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Few Sixers show up in loss to Bobcats

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 29, 2009

83007767ND008_BOBCATS_76ERSI’m out on a four day business trip and I completely missed the 96-88 W over the T’Wolves (37-33). Two things I noticed about that game.

First, Minnesota started Kevin Ollie (!!), Bobby Brown, Brian Cardinal, Rodney Carney and Craig Smith: that has to be the worst starting lineup in the history of the League.

Second, former Sixer bum player Carney went 7/8 from behind the arc, but Sixers, led by Thaddeus Young (29) and with only two other plyers in double figure, won the game, playing basically just one quarter (the third) and holding off Minnesota down the stretch.

I did watch the 95-100 home loss to the Bobcats, though (37-34, .521).

Not an enjoyable show, to be honest. Talking about a 33-50 half time score, that included Sixers’ 36% FG pctg (13/36) vs Charlotte’s 51% (19/37), with a -15 difference in rebounding (12-27). The first two quarters included multiple three seconds violations, tons of second chance opportunities allowed, limited circulation of the ball, no movement offensively.

You think that after such a poor effort, Sixers would have come pretty spirited after the break.

Instead, on their first offensive possession, Bobcats found Okafor under the rim for an easy dunk, extending the lead to nineteen (33-52), their largest. Sixers gave few sign of life, and Charlotte remained always in control, thanks to great circulation (they played even too unselfish bball, passing up on many open shots) closing the period at 60-73.

Sixers finally woke up in the fourth, sparked by Thaddeus Young and mainly Lou Williams, who scored 12 of his 14 points in the quarter, but the best they could do was cutting the lead to two (92-94 with 1.20 left). Nevermind, Okafor from the high post found Diaw for an easy layup (92-94), Miller missed a shot and Bell secured the game from the line (92-96). Read the rest of this entry »

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Willie Green is the real wizard

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 2, 2009


Even if one day late (sorry, a troubled and hectic weekend), I think it’s fair to give Willie Green his props.

He was Sixers’ MVP in the 104-94 W over Washington (23-22), a game that pushed the Sixers over .500 for the first time since November 23rd, when we were 7-6.

Green, often bashed here for…well, too many reasons to list them all, was extraordinary vs Wizards, especially in the first quarter, when he scored 16 points helping the Sixers build a 32-17 lead.

Not only Green was productive in putting points on the scoreboard (a season high 20 in less than 24 minutes of action), but he added also five assists, which is something I like to point out this time, after blaming him for years for being a gunner with no passing skills/instinct.

He deserves the honour (?) of being featured in S4G’s pic – btw sporting our lovely, classical uniforms.

Other notable things from the Wizards game were: Read the rest of this entry »

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Clippers wish us a happy new year

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 1, 2009

83005868NG010_76ERS_CLIPSFirst off happy 2009 to all Sixers fans and loyal Sixers4guidos readers worldwide !!

Despite our beloved team’s recent struggles, the first italian Sixers blog is having a good success and saw a significant traffic increase in 2008, to the point that I’m thinking about upgrading it.

It will take a while (months rather than weeks) but it’s something I will definitely do in this new year, together with “technical” partners that I will have to find. So stay tuned and you’ll hopefully get better services and features in the upcoming future. 

Back to the Sixers, I couldn’t catch the 92-100 victory over the LA Clippers because it wasn’t broadcasted in Italy on League Pass. So, like always in these cases, let’s rely on sure facts, such as the standings (13-18, .419), the boxscore, the play-by-play page and the highlights I watched.

It was a close game for 48 minutes (highest lead for both teams was eight points), but the good thing is that Sixers finished it strong, outscoring the Clippers 14-6 in the final 3.30 minutes, after Thornton tied it at 86 with a couple of foul shots.

The decisive basket was a fantastic alley oop dunk by Thaddeus Young off a pass from behind midcourt by Andre Miller: it was 86-92 and Clippers didn’t recover after that. Ratliff (very good contribution off the bench) blocked a shot by Thornton that could have pulled LA within three, the Clipper forward got a tech and Iguodala finally put the game on ice. Read the rest of this entry »

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Good game, bad loss in Minnesota

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 21, 2008

83010302DS005_76ERS_TWOLVSI enjoyed it, replayed, until the horn sounded.

Then I realized that we just lost (102-96, .455) to a less than mediocre team, that not coincidentially had dropped eight straight games before matching up with us.

They wanted it more than us” explained Willie Green at the end. “It was obvious”, he added. Well, not so obvious, since we were coming from three consecutive wins, just reached .500 and needed this win MORE than the T’Wolves, that will not make any use of it.

