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Bring the old Sixers uniforms back ! (S4G petition)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 19, 2008

d118ddc6e676ca794b9cc5a78a11bfa6-getty-76075362jg018_lakers_sixers.jpgDear Sixers marketing department,

please read these few lines by the first italian Sixers blog, to explain something that actually shouldn’t even be explained.


So here we go.

My point is that Sixers current uniforms and Sixers logo SUCK, they are damn ugly and that the franchise should go back to the “old” uniforms (1978-1991) and the “old” logo of its tradition.

Actually it would be more correct to call them “our” uniforms and “our” logo, because they are not old, or not just old. Anyway, you see them here left, in the picture (thank Andre Miller for modeling…)

(Hey, on, you can find a brief history of the Sixers uniforms and the reasons for all the changes through the years)


1) why do today’s Sixers uniforms suck, according to you?

Answer: they are anonymous, they have nothing to do with the long tradition of this franchise, they contain colours that were added in 1997 only for (idiotic) marketing reasons, such as gold and black (??).

2) are you aware that it’s pretty common for teams to change their uniforms through the years? Ever heard about “marketing”, “selling a product”, “trends”, “fashion” etc? Are you perhaps stuck in the 80’s?

Answer: Yes, of course, and it’s not that I would like to go back to the “Short Shorts Era” or something. I am not 60 y/o, I have some marketing knowledge and I can live with some changes or “updates” of our uniforms. Also I remember that the influence of the hip hop culture in the 90’s was huge and that was one of the reasons that led to our changes and the creation of the black unis. But… as far as I know now it’s 2008 and we should correct the mess that was made.

One thing is a nice restyling (example: the 1994-1997 uniforms were ok), another thing is to f’k the tradition of a STORIED franchise up. Those kind of “revolutionary”changes can be done by expansion teams, or franchise moving to another town or changing names (Bullets —> Wizards etc), not by a franchise like the Sixers. I’ve never heard about Celtics, Lakers or Knicks adding new colours to their uniforms and when they did it (Knicks put some black stripes on their unis) the outcome was a-w-f-u-l.

3) so what do you actually suggest?

It’s very simple. That Sixers go back to their tradition and wear FULL TIME the nice, cool WHITE-RED-BLUE uniforms showed in the picture, using the logo with the white basketball:


That Sixers dump every color not strictly Sixers-related (BLACK, GOLD and other crap) and that they use them only to produce t-shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, caps, keyholders and every other product you can think of, except the uniforms….

4) you are perhaps the only fanatic of the old unis, people don’t even care, why don’t you get a life?

Uhm, not exactly, I collected a lot of comments by fans that share my same thoughts, read this:

Thread “Sixers uni’s (and birds)” – Started Dec 6th on the Sixers board of

(poster’s name) DCSuxghost:

“can i please have everyones support in asking that Ed Stefanski DEMAND that the sixers Uni’s be put back to the classic’s (from the Chuckwagon Days) as well as the court and Logo. We need the old round white basketball logo BACK!!! and we need our classic Home White Road Maroon as well. enough of this lame “futuristic logo/uni crap… we arent an expansion team and we arent a team like dallas who jus had flat out ugly unis and NEEDED a change…we are a storied franchise like boston and LA, and should have more self respect… please Ed…Bring back the old school…”


“I’M IN !!!! Seriously, e-mail someone.Should we all e-mail someone.Who could we e-mail.I saw us in those uni’s and i got goose bumps.Those are our colors…not black,gold and whatever”


“i completely agree with you”


“you are correct on both sides… the sixers need to go back to the older jerseys and the eagles need to get the kelly green back. Those jersey’s are sweet and if the management thinks of it I am sure they can make more money by going back to those because everyone will buy the new stuff”

eagleasfan 03

“hey should go back, the Sixers colors aren’t black and gold. They are red, white and blue. Would be great to see the old red unis and just use blue as the 3rd jersey.”


“The Classic uniforms strike again. Bring them back…for good!”


“I agree with you 1000%. I LOVE that ’80s look, and maybe it’s just me, but I thought they looked more like a real NBA team last night in those unis. Plus, those uniforms are a reminder of when the 76ers were somebody. And I never have liked that new logo. Stating traditional has been good enough for the Celtics over the years, so why not the Sixers also?”

mikey 19107

“Anytime I see a team including black as their primary uniform color, I can’t help but think of how un-original it is”


“i’m down and by the way, this post sounds very similar to one i made a week or so ago called something like “what is happening to our sixers”. i talk about how everything is all cheesy and corny now having to do with this team, like we’re some kind of second-rate franchise. we need to bring that swagger back, that tradition.”


