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Apparently Brand’s comeback is not hurting Sixers…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 25, 2009


Ok, first off thank everybody for lifting Sixers4guidos’ to its best day ever, with more than 3.000 accesses on Saturday, following our scoop about the return to classic jerseys and logo (and thank again to reader Josh G for letting us know).

That was a great achievement and of course it will push me to do a better job trying to cover our beloved team even from sunny (?) Italy.

Back to work now. Sixers wore THEIR, REAL (I’m not going to call them “old” or “classic”) uniforms last night and celebrated with a 116-110 win over the Knicks (21-21, .500) after a weird game, tougher than expected – and than it looked like after the FIRST QUARTER.

Yes, because we basically jumped over the Knicks from tip off, and quickly built a 15-point lead (29-14), scoring on fourteen of our first twentyone shots, with Iguodala carrying the team (12 in the period). Everybody, including myself of course, expected a blowout then.

New York simply couldn’t get a defensive stop but slowly got back into the game thank to an impressive barrage from behind the arc (7/11 at the end of the quarter !! Duhon was 4/6) and closed it down only six, 36-30. A bargain for them considering how it started.

The SECOND QUARTER was a close one, with Knicks’ reserves  having a great impact, escpecially Nate Robinson (17 at the half) and Tim Thomas. Sixers couldn’t take advantage of the bulk and height edge over the Knicks, and the possible mismatches weren’t exposed.

At the half it was 63-66 (!!), with Knicks connecting on 10/20 from downtown, while Sixers closed with 25/44 from the field. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sixers back to old logo and uniforms !!!!!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 23, 2009



Here is the (breaking, really) news:

Lara Price, Sixers’ Vice President of Business Operations, told yesterday to a group of season ticket holders in a fan forum that the franchise will be switching back to the old logo and the old 1982-83 uniforms (white/home, red/away) starting from next season.

Guido sources A reader emailed me that, I’m trying to learn more details but as for now that is more than enough I think, if you remember how much this site and all of you who signed my “Bring the old Sixers’ uniforms back !” petition (around 130 fans/readers) care about this topic.

It means we will look full time like this:


Few thoughts:

1) About time. Enough of the crap we were wearing over the last years.

2) FANS’ opinion counts and is taken in high consideration by the franchise. Which should be logical, and not even worth underlining, but you never know…

3) Blogs, bloggers and online lobbying count. Another important evidence. We won !!

More details later, if I can, but… well, that made my day, really. And remember, you read it here first.

Thank you Kate Price, thank you Ed Stefanski (I know he’s a fan of the classical Sixers unis, and I reported it on S4G), thank you Sixers for this.

And please, never, ever, change our logo and uniforms again, we had enough of….:


…and of….:



UPDATE: I received more details, and thank to reader Josh G. here they are (excerpts from his mail):

Yea it was a little dinner/ Q&A for the season ticket holders put on by the Sixers…. There were probably about 250-300 people there and Ed Stefanski, Tony Di Leo, Peter Lukko, and Laura Price all made their rounds for Q&A’s.

…Laura said the reasoning behind the decision was basically that it was what the fans wanted, everyone walks around in the retro gear ect…
…It was great stuff and the Q&A’s with Stefanski and Di Leo were particuarly interesting because they have solid view points on the roster that I think most fans would agree with…. 
…It was a really cool experience to be able to get a direct pulse of what they are thinking. Plus it wrapped up with a tour of the locker room.
and I told Lukko and Price that they should do a Reggie Evans beard night and they seemed to like that idea. Shit would be hilarious.

Brian/Depressed fan will have a footage up soon, check his blog also for complete coverage.

Thanks everyone  !!!

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Bartender, I’ll have a Miller

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 13, 2009

83005109JG017_WIZARDS_SIXERSAs the trade deadline is approaching, and rumors on possible trades and moves are becoming hectic, I hope you’ll find interesting Sixerdave’s thoughts about Andre Miller, Sixers’ best asset (and player?).

With the trade deadline a little over a month from now, rumors about different players will come up every day. 

One player who has been named in several rumors in recent months is Andre Miller, whose expiring contract and recent quality play has most likely attracted a number of suitors. Will Miller stay or go?  What teams are lining up for his services?
7 Potential Destinations for #7
7.  LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS – A trade involving Baron Davis and Andre Miller has been mulled by fans, as it would give the Sixers an additional outside scoring threat as well as a potential number one option.  However, the length of Davis’s contract and his injury history will ultimately scare away the Sixers, and the Clippers have no interest in Andre Miller, part two.
6.  GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – The most popular possible exchanges for Miller would be Corey Maggette, Stephen Jackson, or Monta Ellis.  Maggette has a history of injuries and was just signed until the end of Obama’s presidential term. Jackson was also resigned, and his defense has declined the longer he has played in Don Nelson’s system. 

