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Boki Nachbar remembers Sammy D…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 14, 2009

In a pretty quiet period with (no) real Sixers-related news, Hoopshype made this nice interview with former Net Bostjan Nachbar.

Why I post it here?

First because I have to prove I am alive, second because it’s an interesting read, especially in terms of understanding the economic situation of int’l bball and reminding the differences between european and NBA hoops, third because there is a fun Sixers reference at the end, as you will check.

Since the quality of the video from Hoopshype is not very good, I found another video of the same play, that you might ‘enjoy’:

So much for the “intimidating presence”.

Sam got shawnbradleylized there… 🙂

UPDATE: since we are in a You Tube mood, enjoy also this great Dr. J – George Gervin video, via Twitter4guidosFreeDarko:

(NOTE: I will be working at my new site in the next days, I hope I will be able to launch Sixers4guidos 2.0 soon, let’s say within the end of the month. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a great, brand new blog)

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The Spectrum… aaaahh, nice memories…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 13, 2009

Sixers play their final game at the Spectrum tonight, and I took this chance to put together a collection of old videos and pictures that you will hopefully like.

I am nearly 38 years old (my ugly guido ass saw the light in 1971) and I started following the Sixers at the beginning of the 80’s – even if then the media coverage on the NBA was way lesser of course – so this day is special to me.

Let’s make a shot tour through the…


“The Boston strangler” Andrew Toney drops 25 points on the Celtics in the fourth quarter alone (1982), also posting up Larry Bird:

Wilt Chamberlain becomes the first player to score 50 points in a game in the building (1967):

Sixers beat the Bucks in game 7 of the EC SemiFinals, the last game seven played at the Spectrum (1981). Check out “Thunder chocolate” Darryl Dawkins’ unbelievable dunk:

And finally check the girl’s boobs & t-shirt some Doc J’s highlights, a fantastic footage.

To conclude, a nice pic of one of the best Sixers ever (courtesy of this gallery by Sports Illustrated):

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We want to go back to these days !!!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 10, 2009

After recapping one of the most depressing games I’ve seen in a while, I just received an email that put the smile back on my (ugly) guido face.

Reader Joe (neverending thanks) sent me a link where I could download these pictures:




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