“I kinda like the old look…in fact I still have the old jacket…Red with blue letters…SIXERS….got it back in Oct.’82
Dug it out a couple years ago.It was upstairs in the hall closet….And it still fits…a small tear in the cuff,but I had it sewed up….Still have some old shirts from that era…The Sixers….with the little streak…their in a box with some old stuff…Ya can’t throw them away..too many good memmories….Anyway put me down for the Old Look…”


“I agree with you completely. We are one of the old school classic NBA franchises, with a great history, present times notwithstanding. We should go back to our “real” Uniforms”

(LINK to the whole thread)

Blog “PASSION & PRIDE” – Recap Sixers Vs Celtics, “Tale of two halves”

(writer) Sean Watts

“For the Sixers though, hopefully the new Prez got a good look, because tonight showed all the good and the bad from this year’s Sixers team, sporting throwback jerseys in honor of the “Fo, Fo, Fo” 82-83 NBA championship team”

“I wonder where i can lay my hands on the throwback jersey they wore today? it looked awesome and i’m putting it on my christmas wishlist. so far, however, i’ve not been able to find it on eastbay, nba online store, amazon, or any online vendor i can think of. pointers, anyone?” (comment by reader “hanwayl”)


“Uniform note: Is it just me or do other people prefer the “Championship year” uniforms over the current ones? The natural colors are red white and blue. I know black is “edgy” and “hip”, but I’ll be happy to keep the block lettering and the old colors” (Doctor Him)

“Older Uniforms rock, Sixers have never had a good look since dropping the Charles Barkley Look. They should have ‘tweaked’ it and continued like the Bulls. Anyone remember those Shawn Bradley-era travestys with the stars? UGH” (Dan C)

Comments on the post: “Miller, Sixers picking up steam” by Marc Narducci (11th Dec 2007)

“Second that on the throwback uniforms. I love the simplicity in them” (Tyler, in response to Ricky-Sixers4guidos’ comment)

Comments on the post “A deflating defeat against Detroit” by Marc Narducci (23rd Jan 2008)

“Is there a rule stating that the Sixers can only wear the old school jerseys rarely,if not then I wish they went back to those jerseys ” (T)

Comments on  the post “A character win for the Sixers” by Marc Narducci (16th Jan 2008)


So I gave some food for thoughts, guys…


More to come soon on this site about this topic, stay tuned.

UPDATE: I checked it and Sixers wore the throwback uniforms seven times this year: vs Grizzlies (13th Feb 2008), Pistons (23rd Jan), Pacers (21st Jan), Rockets (15th Jan), Lakers (21st Dec 2007), Rockets (11th Dec), Celtics (5th Dec).

154 Responses to “Bring the old Sixers uniforms back ! (S4G petition)”

  1. tanman636 said

    bringing back the old uniforms will be amazing. these new uni’s are alright but nothing compared to the old ones.

  2. sixerdave said

    They need to bring back the old unis… The recent ones have looked cartoonish at best. It’s a horrible trend.

    When they brought back the old unis for nostalgia games, it reminded me of what Philadelphia basketball used to be. How we were a franchise with tradition, that other teams respected. And when they came into our arena, they could expect a battle.

    Now our unis look something out of a circus or bad video game.

  3. KeyLime said

    I’ve hated those “new” unis since the day they appeared. Please please PLEASE bring back the classic that defined some truly great years for Sixers basketball.

  4. Chris said

    Please ditch the black and gold non sense.
    Go back to our roots and bring the traditional red, white and blue back.

    And play one game in the Spectrum for old times sake.

  5. Hawk3 said

    I support your campaign to bring back the classic Red White and Blue Sixers uniforms!
    I hate the black uniforms even with their slight modification this year. The colors must return to Red White and Blue.
    This team needs to embrace its tradition. You see teams like the Lakers & Celtics maintain their traditional uniforms — the Sixers should as well.

  6. PPSPFan said

    The Sixers should never have changed the unis since the uniforms were introduced in 1978. These are the classic designs and colors of a storied franchise. Fans not only miss these older uniforms, but they are part of who the Sixers are and who the Sixers fans support.

  7. I’m with ya Ricky. The ’83 uni’s were classic, time to bring them back (how many “throwback” nights have they had this year, anyway?) Just make it permanent.

  8. Aarick said

    Yea, I agree. Like you said, there a few classic teams that you just don’t mess with. Celtics, Lakers, Knicks, and Sixers! We wear ’em so often I don’t think much of it anymore. We wear them more than the red jerseys and the throwbacks are like our new alternates. The red jerseys our getting close to the original colors but you might as well bring the uniforms back for good. Plus we look too much like the Blazers now.

  9. I don’t think the ones suck, but I would be all for the old unis. They are definitely better. Bring back the throwbacks.