The Warriors are so in love with Monta Ellis in spite of his recent motorcycle accident. Kelena Azubuike and Anthony Morrow are nice players who would fit in well in Philadelphia, but would the Warriors add another player to make the salaries match?  The inconsistent Jamal Crawford is not the answer.
5.  CHARLOTTE BOBCATS – With Raymond Felton’s name being tossed around in trade rumors, it begs the question if something could be worked out with Philadelphia. The most appealing trade for the Sixers would have to be Felton and Raja Bell for Miller, but Bell seems like a Larry Brown type of player. Including Matt Carroll or Nazr Mohammed would not make an attractive package for the Sixers.  Felton’s outside shot is still suspect, as is his defense.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Fellow guido Di Leo starts with a W

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 15, 2008

Wizards 76ers BasketballIt was only the Wizards, exactly.

Sixers’ new coach – and fellow guido – Tony Di Leo couldn’t have asked for a weaker opponent to (re)start his coaching career (?).

The 104-89 win vs Washington was the logic end of an emotional night (10-14, . 417).

The Wizards are simply a bad team right now, so you can’t seriously take any indication from the game.

Even great players like Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison were playing an uninspired basketball, just as if their season is already wasted (and it actually is).

Sixers simply did what they were supposed to do in such a situation, in the first night with a new coach: play hard, play as a team,  play spirited. More than enough to beat the current Wizards. Not sure it will be the same in the following games. Read the rest of this entry »

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No more Mo ball. It’s Di Leo time

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 14, 2008

Raptors 76ers BasketballMy buddy Raffaele, cofounder of Sixers4guidos, sent me a text message less than an hour ago.

 “Fired !! – literally. He wrote that in english, LOL . If you had listened to me before, now we could have bragged that it’s also because of us. Too late…”

So I run home after dinner to write this.

Raffaele is not a great fan of Maurice Cheeks, as you could guess. He never was, to be honest. Similar for me. He thought that we must start asking for Cheeks’ head.

I was extremely disappointed by Sixers’ 9-14 start just as about any Sixers fan, but I had decided to wait a little more before hoping for a change on the bench, even if poor coaching has been pointed out countless times on this site.

Ed Stefanski had different opinions, and less patience, clearly. That’s why he gave Mo the axe, and put Tony Di Leo, assistant general manager, as interim coach.

My first reaction is this. 

I never liked Cheeks much, but I have a tremendous respect for what he did last year, that to me was nearly a miracle, some coach-of-the-year material (4th in the ballot). 

Reaching the playoffs with that roster, and playing that (fun) basketball, was a masterpiece. I mean, when your big men are Sam Dalembert, Reggie Evans and Jason Smith, when your starting SG is Willie Green, and you still reach a 40-42 record, take the Pistons to game 6, and all by playing an exciting basketball, with tough defense and tons of fastbreaks, you have to take your hat off to the coach. 

This year was another story, unfortunately. An excellent roster on paper, a deep bench, tons of solutions at any spot, a lot of money invested, and a pretty easy schedule to start. Being at 9-14 wasn’t what fans and management expected.

You can’t fire players (unfortunately. I would have gladly canned a couple of them by now…). So Mo will get the blame, despite being “a gentlemam throughout” and “a class act” (words by Stefanski). That’s how the business goes in the NBA.

Yes, he could/should have done better. Poor rotations. Lack of solutions in the half court and in crunch time. Bad execution. Many players underperforming. No patterns.

But I would have waited another 8-10 games, at least the end of our New Year’s eve West trip.

Good luck Tony Di Leo, see you Maurice Cheeks.

More coverage and a deeper analysis in the next days.

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Sixers are 2-0 with the old uniforms

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 25, 2008

83010122JG015_WARRIORS_SIXERSEnough said.

And not coincidentially, they are over .500 for the first time in the season.

Who follows this site knows I’ve been lobbying for the old, classic, Sixers uniforms since day 1, and even started a petition to bring them back full time at the beginning of 2008 (125 smart Sixers fans signing so far, and counting…).

As I said many times, I’ve been in contact with Sixers franchise (marketing and PR dept) about this specific topic, that is taken into serious consideration by the organization.

Pretty obvious, since uniforms = merchandise = $$$$…

Imagine my shock few minutes ago when I realized that put a link to Sixers4guidos (!!!!!) – scroll down, to “Uni watch: NBA throwback update”, Sixers – , to this old post of the last summer.

Yeah, that was actually an update of the first one – the petition I mean – but anyway, I should thank the crew from Read the rest of this entry »

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More Mo ball (2)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on September 9, 2008

One more year, exactly, since Sixers agreed in principle to another extention with coach Maurice Cheeks, after the first one he got in February.

My quick thought: good move again.

I have to be honest, I was a big critic of Cheeks in his first years. I used to like Jim O’Brian and I wouldn’t have fired him, just for the record.

