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What we need to get

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 13, 2006

jeff-foster.jpgWhat to get in the inevitable Iverson trade is up to Billy King. That’s scaring, I know.

But I am a blogger, not a general manager (that’s why both this blog and Sixers suck, by the way) so this is my wish list:

A first round pick is MANDATORY. If King doesn’t get this, fire him immediately, and send him to Italy as next webmaster of Sixers4Guidos.

Actually some rumors are currently talking about the possiblity to land even two picks (from Denver), That’s too good to be true, won’t happen.

We need a rebounding, athletic PF/C who can board and finish. Jeff Foster (in the picture, from the 50’s) would be the best solution. I am a self proclaimed Foster groupie. He won’t come, though. But you got the point. A younger PJ Brown (or even PJ Brown himself…), a Jamaal Magloire, an Antonio Mc Dyess. Stromile Swift anyone? Well no, he’s the Dalembert of the power forwards, we would get a ban from the NBA for shortage of intelligence.

Then we would need a combo PG/SG capable to bring the ball upcourt and shoot it. A Delonte West/Juan Dixon/Earl Watson/Chris Duhon type of player. Telfair, Foye? Uhmm…

What we absolutely DON’T need are: 1) players with long contracts, 2) players with bad contracts 3) swingmen.

So expect a package of Kenyon Martin, Antoine Walker and Mike Dunleavy jr in a Sixers uniform soon.

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Guidos love Sixers more than AI

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 13, 2006

allen-iverson-b-n.jpg1) Thanks for everything 2) All the best 3) Let’s move on 4) Go Sixers !

To sum it up, these are my feelings about the Allen Iverson case. You all know the facts so no need to repeat it for the 198.000th time. Here we want to express our standpoint about the facts. Just for your information, I am writing this post without knowing where he will land, rumors are countless and we won’t follow them. Let’s wait for new facts, again. 

1) I loved Iverson as a player. A Sixers player. No, please don’t come up with the lame “groupie” stuff. I am old enough to know basketball and to realize when you are watching a great player. And Iverson is a great player. Not a leader? How come a player that carries a team with George Lynch and Tyrone Hill as starting forwards to the NBA finals, not be a leader?

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The picture of our season

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 11, 2006

kevin_ollie1.jpgKevin freaking Ollie taking the last shot (!!) and getting blocked by the 6’0 Jameer Nelson (!!!!!!).

That’s how the Orlando game ended (86-84), and that was the most logical (?) way to lose a game that we deserved to lose for the reasons I’m going to tell.

The loss – seven straight, 14th of 16 – puts us at the bottom of the Sad-lantic division, with a 5-14 record (.263%). The fact that we are 2 games away from the top of the same division it’s so embarasssing that we wouldn’t even comment right now.

Same for the Iverson case, we will talk about it later, now we want to focus on the team. I mean, the playing team. 

So here are some more random thoughts about the Orlando game:

1) Why in the hell Ollie gets 38 minutes… what’s the purpose of Ollie playing 38 minutes, to bring the ball in the other court? Read the rest of this entry »

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