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W over Bobcats: when the boxscore lies

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 10, 2009

83006043JG004_BOBCATS_SIXERSOr at least tells  only a part of the truth.

Yes, the win is confirmed, 93-87, Sixers’ thrid consecutive, and our record too, 16-20, .444.

But recapping the Charlotte game I would like to focus on some things that aren’t evident on the boxscore.

If you remember I am not obsessed by statistics, let’s say I usually give them less importance that many analysists and fans, especially american ones, do.

And I want also to give some credit to guys that I often criticized bashed, let’s call them “Sixers4guidos’ favorite whipping boys”.

The first one is Dalembertin the picture – , who has been a-w-f-u-l for large part of THIS season. Judging from the boxscore you would say: “Another bad night”. Only four points, 2/6 from the field, while Okafor had 24 on 10/13… WRONG ! Sam actually played well !!

He boarded, had some excellent blocks, two consecutive, and was instrumental in the decisive third quarter, when Sixers used a 14-2 run to go ahead, after a pretty sloppy first half (43-45).

Not only that, but, hear this, HE DIDN’T COMMITT DUMB FOULS, or goaltendigs !!! He had only a bad catch in the first half and a miss in the third because he tried a tough (too tough) alley oop dunk instead of simply grabbing the ball and then laying it in. Nothing compared to what he has used us to…

So more power to Sam, he was good last night. He still sucks, though (LOL).

The second one is Green. First off, 11 points on 5/9 in only 18 minutes of action is nice. But this is what the boxscore tells. What you cannot read there, is that he played also good defense, didn’t force a shot (!) and helped that nice run in the third, also with a couple of steals.

Willie is 16/25 from the field in the last three games, that is 64% baby !! He looks more in control, having found his role in this rotation.

The last lie on the boxscore regards Iguodala. He played a good game on both ends, don’t be fooled by his 33% from the field. Gerald Wallace (a poor man’s Iguodala ??) made things tough for him in the half court, not allowing drives or easy baskets, but Andre set his team mates up effectively: seven dimes vs only one turnover are calderon-esque numbers… 

I like also how he didn’t take bad decisions: all the shots he missed were good ones. All well done by Andre.

A quick look at the TRUTHS told by numbers to end the post.

Andre Miller was a beast, again. After his wonderful performance at Milwaukee, he was hot from start (11 points in the first, on 5/7) to finish (9/12, including another three, to end the third), schooling young PG Singletary and the solid Felton. A couple of quick passes to Young and Green off the bounce were the nuggets in another fantastic night for Andre.

I don’t know if there is still somenone left on the “trade Miller” bandwagon, in case he would better jump off quickly… I said it since day 1, this guy is a keeper. Extend him for another two years, for a reasonable price (how about 15/16 mill ?).

The final number that is absolutely true is that Bobcats offense – the worst in the league before the game, with an average of 91.5 points scored – struggles, and I’m being kind.

This despite Okafor knocking down all of his first seven attempts. But circulation is poor, and the hole at SG, with Bell still recovering after the injury, is big. Good luck Larry Brown.

Bring on the Hawks, tomorrow. (But I’m not done yet, check the part below the pic).


SIXERS4GUIDOS’ BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS: We always look great in those classic uniforms (take a look above !!). Never too late to sign my “Bring the old Sixers’ uniforms back !” petition – Carroll started the game with 3/3 – Reggie Evans scored all of his four points in the fourth, including 2/2 from the line, where he is 58% for the season: not bad considering that last year he ended with 46.7%… – Sixers shot 5/23 in the final quarter, but Charlotte never came closer than six points (91-85) – Thaddeus Young was the key offensively in the third, 11 points with 5/6, mainly in transition and in the low post.

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