  10. raffaele said

    Ricky, got one suggestion for your battle: bring in your old-time friend mons. He sure could be helpful in such campaigns… 😉 Btw, I’m totally with you!

    PS: sorry for a comment nobody but you will understand but – you will agree – it was too tempting…

  11. lafrenz45 said

    Red ,White and Blue rules.

  12. anthony said

    Count me in. The jerseys I grew up with were the best.

  13. Simone said

    I agree totally with you! let’s bring the old uniforms back!

    p.s. i’m 666Maverick666 on basketcafè 😉

  14. Il Custode said

    Yeah! Bring the old uniform back!

  15. kalle said

    you really need to get back the players that wore those uniform, not the uniforms themselves.

    ah ah

    (lakers fan)

  16. sixers29 said

    Hey Ricky, this is a great post. You know that I agree with you. I hate black jersey, is awful!!

  17. Jon said

    Hey Ricky. Nice work. If I might be so bold, I’m actually go to go back a little further. The 1976 bicentennial jerseys were the best. I like the road royal blues better than road red. Stars down the side, numbers with rounded edges, and the afro. Keep the clippers away from Dalembert’s hair!

    As for the current uniforms, they remind me of Iverson and the Beefcakes. For that one year, it was great. However, it’s a new era. Out with the old, in with the older!

  18. Rando said

    Hey Ricky, I’m down with your back to the old uniforms campaign. After all the team colors are red, white, and blue. 5 team colors (red, white, blue, black and gold) seems silly. The new red one they created last aint working for me.

    It’s pretty cool they are wearing the old ones so much this year to celebrate the 82 championship team. That was a great team and the uniforms represented the city well. And I swear they play better in them.

    Come on Eddie … I’m sure you remember the old uniforms. Get with the program. You can change the uniform when your team wins a championship.

  19. dani said

    Bring the old uniforms back!!!

  20. pedro said

    Hello from Spain,
    bring the old sixers uniforms back

  21. True Wolf said

    There are to kind of ugly uniforms. The older ones (Celtics, Clippers or Wolves) wich asks for some changes and the too-modern or not-traditional for an historical team ones (Warriors and Sixers). The 90’s are a dark period in NBA-Uniform-Making, with so much teal, purple and hip hop-styled jersey’s…

    Sorry about my english, I’m from Barcelona and don’t speak very well 😛

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  23. I can’t believe they don’t even sell these jerseys. They would go like hotcakes.

  24. sixerguy said

    yall are living in the past. Black unis are straight gangsta!! need to put a blunt as the logo

  25. ana said

    please, que vuelvan nuestros antiguos uniformes, nuestros colores son el blanco, el azul y el rojo., queremos cambio de logo

  26. Alex said

    I’m down with this, the classic look is it.

  27. hanwayl said

    I approve!

    The current logo of a “basketball with a comet’s tail” is just utterly, unspeakably, horrifying. I cannot point at that logo and tell someone i’m a sixers fan.

  28. I’ll never forget the first time they changed their uniforms in the final Barkley years.

    They became a starburst feast, truly a star explosion from hell. Quite possibly what the explosion might look like after Harold Katz raided your fridge.

    So appropriate that they changed them prior to the scintillating Tim Perry/Jeff Hornacek/Andrew Lang era.

    God awful.

    The change to the old stenciled uni’s is looooong overdue.

    (sorry we’re late on this, Ricky)

  29. I neglected to mention that I’m currently wearing Kurt Nimphius’ old jersey while parading outside the Wachovia Center in a Gminski wig complete with neatly trimmed forest beard.

  30. iggydolla said

    The classic jerseys were the best. Bring them back! Bring them back! Bring them back! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

  31. IglooKing said

    Agree completely. But for the Sixers to make this move, they’d have to show some taste. And this is the same organization that brought us Hip-Hop.

  32. LWilliams23 said

    Bring back the classic red, white, and blue with the basketball logo.

  33. Agree completely. Follow the lead the Phillies set back in 1992: ditch the lame attempt at modern, sleek looking uniforms and go back to the classic look.

  34. Vos said

    That’s History.Bring them back

  35. MPlant said

    Bring ’em back! They remind us of what was once good and what can (and will) be good again.

  36. PowerForwardInAPointGuardsBody said

    The 90s look is played out. Bring back the red, white, and blue. Let’s go back to the future, baby!

  37. T said

    I agree with it, but they should bring them back with some modern touch. Keep the simple scheme and lettering but clean up the edges.

  38. steelersfandan said

    agree with the return of the old look uniforms.would love to see them back.

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  40. SecretSmurf said

    Looks like this revert-to-retro movement is picking up more steam by the week. Note to 76er management: As has been stated by numerous others, the Philadelphia 76ers are NOT some Johnnny-come-lately, vanilla franchise that needs to come up with ‘creative’ uniforms to sell or create an image for itself. It already has a well-established identity, one which has been cheapened by giving in to so-called ‘modern’ tastes.