I didn’t like Cheeks’ decisions, and God knows how many he made (example: leaving your best shotblocker on the bench for the last play of the game and lose it for a last second-lay up, it happened twice two years ago…).

Last season, I didn’t like how he started, leaving our young guys on the bench or giving them few playing time when the team’s record was already negative and it SEEMED TO ME we were out of playoffs contention. But clearly after newly arrived GM Stefanski “suggested” him to change his rotations, he did a wonderful job: I was wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

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Donyell Marshall at Amundson’s spot

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on September 2, 2008

Yeah, that’s right: the end of the bench.

Phil Jasner is informing us that the 35 y/o forward will join the Sixers for the veteran minimum of 1.2 million.

Marshall should be known to every Sixers fan because of a memorable game of March 2005 in which he dropped TWELVE THREES on our team, then coached by Jim O’ Brien, to tie a NBA record and lead the Raptors to a 128-110 win. Enjoy our tough defense that night (click here if the video below doesn’t work):

Of course the current Donyell Marshall is far from being that effective (not to mention he won’t find similar horrid defenses…) but I think this is a good move. We didn’t have any real SF to back up Thaddeus Young (a solution there would have been switching Iguodala at the three, with Rush, Green or Williams at the two): Marshall can smoke weed hit a three, has playoffs experience and after all will barely play.

In such a young team some good veterans will have to play a role of teaching the game to their team mates, being a presence in the locker room and in practice, and being ready when there will be need.

Right now Sixer’s roster is set like this:

PG: Andre Miller/Louis Williams/Royal Ivey

SG: Andre Iguodala/Kareem Rush/Willie Green

SF: Thaddeus Young/Donyell Marshall

PF: Elton Brand/Reggie Evans, Marreese Speights

C: Sam Dalembert/Theo Ratliff + Jason Smith

That is a total of 14 players under contract: Jason Smith is out indefinitely so it’s more like 13 guys. Only twelve can dress up for a game, and this could mean that Cheeks will have to keep one of the aforementioned out. I think at the beginning of the season it could be Ivey or Speights to wear a suit instead of the Sixers uniform.

I am not worried at all for this, and if you think that last year we had Kevin Ollie, Calvin “His uglyness”  Booth and Louis Amundson in the spots now covered by Ivey, Theo and Marshall, you should realize how big of an improvement Sixers made also at the end of the bench.

Welcome Donyell, let’s see how many threes you can hit playing FOR the Sixers !

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More Mo ball

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 21, 2008

0b9a0065e030c78199dd2f562606a85f-getty-76075371dd003_knicks_sixers.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

If Sixers players wanted to show they were happy that Mo Cheeks got a one year extention, they did it pretty well. And if this is how they will play until the end of this season and for the whole next one, Stefanski’s move was good.

Ok, we all know it’s not gonna be always like yesterday, but still the 124-84 thrashing of the Knicks (24-31, .436) was nice to watch for many reasons.

The NBA is fun, and its schedule puts teams in weird situations. This game was the second of the back-to-back for both Philadelphia and New York: Sixers were coming from the AWFUL loss vs the Timberwolves, one of the worst teams in the League, Knicks from an amazing win at Washington, where they set a franchise record for points scored in overtime (23).

Guess what, Sixers TOYED (I’m stealing this from Walt Frazier) with the Knicks for 48 minutes and the game was over after one quarter (37-17). I have really troubles trying to describe what happened last night. Basically Sixers outplayed the Knicks in every possible way, scoring a ton of points in transition and even knocking down threes. On the other side New York was throwing a sort of “turnover party”, getting killed under the glasses and on every hustle play. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 5, 2008

d42641e5c536b0ec5676b9a8f8b3a8f5-getty-76075235sc001_sixers_hawks.jpgSixers need to sign Josh Smith.

Sixers need to sign Josh Smith. Sixers need to sign Josh Smith, Sixers need to sign Josh Smith (repeat until they actually sign him).

Ok, save the “You are getting carried away after he had a good game” BS, because that’s – exactly – just a BS.

This guy is an “all around beast” (LOL).

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that Josh Smith explodes every time he meets the Sixers (remember his first game vs us this year?), anyway I think Stefanski should do everything that is possible, and even the impossible, to get him this summer.

This recap comes some hours late so no need to revisit the whole game, the point is that there is only one reason to explain how a 20 point Sixers lead (12-32 in the first) turned into the final 96-91 loss in Atlanta (18-30, .375) and the reason is the guy in the picture. Just some flashes.

The FIRST QUARTER looked more like a “Sixers dunk & layup party” than a real game. Scores: 2-9, 8-24, 9-28, 12-32, until the final 14-32. All in a shootaround-like atmopshere. Sixers had a 23-5 rebounding edge (correct, twentythree-to-five), outscored the Hawks 15-0 on fastbreaks and shot 52% vs Atlanta’s 26%. Andre Miller had 9 and Thaddeus Young (starting, again) 7. Unreal. Read the rest of this entry »

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