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Weighing Sixers’ playoffs “experience”

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 17, 2009

babyMaking this quick before leaving for the weekend (maybe I’ll be able to update the post later, with all the sums etc).

Ok, it’s a given that this is a pretty young team, with some veteran presence only in the back up department.

So I tried to check our players’ playoffs experience, making a small research through the years.

My source has mainly been Basketball reference and here is what I found.

In order:

SPEIGHTS, IVEY: 0 playoffs games played.

Barely a surprise: the first is a rookie, the second sucks (LOL) and has always played for bad teams (feel free to add the Sixers to this category).

YOUNG, WILLIAMS: 6 playoffs game played (2-4 record)

They were members of 2007/2008 Sixers, that were eliminated by Pistons, 2-4.

IGUODALA, DALEMBERT, GREEN: 11 playoffs games played (3-8 record).

They were members of two Sixers teams that made it to the postseason, in 2004/2005 with Jim O’Brien, and in 2007/2008 with Maurice Cheeks. Sixers lost to Pistons in both occasions, 1-4 in 2004 and 2-4 in 2008.

MILLER: 21 playoffs games played (5-16 record)

Here is the recap of his career in the postseason:

  • 2004 (Denver Nuggets), lost 1-4 in the first round to Minnesota
  • 2005 (Denver Nuggets), lost 1-4 in the first round to Spurs
  • 2006 (Denver Nuggets), lost 1-4 in the first round to the LA Clippers (LOL)
  • 2008 (Philadelphia Sixers), lost 2-4 in the first round to the Pistons

(uhm, I think I gave some strong arguments to his critics, LOL)

EVANS: 22 playoffs games played (9-13 record)

  • 2005 (Seattle Supersonics), won 4-1 vs Kings, lost 2-4 to Spurs
  • 2006 (Denver Nuggets), lost 1-4 to the LA Clippers
  • 2008 (Philadelphia Sixers), lost 2-4 to the Pistons

RUSH, 31 playoffs games played (19-15 record*)

  • 2003 (LA Lakers), won 4-2 vs Timberwolves, lost 2-4 to the Spurs
  • 2004 (LA Lakers), won 4-1 vs Rockets, 4-2 vs Spurs, 4-2 vs Timberwolves, lost 1-4 to the Pistons in the NBA Finals

Funny how the only guy that basically NEVER gets his ass off the bench for the Sixers, is the only one with a winning record in the postseason…

RATLIFF, 33 playoffs games played (20-23 record*)

  • 1996 (Detroit Pistons), lost 0-3 to Magic
  • 1997 (Detroit Pistons), lost 2-3 to Hawks
  • 1999 (Philadelphia Sixers), won 3-1 vs Magic, lost o-4 to Pacers
  • 2000 (Philadelphia Sixers), won 3-1 vs Hornets, lost 2-4 to Pacers
  • 2008 (Detroit Pistons), won 4-2 vs Sixers, 4-1 vs Magic, lost 2-4 to Celtics

In the two seasons in Philly he was coached by Larry Brown.

MARSHALL, 41 playoffs games played (22-20 record *)

  • 2001 (Utah Jazz), lost 2-3 to Mavericks
  • 2002 (Utah Jazz), lost 1-3 to Kings
  • 2007 (Cleveland Cavs), won 4-0 vs Wizards, 4-2 vs Nets, 4-2 vs Pistons, lost 0-4 to the Spurs in the NBA Finals
  • 2008 (Cleveland Cavs), won 4-2 vs Wizards, lost 3-4 to Celtics.


Excluding the two old asses that close this list, and a guy that likely won’t play a minute vs Orlando, we have a laughable playoffs experience, and even smaller background as for series won… I’m afraid the updates that will be made on this post after this year won’t help much in improving the figures.

Have to go, leave comments and send me the corrections, if there is anything to edit.

*= clearly the record refers to the TEAMS, as they did not play in every game of those series.

For example Ratliff in his rookie year in Detroit played only in one out of the three playoffs games for the Pistons, while Marshall was riding the pine as a Cav and was getting on the court sporadically, same Rush for the Lakers.

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