    Bring back the look that the Doctor wore!

  41. Ricky,

    Did you send this to the 76ers marketing department yet? I need an old school Lou Will jersey. They’re sweet.

    All Philadelphia Sports

  42. phillyadam said

    I have been unhappy with the current uni’s since they were introduced. Teams should have two or three team colors not five or six as many pro franchises currently do. The more simple the uni’s the better in my opinion. The classier and more storied franchises all have the simpler uni’s (ie Spurs, Pistons, Celtice, Lakers, Pacers).

  43. fitlatino8 said

    I completely dislike the new uniforms and logo. It looks ridiculous ugly and you never had changed the old classic one with the white basketball! The Lakers and Celtics never changed their logos and uniforms so the Sixers should be the same way. The Sixers is a historic franchise just like the Celtics and Lakers!! Bring back the Classic Uniform and Logo Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. All Philadelphia sports (& all the other friends of course):

    I sent the link to this post to to Sixers mktg dept, and I am in contact with them. I think/hope I will have news soon. I’ll make a specific post

    They immediately said that the uniforms topic is a “sensitive subject” and “for a variety of reasons” but that’s good because it means they will (and have to) hear our voices !!!!!

    keep the comments coming, we are doing a great job !

  45. MattNice said

    Let’s get back to our real uniforms from our 82-83 championship year.Also when we go back…make sure you don’t get cute and have the thick sleeves like we’re a WNBA team.Thank You…

  46. Jake H said

    BRING THEM BACK! the newer logo reeks of the late 90’s, the old designs are timeless and simple

  47. jd said

    i haven’t watched a game all season. last night, we played the celtics wearing the uniforms i remember from my youth. in short, i loved it. just seemed to look right to me.

  48. Rob said

    Bringing back the old school Sixers would be cool. In fact a lot of teams should go back to their old school colors, but Milwaukee hasn’t done so well. The Bulls should permenantly bring back the black pinstripe jerseys instead of the new solid black CHICAGO one they have now. I’m a Kings fan so I’ll throw this out too. Bring back the old black jerseys!

  49. Brad said

    We need to bring back the old jerseys! They look great and play in them even better!

  50. Hawk3 said

    I sent the Sixers Marketing Department a letter of my own and received the following response:

    “Also-feel free to have anyone else you know send their thoughts/ comments as well – I am keeping them all – I, personally would like to see the old logo, colors & uniforms back – you never know”

    I thought that was a very positive response. Let’s hope this campaign does the job. BRING BACK THE OLD UNIFORMS! And don’t be afraid to individually contact the Marketing Department.

  51. Hawk3 is right,

    I have been in contact with Sixers mktg dept and they really take everyone’s opinion into ocnsideration about this “sensitive” topic, so keep leaving comments here and mail them also

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  53. Noah Skaroff said

    Totally in agreement. I’ve never liked the current unis. Flowing script and a basketball shooting out of a star? That’s not a logo, it’s the way a little girl writes her name in her notebook. The old unis are simple, bold, and clean. The white basketball on the shorts will always be the true logo of the team. This needs to happen. We have a group of young players here now that has earned the right to wear the uniforms of our city’s last champions.

  54. Derek Moll said

    Bring back the old school!! That uniform is a classic and should be used. We are now back and it is now a great time to remember the good ol days of championships!! BRING IT BACK!!!

  55. Bring back Big Shot. Hip Hop should have been part of the AI trade.

  56. Morty said

    Totally agree. The current uni’s are out of date, and out of style. Stick to the classics and you’ll never have this problem.

  57. Ohio said

    Bring back the old uniforms!!!

  58. Dave in Philly said

    I’m in favor of this 100%. I want to be practical about things, too. First off, you have to look no further than the Celtics (as much as it pains me to say it) to see that a simple uniform can still work. Nowadays, there’s so much more fabric that these guys are wearing, but enlarging the font/numbers a little would help to balance that out.

    But let me suggest another uniform that would work well today – the 1976-77 uni. Sure, they lost the finals to the Blazers that year, but that jersey resembles the 80s look with the stars/stripes running down the side. It would look sweet today. Check out this guy’s website of Erving pics…

    Make the jerseys/shorts baggier and extend the design to the waist/knee and you’d have a sweet uni. You could make it a red road uniform with a blue alternate or the other way around. These would look phenomenal today!!!!

  59. Chris said

    Please go back to the old uniforms ..
    This team is ready to succeed again … and the uniform change will help tremendously

    Plus I will buy merchandise … which is what it is all about

  60. Hawk3 said

    Right now is running a poll to select your favorite 76ers logo. Make sure to vote!
    I voted for B!
    Bring back the classic uniforms!