But yes, Minnesota wanted it more. At the end of the day the small things made the difference down the stretch, and shifted a close game in the opposite direction.

Al Jefferson scoring back-to-back almost identical layups against Dalembert in the low post (92-89, 94-91), Mike Miller knocking down a long three (98-94) off a double team on the same Jefferson, Andre Iguodala missing two, the first when he was open (Brand had a good off rebound and a putback for the 98-96), the second contested, with the score at 100-96: clank, game over.

The play when their Miller knocked down the trey is the same play that we should automatically run on clutch possessions, and sums the kind of offense we brought Brand in Philly for. Ball in the low post to a good scorer —> double team —> ball on the perimeter again —> jump shot by (insert name of a decent shooter here), or —> ball down low again —> 1-vs-1 play for the big man.

Minnesota won the game with that play. Good execution, even better conclusion. We lost: good execution, conclusion failed.

Last year in similar situations we could have had Evans in the paint, and, in the best case, Green on the perimeter. Not exactly an encouraging scenario, I know. 

But this year we could have Brand and Iguodala/Williams/Rush/Green. It should be the prototypical “pick your poison” situation for defenses, but Iguodala is shooting 23% from behind the arc and 38% overall, Williams 26% and 35%, Rush is buried under the bench, Green is playing well but usually sits in the final quarter. Comments?

Plus we often take HORRIBLE decisions down the stretch, resulting in forced shots, turnovers, bricks: static offense, no circulation, I said it many times before. We almost never run plays. When we do, and take a good shot, like yesterday night (Iguodala’s aforementioned first three was an excellent shot, nicely built), we miss it. So if you want at least to see an improvment in this, you could do it.

What else could we rank as “positive” from an unexpected loss that brings us back under .500? Read the rest of this entry »

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Shocking: old Sixers bums are still around

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on October 23, 2008

Guys, I’m finally (?) back at FBP (full blogging potential).

After a long summer in which I changed job, moved to another town (Milan), got a new house, after a couple of months that saw me leaving for some long business trips, this week I finally got my brand new super-cool fast Internet connection at home, that finally allows me to update this blog just as frequently as it used to be.

So what’s the first post after this break about? Preseason games recaps? Predictions? World Series (Phillies up 1-0, but I don’t follow baseball, I’m sorry…)? No. In pure Sixers4guidos’ style, we’ll talk about something that other sites don’t consider: former Sixers stiffs. I mean, they are still stiffs, but at least they are no more Sixers. Ok, you got it. 

TRIVIA QUESTION for Sixers fans: name a team that this year has THREE former Sixers that LAST year were playing in Philly. 

Ok, even the most knowledgeable fan would say: “Wait, this can’t be right, it could be Minnesota but they have only two, they got Carney and Booth this summer…”.

WRONG !!!!!

Not only that, but the Timberwolves signed K-E-V-I-N frikkin’ O-L-L-I-E !!!! He retired was a free agent, and they picked him up (see him in the pic, sporting one of the cool, old Sixers uniforms I’ve been pushing for) !!!

Admit it, you had my same thought when reading this page: there must be a mistake or something, Kevin Ollie hung them up last summer, he must be with his family, still counting all the money he stole from NBA franchises in his (too) long career !

So I decided to email College Wolf, the finest blogger covering Minnesota, and here is our exchange of thoughts about Ollie and the other two bums players. Read the rest of this entry »

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Shockingly true: Elton Brand will be a Sixer !!!!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 9, 2008

It’s nice to break my long silence (not my fault, though) and take all of my lunch break at the new job to create the new “Elton Brand” category in this blog.

This morning I was simply extatic in reading that Ed Stefanski brought us Elton Brand, showing what a real GM should do. Now before I wrote my take about this move, let me remind you the major steps Stefanski took before closing this deal:

1) last season, traded Korver to Utah to clear cap space for this summer: around 4 mill off the books. Remember many fans complained then, but they should have known that the move should have been judged only some months later… 

BTW readers of this blog know I was, am and will always be a great Korver fan, but this time I was with our management, waiting/hoping for the eventual big move. I looked at the big picture, for once !!

2) seriously courted Josh Smith, involving even Philly’s mayor (!) and creating a smokescreen that probably helped him reaching the real goal  

3) traded Carney and Booth to Minnesota in order to be able to increase the offer(s) 

4) finally, signed Brand when everybody thought he was going to end up elsewhere (Golden State, Clippers etc)

I call this a great job by a GM who knows his stuff. (Ouh, and by the way move 1) was decisive in making Thaddeus Young getting some minutes… how did that turn out? Not surprisingly, he’s laughing, you see)

Now about Brand as a Sixer: Read the rest of this entry »

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Detroit has a new/old fan (Pistons 4, Sixers 2)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 8, 2008


I am back home after a 4 days romantic trip to Verona (the city of Romeo and Juliet !) with my wife, finally back blogging also.

