Sixers 4 guidos

The first italian Sixers blog


This blog is open to contributions from anyone, as you can see. Of course the subject has to be the Sixers.

We will only ask you to follow some basic rules (no insults, no profanity etc), and to sign the article/post, even with a nickname. Anonymous articles will not be published.

Email us at, we will be glad to host your contribution (unless you are a Lakers fan or a bandwagon fan).

8 Responses to “Contributions”

  1. Dear Mr Ricky

    This is a nice surpise to see you have this blog. I like you article about the trade. Andre Miller will help Iggy and Sammy the most I think. Anyway, there is a site in Serbia owned and operated from here in Philadelphia, by my “KUM”, Marko Stankovic.
    ITs kind of a blog but a bit more then that too, I am the sports editor there.
    I want to wish you and your wife a Merry X mas and New Year, and finally now we can watch these Sixers without AI- what a reliefe.

  2. DObar Dan? Arivederchie

  3. T. Ryan said

    Hi Ricky,

    Here’s the timeline, in sequencial order since our blog went up in October, of my tumultuous relationship with the Sixers organization.

    Billy King hoping to top Barkley blockbuster

    Stunner: Iverson balks at trade to Washington Generals

    Billy King brings in Larry Brown to ensure worst possible trade for Allen Iverson

    Nation exhales as Sixers finally deal Ivan McFarlin

    Larry Brown officially back with Sixers to make sure team gets old again

  4. Zach said

    Hey, nice site. I added your link to my site, All Philadelphia Sports, I was hoping you could add mine to your blog roll. Keep up the good work.

  5. Zach tour site is very nice, kudos

    I am pleased to add it to my blogroll, you will see me checking in often

  6. charlie said

    eeeeeeeeee my friend……….
    fron California to a great friend…….miiii mi stò imparando l’americcano…….il 18 ho iniziato a tonar a scuola……..lo sò this is my year!!!


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  8. Joselyn said

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