  61. onleechild77 said

    Please burn those new uniforms and bring back some traditional gear for the only people who make your organization run…..THE FANS!!!!! We have spoken. Vote for B

  62. Court_visioN said

    They need to go back to the championship 82-83 jersey, the current look sucks! Plus, the team won a championship with those uniforms why wouldn’t they wear them again??

  63. karnotda said

    PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD UNIFORMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. nickfury said

    Bring the old unis back please!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Ty said

    There is no comparison! Please bring back the classic logo and uniforms! The 76ers are one of the most storied, classic teams in the history of the NBA, yet we look like a bad expansion team.

  66. Joe Visconto said

    Thank God somebody spoke on this issue. I been waiting for the sixers to go to back to the red, white, and blue for years now. The black and gold image/logo came from from Pat Croce. It is depicted after the harley davidson logo/colors (no lie!!). The colors/logo should have left with Pat Croce. I do like the 1978-1991 uniforms, however, I would like the to see the PHILA on the front of the uniforms come back. Moreover, no stars on the uniforms, they are hitius. Also, I think we have the worst court in the league. Hopefully the new uniforms will have the team representatives create/design a better court image. I would love to see a court with no crazy color combiniations, just a simple light brown court with the basic nba measurements would look awesome, ala, check the court for the phoenix suns..

  67. Mike M. said

    Yes, I have written to the marketing department, GM , players, coach (cheeks) (Iverson) in regards to this matter. It’s so hard to watch my favorite team in these uniforms. I have been very upset for many years, they are horrible. I like the blue aways with the stars down the side, back in the George McGuinnes era.
    I hope and pray they make a change,
    Bring them back.

  68. Evan said

    I absolutely agree. The colors we have now are heinous and tacky, bring back the tradition.

  69. Mo said

    Best jerseys are the 76-77 bicentennial jerseys, blue ones worn in finals (rip city). Bring back these elite uniforms. Go Italy (euro 2008)

  70. PhillyBoyinTexas said

    I totally agree with you. Go back to the old uniforms. The new ones reflect our new losing ways. Champion uniforms, maybe chapionship caliber players will follow.

  71. C.Price said

    there home jerseys should be the blue that is in the old logo and then it could say sixers like it does in the home jerseys in white and it could be outlined in red
    what do u think about that??

  72. Hawk3 said

    Did you see the jersey Elton Brand held up at his press conference? From the photo I saw it looked like it might be a 1983 style jersey. Very intriguing and hopefully very promising. Bring back the classic uniforms!

  73. Hawk3 said

    Here are some better photos of the uniform Looks good to me. Let’s hope it sticks!

  74. FlyFreshNStupid said

    Hopefully the Sixers do change it back to those classic uniforms permanently. The new ones are ugly as hell, its too “cartoonish” and needs to be changed back. The colors are not fitting for the sixers franchise, it should go back to the red white and blue. I dont know, i just love the simplicity and tradition behind the older logo and uniforms.

  75. tanman636 said

    They looked great on Brand and Im sure theyll look great on the whole team!! BRING IT BACK!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!

  76. Joecooler2u said

    I’m all for bring back the old jerseys (Home AND Away!). The classic logo that represented Dr J, Mo Cheeks, Moses Malone, Andre Toney, Bobby Jones, Charles Barkley and………….WINNING! The floor logo needs to go back as well. I agree no short shorts, but the black and gold needed to go. They reprsented the past. Allen Iverson, Aaron McKie, Theo Ratliff, George Lynch, Larry Hughes, Dekembe Mutumbo. They had their time in the spotlight. Now it needs to get back to winning again and cool looking jerseys that instantly say………..GO SiXERS! aka WIN!

  77. str8sports said

    I would like to see the old uniforms. We need a fresh start to get away from the Iversion era and start a new one. It doesn’t hurt that during that period, with those old jersey’s, the sixers had the best winning percentage in franchise history.

  78. IhateBillyPenn said

    100% away with the futuristic logo and in with the REAL sixers logo AND colors. Silver and Gold are for Christmas!

  79. SeanJawn said

    this DCSUXGhoast guy is brilliant for that post he started on philly dot com, and sixer4guidos is even more of a genius for posting it out here. Let’s stop being newbs and get the old school back suckas!!!

    25 percent Sicilian!!!!!

  80. SeanJawn said

    wait ricky!!! what if we take the approach with the sixers management that the uni’s “offend” us, and need to be changed. You know how there are groups of people trying to ban names such as “redskins” or “braves”?

    the sixers uni’s are so offensive to me i say why dont they just put a damn steryo-type cheesesteak on the fron of our jersey??? we are more about 1776, R, W & B (redwhiteblue) and freedom then we are cheesesteaks!!!!

    yet we are more nationally know for our steaks then we are ben franklin, the fact that we invented lightning (joking)with a key and a kite…all the current uniforms do is hide our pride in the R, W & B!!!


