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Guidos & Italy


Who is Guido? Actually it’s the name of a couple of friends of ours. And it sounds pretty funny even here.

“Guido” in italian can also mean “I drive”, in case you don’t know. “Guidare” is the verb.

But guido for basically all americans, is the nickname for “italian”. We all are guidos, then (see the guy in the picture, a more-than-likely-guido judging from… well, everything !!!). And proud of it. 

We learned that other nicknames for italians in the US are “dagos”, “goomba”, “guinea”, “jabonee” and “wop”. We knew also that the last three are considered insults, so we excluded them. We liked “guido” and named the blog after it.

We decided to write in english (well… sort of…), as we have the ambition to make it a very good blog, understandable all over the world.

We will sometimes write in italian, mainly because just few italians know english well enough, and we want to talk to them too.

Hope you like guidos more after reading this.

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