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Mo and Thad getting love in the Blogger rankings

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 22, 2008


The final edition of the MVP/ROY Blogger rankings is up at We Rite Goode.

After hosting Round 4, your favorite guido blogger took part to the final voting and contributed spreading the love for Thaddeus Young and Mo Cheeks so make sure to check it out.

Nice way to celebrate Sixers successes and this wonderful season, while we wait for game 2.

Well done guys !!!

UPDATE: in the second part of these last rankings, that includes the race for assigning the MVP award, you’ll find also Lou Williams, selected in a special category that We Rite Goode created for the occasion…. the page is wonderful, with graphics, sheets, smart ass comments etc, make sure not to miss it, really !! Thanks to We Rite Goode’s crew for the fantastic job.

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