  81. Jaysabz said


  82. Jaysabz said


    When I saw Brand in the old school Sixers jersey I thought YES, THEY FINALLY WENT BACK TO THEM!

    But it doesn’t appear to be so.

    Not many teams have a slick classic look like the Sixers – take advantage of it!

  83. chisixer said

    The 78-91 uniform is a thing of beauty. We won almost 700 games in those uniforms. We’ve had only 6 winning seasons since they changed them. Those are not the “old” Sixers uniforms, they are “the” Sixers uniforms. Please, end this madness and ditch the Pat Croce black and gold.

  84. Dan Buckley said

    Bring ’em back!

  85. Raul Morales said

    i’ve been a sixer fan since the late 70’s when i was old enough to undestand sports….and i agree bring back the DR.J uniforms minus the short shorts…..thats the only time we one anything….maybe the old spirit will bring us some luck for once…our city can use all the luck we can get….to tell you the truth i’m starving for a championship..any championship…basketball,football,baseball,hockey….SOMETHING BEFORE I DIE….please…

  86. Collin from LA said

    I did a ‘double-take’ when I saw EB hold up the Classic White 76ers jersey the other day! It was pretty damn cool! I believe the “Dr. J” uniforms are undeniably better than the current new-school outfits the team wears today.

    Bring back the Classic Logo and the Classic Uniforms, Comcast!

  87. Roderick said

    Please bring back the old uniforms!

  88. Corey said

    Why did they ever go away from them? Get those old uni’s back and show these young bucks what tradition is all about. Those uniforms are timeless, classic, and will never go out of style. More importantly, current players in the league will be able to identify them with the LEGENDS that wore them.

  89. Jordan said

    Do it!

  90. Andy said

    Bring back the classic uni’s! The current uniforms are just bad.

  91. Truu Playa said

    I like em both in their own way. I was born in ’82 so the old uniforms remind me of the early 90’s Barkley/Weatherspoon era when the Sixers sucked-ass. But I must say that they are certainly a classic and simple look. Once we got A.I. and went to the current black uni’s is when they made those playoff runs in the late 90’s-2000’s and went to the finals during my high school years was the golden age for me. So there is a place in my heart for both. They should use the classic uni’s as their alternate uni for sunday games and whatnot.

  92. Ray said

    Yes, please bring back the old school unis. That would be a dream come true for a lot of us Sixers Fans

  93. Ray said

    please bring back back the 83 unis. thats a dream for most of us Sixers Fans

  94. Jerry said

    I like the uniforms we have right now, sure i wouldnt mind seeing the old ones wore from time to time, and i do have an issue with not knowing our two primary colors or three primary colors, but i feel that its not so bad. Lets give these uniforms another 5 to 10 years untill the franchise goes back to the old logo and uniforms, patience my friend.

  95. John H said

    The current Sixers uniforms look way better; these older ones are ugly and have not aged well. You wanna talk anonymous? The old ones are plain and generic, the new ones are more unique and professional; the same can be said of most teams, including the Lakers and Knicks. Quit holding on to tradition for the sake of tradition and move forward to better designs of recent years.

    Please never talk about sports uniforms and logos again.

  96. SeanJawn said

    how to spot a guy W/O a clue…..

    1. John H Says:
    July 20, 2008 at 12:16 am
    The current Sixers uniforms look way better; these older ones are ugly and have not aged well. You wanna talk anonymous? The old ones are plain and generic, the new ones are more unique and professional; the same can be said of most teams, including the Lakers and Knicks. Quit holding on to tradition for the sake of tradition and move forward to better designs of recent years.
    Please never talk about sports uniforms and logos again

  97. matt said

    the current uniforms suck. i agree with you totally, we need the old unis back.

  98. John H, welcome to S4G. Democracy and freedom of speech are a great thing, they allow to say things such as that the current Sixers unis are “unique and professional” (LOL)

    I’ll happily stay in disagreement with you and will post more about sports and uniforms, the fact that you are the only guy thinking that out of more than 100 readers signing my campaign should tell you something

    stay tuned on Sixers4guidos

  99. Joe isconto said

    Ok, I watched TEAM USA crush Lithuania today. However, the best part of the game were the uniforms team USA had on. They depict the future of nike basketball. The back of the uniforms are amazing. The white backs have a navy blue number with names printed in dark white (if that makes sense).. Now replace the USA on the front of the white jersey’s with SIXERS. Replace the USA on the navy blue away jersey’s with PHILA. How awesome would those uniforms be?!?! Amazing uniforms for a young up and coming team for 2008/2009. I wish!! Hopefully adidas comes up with a similiar concept. Check out this photo –

  100. Bobby said

    Thank you for this website. People do care about the rediculously awful uniforms the Sixers wear. Look at the Celtics and the Lakers, why can’t the Sixers just stick to tradition? Gold, black and royal blue… what is this crap? Red, white and blue, bring them back.
    Also, the birds need to go back to kelly green. They can keep the same style wing on their helmut but bring back the kelly and the eagle grasping the football.
    When you break tradition you bring bring 20 years bad luck to the franchise. For as many times as the Sixers changed uniforms, they won’t win a title for like 80 years. Unless, they bring back the RW&B.

