree with Billy King that is interesting. Sixers’ GM basically said that he will keep Andre Miller. And for once, we think he’s right. It’s not the triple double. It’s the fact that Miller is a very good PG. Read the rest of this entry »

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Good trade Billy King. Now you can go

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 20, 2006

andre_miller-arton21093-240×240.jpgSo it’s Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two first round picks. That’s what Billy King managed to obtain from the Nuggets for Allen Iverson . Great? So-and-so? Bad? We say ok, good trade.

A solid player, who was an all star some years ago and can give us a nice contribution immediately and in the two years remaining on his contract, Smith’s 7 millions expiring next summer and two (late, probably) more picks in what it’s supposed to be one of the best, deepest drafts ever, in which the Sixers will likely have three calls.

We say “likely” because today nobody thinks that we will make the playoffs, even if Boston, currently pacing the Sad-lantic Division at 10-13 (.435) , is only five games ahead of our poor 5-18 (.217). And just to complete the outlook, keep in mind also that the last spot for the postseason today would belong to Miami, ranked 8th at 11-13 (.458) while we are writing this. That’s a 5.5 games distance, with 59 games to play !!!

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Fans’ whines

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 1, 2006

billy-king.jpgWe all know that it’s very easy for a fan to say: “my team’s management sucks”.

Complaining about poor management is a must for the average sport fan. It’s actually so easy, that we want to repeat it loudly: “Sixers management REALLY sucks”.

We consider Billy King, Sixers’ general manager, the main responsible for the (bad) situation we are in. Bad trades, even worse free agent signings, insane deals given to players that were already in our roster, weak decisions about coach(es), poor international scouting (assuming we have it, which we are starting to doubt): that’s only a short summary of all the mistakes we consider King to blame for.

As a result, we missed the playoffs in two of the last three seasons, in the same stretch we had four coaches, we are currently capped out for the next two years, with a payroll that is ranked as the 3rd highest in the league, just under the Knicks’ and Dallas’.

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