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Smart loss at MSG

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 26, 2008

f702d90ee8220e1eb68a0224c42e51ab-getty-76075503dd003_sixers_knicks.jpgWell done guys (in the pic, Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala congratulating each other*).

Play hard, fight until the end and then lose the game. Whether it’s for missed free throws, lack of outside shooting (like it was last night) or whatever else, I don’t care. We need more of those ping pong balls in the lottery.

Let the Knicks and other franchises rise to useless 33-35 wins, we need to stay below that number and get a top pick. In the meantime, it’s ok if you play like this, and with Mo at the helm, there is still more hope. He didn’t make any particular mistake last night, to be honest, but he can always f’k a game up with his decisions.

Some fellow tanker on the Sixers board of described the matchup vs New York as a “must lose game”. Another poster followed him saying this is a “must lose weekend” (tonight we play the Bobcats). I second that. And that’s why the 81-89 loss (16-28, .364) has a sweet taste. Three losses in a row, 2-11 in 2008? Fine with me. Just let the young plays play, develop them, make them improve.

Versus the emerging (?) Knicks we saw one more time what is good and what is bad with this team. Among the good things:

1) we played hard for 48 minutes, one more time, and always as a team

2) we played solid defense overall

3) we limited the turnovers finally

4) we grabbed a lot of offensive rebounds, for many second chances points. Evans had a team high 6.

Among the bad ones:

1) we never scored from behind the arc, as usual

2) we couldn’t run for fastbreaks, at least just not like we usually do

3) we missed crucial free throws again. This time it was the two Andres combining for a 1/4 in the last 3.40 min, pretty uncharacteristic.

4) we gave up too many offensive rebounds, because we didn’t box them out (Sam with 3 defensive rebounds in 31 minutes ?), David Lee did his nice job under the boards once more. And New York made a better use of their second chances than we did.

5) our second unit had a sub par game. Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young didn’t give us the usual spark off the bench, the only Jason Smith was active but in only 19 minutes of action (Evans had 31, too many). Calvin Booth was decent in Sam’s place (Dalembert picked up two quick fouls in the first) but…well, he’s still Calvin Booth. Rodney Carney knocked down a three in the second, after missing a layup, and that’s the only play when he was noticed.

6) Iguodala had a terrific first half (18 with 7/11) but was limited to 6 points on the second, with 3/9. Those misses from the line costed us a lot, honestly.

7) overall, our offense was pretty much stagnant and the circulation poor. These guys don’t move much without the ball, if you pay attention, and many times our possessions end with a one-on-one play with the shot clock expiring. To NY credit, they played a very good defense, using a lot of zone (what a surprise, LOL).

The decisive plays came down the stretch. Andre Iguodala scored on a jumper to put Sixers down two, 80-82, then he had a chance to tie the game but missed both free throws with 3.34 to go, on the following possession he also fouled Crawford while the Knick scored on a drive (80-85).

Dalembert missed a jump hook and grabbed the rebound but Reggie Evans was called for an offensive foul under the rim, Knicks turned the ball over but Andre Miller made only 1/2 from the line (81-85, 1.40) and then the same Crawford drained a long jumper from the top of the key to close the game (81-87, 57 seconds left).


We need a Zach Randolph type of power forward that can score and board. Just not Zach Randolph, please – Nate Robinson is horrible, for the life of me I wouldn’t want him on my team even for free – The funny thing is that he actually played well – Every team has its Reggie Evans I guess: Eddie Curry shot 3/9 from the line with four straight misses – The Sixers highlight of the night came in the fourth when Iguodala followed his own miss and dunked the ball over a couple of Knicks – Ed, sign TWO shooters next summer, please – Sixers started the 1st shooting 2/9 (4-14) then made four in a row (12-18) – Willie Green could never catch fire.

For some nice Knicks coverage check my friend Stop Mike Lupica, for Bobcats needings refer to Queen City Hoops

(*= that was actually BEFORE the game, LOL)

4 Responses to “Smart loss at MSG”

  1. Nice recap, Ricky. You nailed the negatives (and the positives).

    For #6 (Iggy’s poor second half), you have to credit Jared Jeffries’ defense a bit. I, like most Knicks, can’t stand large doses of Jeffries, or the fact that, statistically speaking, he’s our best SF (which makes him, what, #50 among SF in the NBA?!), but he does have one good attribute – he can, and does, occasionally provide good defense on opposing SFs, like Iggy.

    I told Depressed Fan this, but with regards to the Philly offense: It’s a pretty awful scoring team. The Sixers have no offense from the starting front court (Evans and Dalembert), one of the worst starting SGs in the league, and a PG who is great, but lacks a solid jumper. So you really have only one reliable scorer in the starting lineup – Iggy.

    The Sixers, I’m guessing, will need a scoring SG (overpay on an offer sheet to Ben Gordon?), and decent front court option. If they don’t sign a free agent, making a move for Pau Gasol might not be a bad idea. I don’t know if they have the assets (other than to trade a first-rounder and some young talent for him), but it might be a good move, no?

    As for praying for pingpong balls… my team is in the same position as ya’ll, but I’m opposed to it. Tanking is only worth it if you are talking a franchise-player (top 10), which isn’t happening this year. Beasley is nice, and so is Rose, but they aren’t going to turn around anyone’s franchise by themselves. They aren’t going to be a top-10 NBA player. Better to work on improving the team, which is why I’m happy with the Knicks recent win streak. It’s not that I’m holding out some ridiculous hope that we’ll make the playoffs – that ship has left the port. But it’s the fact that trying things out, seeing what works… that stuff will pay more dividends (you have to hope) than being the 5th pick instead of the 8th pick….

  2. Juan Camilo said

    Ando muy descepcionado con el equipo Amigo Ricky,no me esperaba esta derrota en el Garden(la ultima vez que visitamos este estadio los dominamos a placer)y otra cosa que estoy muy de acuerdo contigo es que Jason Smith debe jugar mas minutos!!!! Evans me desesperaaaaaaaaa,bueno vamos a ver como nos va contra los Bobcats, de un tal Michael Jordan jejeje


    From Colombia


  3. Alex said


    Nice recap.

    Who do you have your eyes on in the upcoming draft since you’ve admitted to hoping the Sixers are hoarding ping pong balls?

    Do you get to watch college basketball often?

  4. SML, I was waiting for you !!

    U r completely correct, Jeffries played nice D on Iguodala. Fact is I am always too focused on watching my players on both ends and sometimes I don’t notice who among our opponents is guarding them or being guarded by them.

    Your analysis of our offense is right on point also, we lack both three point/outside shooting and frontcourt scoring, which is a pretty remakalble accomplishment if you think about it…. Basically we can only score when we run: with set defenses it’s always a pain. Imagine watching this show for 44 games, and counting.

    So yes, we need a SG with 3 point range but mostly a prolific PF, because it’s posible that in the next future we could put Thad Young at SF with Iguodala at SG. Stefanski knows that and he even stated that getting a scoring PF will be our priority this summer.

    As for tanking, I just hope for you that you will not regret these (useless, to me9 wins this summer when you will head to the lottery: we passed through that last season and I can assure it’s not fun. I just don’t want to see that again.

    Juan Camilo, Evans “despera” me as well, LOL

    Alex, no, I don’t follow college bball at all, I have already enough troubles following the NBA, LOL. But I know what Sixers’ needings are (see above) and I hope we will solve some of our problems in the draft. With what players, I have no idea.

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