  101. MJ said


  102. Joe Visconto said

    good stuff bobby… bring back the red, white, and blue and kelly green for the birds grasping the football!!! this is philadelphia, not tampa bay…

  103. Collin said

    I love that the Sixers (at least their website as of today) are going with their Classic Logo! Good sign that the Classic Dr. J 76ers jerseys might be here to stay!

    But, I’ve gotta DISAGREE with the people who want the Kelly Green Eagles jerseys back. I really like the Midnight Green color scheme, and we’ve been more successful with our ‘Lurie Franchise’ Logos and Jerseys than ever in franchise history (besides the Championship teams in 47, 48, and 60).

  104. JYurk said

    Please bring back the old unis. There’s a huge buzz surrounding this team and I really think a return back to the roots would really capitalize on all the momentum surrounding this team! We’ve seen how crisp the white ones look on our guys, I can only imagine how sharp the red away unis will look!

  105. paul said

    the old unifroms are 10x better i hate the gold the most in the current unifroms. it has nothing to do with the sixers… its just there. and it would be a plus for marketing advertising all that. the washington capitals of the nhl went back to their old colors/unifroms (also red white and blue) and created so much hype about it and made so much money from it. the sixers employees that make these desicions would be stupid not to change the uniforms back.

  106. Chris said


  107. Bill G said

    was there any thought by the sixers staff to bring these unifroms back or was it all fan based.. if not i think they should strongly consider it. the fans and players would both love to see their 76ers rocking the old red white and blue

  108. Jim W. said

    Former courtside season ticket holder who’s been gone since the logo & unis were changed to this “Pat Croce wants to pretend we’re from Pittsburgh” crap. I was hoping Stefanski would make the change back, but not yet I guess. I will not return until the club returns to the colors. “76ers” is supposed to represent the American Revolution. That’s what the “Betsy Ross” 76 & the red, white & blue are for. What black & gold and that “K-mart Croce” logo have to do with the “Spirit of 76” I’ll never know

  109. mike lanphear said

    here we come everybody, philadelphia seventy sixers !! bring back the old uni’s permantly !!!

  110. TT32 said

    Please bring back the old uni’s they are so decent, and they are the championship look. I was hoping that since wore them in his photo shoot that it was a given, and did you guys ask Stefanski on the conference call? I know there were more pressing issues but it would have been nice to hear his response.

  111. TT32

    thanks for leaving a comment, nice contribution. Unfortunately I couldn’t join the conference call with Stefanski cuz I was on vacation but I got the invitation from Sixers PR dept, needless to say i would have joined it 100%.

    I emailed them, also in regards to the unis, and they say another conference call with the GM is scheduled before the season starts. Of course I will ask him about this subject but what I can already tell you is that I know for sure that ED STEFANSKI LOVES THE OLD UNIS and he’s an ally.

    Sixers will use the old unis more this year because it’s the 60th anniversary bla bla bla, but the fact they are using them for the whole marketing campaign (the shootings with Brand, Iguodala we are watching all over the Internet) is a very good sign. They are not dumping the ‘new’ ones, but… maybe not yet !!

    We just have to keep up our lobbying, we already obtained nice results, clearly they are listening 🙂

  112. Greg said

    Bring the old unis back!

  113. Will said

    Bring the old unis back! This is a no-brainer…

  114. Julian said

    Bring them back! I vote for this as well. Sixers front office: Philly fans will go NUTS for the old unis back in full!! There will be a sixers resurgence in Philadelphia. Do you want that? I know I do.

  115. EAS said

    i have confirmation that the sixers will be wearing their old threads for about half of the season in ’08-’09 with the permanent return for the ’09-’10 season. can’t wait to see the old school reds back in the rotation again. the black jersey fad is dead. actually, i wouldn’t have minded a modern update to the old classics (see sixers of ’96-’97). either way, i am looking forward to an exciting season.

  116. Murph said

    I need the old Logo and the old Uni’s. When I think of my Sixers they are the two things that come to mind. The black jersey came out of the whole ” Every one needs a black jersey period” Hell the Eagles have one.