I am changing job & town in the next weeks, so it’s possible that new posts and updates will have some pauses.

Anyway I’ll have BIG NEWS SOON, so give me a free pass and stay tuned on Sixers4guidos.

So the Sixers season is over after the 77-100 loss to the Pistons in game 6 of the first round: 4-2, end. While I’m typing this post, Detroit has a 2-1 lead over Orlando in the second round.

Of course no need to recap the game one week after it was played, and also because it was another blowout (2-15 Detroit to start it, 12-30 after the first quarter, 33-51 at the half…).

I’ll just point out some things, the feelings I had after the end of the series.

1) Detroit deserved to advance, of course. Can’t argue with three consecutive wins after trailing 1-2, also because the wins came in a pretty impressive way. The best team won, simple as that.

2) I am VERY HAPPY with what Sixers did in the season and in the series. Idiots complaining about the 2-1 lead we had, about the collapses in the last two games, about Iguodala’s (actual) shortcomings, perhaps forget where did we come from. Read the rest of this entry »

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Detroit just being Detroit (Pistons 3, Sixers 2)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 30, 2008


Not much to say about Pistons’ 98-81 win of last night, really.

You just “copy & paste” game 2, and the recap of game 2, and you know what happened yesterday at the Palace.

It was Pistons from start to finish, no need to go quarter-by-quarter.  

The game basically ended after the first period (35-21), with Pistons shooting 15/19 (!), led by Billups, who had 14 points on 4/5, including two threes, to go with seven assists !!

The only sign of life by the Sixers was when Iguodala stripped Prince to feed Thaddeus Young on a fastbreak for a nice layup: it was 10-10, but a 16-2 Pistons run immediately followed that beatiful play.

Iguodala had finally a good game, but unfortunately with ZERO IMPACT on the team’s performance. Not blaming him again, of course, just stating a fact. Iggy went 4/4 in the first period, but fellow Andre shot 1/8, promptly extended to 1/10 at the beginning of the second, when he was finally pulled out.

Miller’s poor game (the first of the series, to be honest, so not sayin it’s his fault, or not only his) had a negative effect on the whole team, literally kicked in the butt for 48 minutes, while Pistons guards and Rasheed with his effective inside-outside game were partying all night. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sixers blow a unique chance (Pistons 2, Sixers 2)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 28, 2008


Yeah, the series is still open, yeah before it started everybody would have thought that being 2-2 after four games would have been damn good, but still I have the feeling that we missed a great chance.

1) First off, give Pistons their props for the deserved 84-93 win of last night, they proved why they have been to the Conference finals five years in a row.

2) we better try to analyze how we let a 14 point lead (43-29, 4.30 left in the second) turn into a 15 point deficit (65-80, 8.30 to play in the fourth. That means a 22-51 break in 20 minutes of action !

3) we should think about possible solutions to avoid that happening again.

Pistons played like a veteran team, never losing composure also when everything looked going in the wrong sense for them.

Sixers’ FIRST QUARTER was great: Sammy knocked down a couple of free throws and had a huge block on Billups (0/3 + 3 turnovers to start the game…), igniting the crowd and setting the tone for his team mates. Iguodala hit his first two shots, one being a step back jumper (the same shot that NEVER went in before) and the other a thunderous dunk over Rasheed Wallace. We all thought it could be the right night for him and for the Sixers.

By the half of the period all Sixers starters had already scored, while Detroit (with Maxiell in at PF) struggled: it was 17-10 and it ended at 25-19, with Green and Dalembert scoring six points, Iguodala five and Young four. Mo didn’t make any substitution. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sixers wind blowing (Pistons 1, Sixers 2)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 26, 2008


I don’t know if there are Reggie Evans groupies yet. If not, time to create a group of them.

Evans, a reborn Dalembert and Andre Miller were – in this order, to me – our key players in the 95-75 unexpected thrashing of the Pistons in game 3.

This means few things:

1) my 4-1 Pistons prediction is already off the mark (and I love it, of course…)

2) young Sixers are psychologically more solid and mature than we all thought, bouncing back from the blow out of game 2 and answering it with another blow out. This against a veteran team that was supposed to regain the lead of the series, also mentally I mean, after the “distraction” of game 1. It didn’t happen, I see.

3) Pistons might still win the series, of course, but after these three games they are actually closer to a memorable collapse than to a “routine” advancement to the second round. Some signs (looks, faces, body language etc) should worry a lil bit their hot fans. Read the rest of this entry »

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