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After Ivey, Rush: backcourt set, team almost

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 29, 2008


Time to smile, Sixers fans (like in the pic).

Few days after signing free agent Royal Ivey, Sixers reached an agreement with Kareem Rush, giving the former Pacer the veteran minimum (!).

This, btw, is the sign we are attractive….

 We needed a low post presence? Ed Stefanski got us Elton Brand. 

We needed a three point shooter? Ed Stefanski got us a good, and cheap, one.

We also needed a third PG after dear old bum Kevin Ollie retired (hopefully, LOL) and we got a nice back up.

I say Stefanski did a fantastic job in these few months, something we Sixers fans haven’t seen in a long time. The Billy King era is definitely over, and it’s a sweet sensation to feel this excitement all around. Fans express their enthusiasm for the reshaped franchise in every blog, forum, site, and even being an ocean away I can join them in this optimism.

Let’s take a look at how the roster looks like now:

PG: Miller – Ivey – Lou Williams* 

SG: Iguodala * – Rush – Willie Green 

SF: Thaddeus Young – Iguodala*

PF: Brand – Evans – Speights

C: Dalembert, Jason Smith

In bold the new acquisitions, with the asterisk the players to be resigned yet. Of course Iguodala and Lou Williams, both RFA, aren’t officially on the team as for now, but I honestly doubt they’ll land elsewhere.

First, because Stefanski always said that Sixers would have matched any offer for Andre and Lou, second because I honestly think they would be crazy to let this team now: they are in a position to cash in AND stay in a very good team, a potential contender in a couple of years.

To me the current roster is good enough for 48 + W in the East, and maybe a 4th seed.

Its main assets to me are:

COMPLETE SET OF WEAPONS: now we will finally have an inside/outside game, a threat from the perimeter to be used vs zone defenses and in the half court offense. This team is young and athletic, and the two veterans (Miller, Brand) + Iguodala will lead the others in the best way.

These guys will play a good defense because they already did in in the past and realized it pays off, and will be a pleasure to watch in the open court.

Expect them to run, run, run, especially because we will control the boards for most of the games with such great rebounders. Not to mention we could easily lead the League in blocked shots, which would lead to more fastbreaks and exciting plays.

DEPTH: imagine this, we will put on the bench two guys that played well last year as starters (Evans, Green). Ok, one could say “Only in the 2007/2008 Sixers Green and Evans could have been starters”. True, but that team already made the playoffs !! That sounds nice.

We need to fill the roster with three more players: I say we need a veteran C, Ratliff type, a back up slasher at SF that could play some defense and maybe another end-of-the-bench 3 pt shooter at SF/SG.

FLEXIBILITY: you have around four guys who can cover very well at least two positions: Williams PG/SG, Iguodala SG/SF, Young SF/PF, Smith PF/C. This means a ton of possible combinations, but also some cover in case of injuries (touching my balls). It’s up to Cheeks to find the best lineups, choosing among many solutions.

ATTITUDE: no primadonnas, no bitching superstars, no softies, no lazy asses, no headcases, no selfish players there. A bunch of hard workers, good guys that will work their butt off, on the floor and in the gym, every day. There are no statistics to back up this, but it could be the best thing for us.

It’s going to be an exciting Sixers season. Thank you, Ed.

PS: check out Elton Brand’s five reasons he’d rather be in Philadelphia, not bad. Never enough of Sixers coverage.

PPS: a couple of nice surprises up on your favorite italian Sixers blog, hopefully soon…ehehehe

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  1. sixerguy said

    I like the asian in the middle

  2. thanks for the great, bball related contribution bro

    (since when you like asians?) 😉

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