    I want the Colors Doc, Moe, Moses and Charles wore. BRING THEM BACK.

  117. greg said


  118. Leroy said

    I have followed the Sixers since I was a kid in the 70s and 80s. I am not even from PA. I have always remained true to the team even in the lean years. When I wear anything it is always with the old school logo. I just can’t bring myself to purchase any of the new stuff. The unis do not have to be the exact match from years ago, just nothing close to what they currently wear!

  119. greg said

    i got a proposed new uniform on my yahoo site-tell me what u think

  120. mike said

    Yes, back to the World B. Free uniforms, stars down the side. Blue away. Bicentennial jerseys, will not attend a game until uniforms are changed. They are ridiculous..

  121. greg said

    i wanna know if anyone saw my modern retro jersey n if u like ‘it?

  122. Greg in my opinion the jersey is not bad, for sure an improvement of the current one because you dumped black

    still, it’s a compromise I am reluctant to accept entirely, because u left the sucking logo we are using now

    also not sure about THAT red, but this could perhaps be a problem of my monitor. Is that Sixers’ REAL, CLASSIC red?

  123. Paul said

    I love the sixers old red white and blue jerseys and i saw it on the top of the sixers home page and ive been looking to buy one. they are SOOOOOO nice they blow away the other uniforms with the stuped black and gold

  124. Paul said

    sorrrry greg but i dont really like yours, i just think the one andre miller is wearing on this web page is the best and nothing else is even close

  125. greg said

    well i got got some good reviews of my jersey on yahoo answers but i tried 2 combine both a modern style with a traditional look. i do agree that i rather have the old doc jerseys back like the 1 andre miller is wearing on the top of the web page if i had a choice betwen that n the curent black n gold-YUCK! the black,gold, silver has 2 go! i just tried 2 get rid of that black letteing n wanted 2 see what it would look like in tradtional red, white n blue, that’s all. so 2 all u haters of my uniform out there-cut me some slack-i’m with u so show some luv. It was just an experiment that i tried just so i could see what it would look like in traditional colors. i know some of u guys r REAL picky but i tried 4 somethin in traditional colors instead of anything but BLACK LETTERING!!(EEWWW)!

  126. Andrew F said

    Please go back to the simple jersey from the championship team the red with white letters that says sixers for road games and the white with blue lettering for home games. Those jerseys are way better the team wears them occasionally and should where them all the time.

  127. Dyce said

    Look for all i care you can keep these uniforms just mix it up more … alot more.

  128. Joe Visconto said

    sorry greg, but your uniform design was hitius!!! looks like a commerical for crayola crayons… but im loving the fact that eddie stephanski is lobbying the old red, white, and blue uni’s!! i read in the inquirer that he mentioned bringing back the old colors… also, i hope the sixers bring back the old colors with a more modernized look… PHILA on the away jersey’s would be awesome!!! just no stars please… stars on uniforms are awful (dallas cowboys!!)… like i mentioned above, depict the 2008 dream team uniform concept…. also, the court design??? its the worst in the league right now!! cant stand it!! finally, im a soccer geek… lets vote for the new philly soccer team name… the 4 options are AC Phila, SC Phila, Phila City, and Phila Union.. I personally think SC Philadelphia would be great (Soccer Club Philadelphia)… Dallas and Toronto can have the FC name (Football Club/ european style)… Philly can start a long tradition with the SC/ american style name… lets go eagles!!!!

  129. Bryan said

    You are absolutely right! Fight the powers that be!

  130. […] their old uniforms permanently starting next season.  If you recall, my website and Ricky’s Sixers 4 Guidos were lobbying with the 76ers PR department to get the 76ers to bring back the old unis.  Their […]

  131. Pye said

    I like the old school ones MUCH BETTER. They look cleaner, more streamlined.

    Glad to hear they’re bringing them back.

    I was inspired by this blog to start my own petition for the Lakers to change back to their old school uni’s.

    If you want to see the Lakers wearing their sweet, old school jerseys, go to the site and leave a comment. Thanks!

  132. […] the, classic, storied, glorious, TRUE SIXERS uniforms that we signed the petition for, and that we outscooped everyone about. The kind of unis that never get old, to sum it […]

  133. brandon said

    i dont like them…they are 2 simple and us young kids we liked the black uniforms they were nice…

  134. brandon said

    oh and also red white and blue is sooooo cliche…to add other colors was cool and it was unique… if the logo on the black jerseys was the classic one i bet a majority of people would not have a problem with it

  135. […] In checking out your site I see that you’re passionate about campaigning for the Sixers to permanently going back to their throwback 1978-91 unis as a means to restoring tradition. (Believe me, as a fan who suffered through his team trotting out […]

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  146. Augustine said

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