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Retire Moses Malone’s #2 Sixers jersey !!! (S4G petition)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 21, 2009

moses-maloneWhen my friend Pablo, fellow blogger that runs the spanish site Los Sixers de Philadelphia, told me that, I could not believe it.

Then he gave me the evidences, I checked it and I realized he was right.

So we decided to do something together, since we cooperated well during my “Bring the old Sixers uniforms back” petition, that he was kind enough to support, and that brought some concrete results.

Guys, Moses Malone’s Sixers #2 jersey HASN’T BEEN RETIRED YET !!!

Pretty unbelievable, but 100% true !! How come that is possible ?

Check the list of Sixers’ retired numbers: it includes #6 (Julius Erving), #10 (Maurice Cheeks – the player, not the coach, LOL), #13 (Wilt Chamberlain), #15 (Hal Greer), #24 (Bobby Jones), #32 (Billy Cunningham), #34 (Charles Barkley).


Now check Malone’s career through the numbers and his Hall of Fame page.

If this man is not deserving to see his number retired from the Sixers organization, there is something wrong.

So now, what do we have to do?

If you want to see Sixers’ #2 hanging from the Wachovia center rafters, please SIGN THIS PETITION BY LEAVING A COMMENT BELOW THIS POST, either here (english… ok, sort of….) or over at Los Sixers de Philadelphia (spanish), where Pablo aka “sixers29” gathers all latin readers.

Spread the word, hype it up, send this link to portals, other blogs, sites, send it to friends, Sixers fans, journalists and to everyone with a half decent knowledge of the game.

The more we will be, the more chances we will have to make this happen, and as soon as possible. We will campaign for Moses for a time long enough to achieve our goal. The uniforms petition was a success (120 fans signing, and counting), Moses of course deserves more attention and care.

One last thing we would like to ask to our readers and followers is this: SEND US YOUR MOSES MALONE STORY (email to for this site, or for Los Sixers de Philadelphia), a memory, a thought, an image that you link to him.

Who had the privilege to see him playing, live or on tv, or knowing him personally, should be proud to remind the younger fans what kind of player he was and how good of a person he is off the court.

We will publish your Malone stories, mentioning your name.


UPDATE: check Fo Fo Fo, a cool spanish blog run by Mo Sweat and dedicated to Moses Malone and other legends of basketball.

54 Responses to “Retire Moses Malone’s #2 Sixers jersey !!! (S4G petition)”

  1. Nigel said

    Didn’t play as many seasons for the franchise like some of his other Sixers teammates, but was one of the main pieces for that ’83 Championship. Andrew Toney should be considered also.

  2. Fo, Fo, Fo said

    Should have been retired a long time ago. Get #2 up there.

  3. Roy said

    Retire it.

  4. Well, he played for my Bullets, but obviously did so much more for Philly……so tell ’em I said to go ahead and retire that joints.

  5. Peter Mihm said

    Me parece incomprensible que el número de este jugonazo no esté retirado y su nombfre no cuelgue de lo más alto del pabellón de los Sixers.

    Moses Malones fue y es uno de los mejores pívots de la historia. Sin llegar a los 2.10 impartía clases magistrales de cómo anotar, de cómo se gana la posición, de cómo irse a 20 rebotes con la gorra. Mis primeros pasos viendo NBA los di con aquellos Sixers de Cheeks, Andrew Toney, Julius Erving, Bobby Jones y el gran Mo.

    Imposible de olvidar. Por favor, a quien corresponda, hagan justicia con uno de los pívots que más ha enseñado a jugar a este deporte que tanto nos gusta que es el baloncesto.

  6. Pedro said

    Hi, Ricky, I´m a user o sixers29´s blog and I want to sign the petition here too.

    Y hasta aquí mi intento de escribir en inglés. Decir que es una iniciativa justa para un jugador que se merece todo eso. Como he dicho en el blog de Sixers29 si el equipo ya no deja que nadie coja el número 2 ¿por qué no lo retiras? Así le das un homenaje a alguien que se lo merece y que sin duda disfrutaría mucho de él.

    And congratulations Ricky, good blog.

  7. Mo Sweat said

    Hi Ricky, what´s up!.
    I’m Mo Sweat, from the spanish blog Fo Fo Fo… (Moses take us to the promised land). Excuse me for my english.
    Great petition and fabulous intention; it’s sad that the Houston Rockets retired Moses #24 a few years ago and the Sixers #2 hasn’t retired yet.
    Moses is my favorite player of all-time and I began to watch and love basketball watching Moses Malone games.
    Is the best ofensive rebounder of all-time and probabilly the best rebounder; and one of the greatest players of basketball history.
    Thanks Ricky, for the petition.
    Thanks Sixers29, for the advice and the initiative.
    And thanks Moses, for the memories.

  8. BonK said

    FO FO FO!!!

    Retire Moses’ Jersey now. He is definitely worthy.

  9. ALEX CARDANO said

    Ok….Moses haven’t the jersey retired…..but Dolph Schayes and his n° 4??????? Please see the historic number og game, minutes, points, rebounds and he also win the first title.
    This is the big mistake of the Sixers!!!!!!
    So please make a double petition!!!!!

  10. pedrovarela said

    me uno a esta petición, VIVA MOSES MALONE!!, que retiren su camiseta de una vez.


  11. As someone that still has no idea why he did not retire as a Rocket, I absolutely say his jersey should be retired

  12. Tito said

    They still haven’t done it yet? The hell? Get #2 up there please, Sixers.

  13. DJ Mbenga said

    don’t be retarded. Retire it!

  14. Xiang said

    I’d like to see it retired too but…
    Is it even possible to retire the same player on 2 different teams?

  15. Il custode di via Pera said


  16. said

    Retire it!!

  17. Il Guga said

    RITIRE IT! Moses is one of the best player in 76ers history

  18. Jesse said

    retire it

  19. Mo Sweat said

    Yes Xiang, exist a few examples, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (retired jersey in L.A. and Milwaukee) or Clyde Drexler (retired jersey in Portland and Houston).

  20. Burning Bush said

    And Moses said unto the Pharoah, “Retire My Jersey!”

    Retire it NOW!!!

  21. Jeru Deez RVT President said

    Swing #2 from the rafters! It’s about time…

  22. Maverick said

    retire it! 🙂

  23. Espero que rinda los honores que se emrecen al gigante MOSES MALONE, sin duda unos de los 5 mejores jugadores que han estado en la franquicia. Es una leyenda viva, ys e merece vivir su propio homenaje.

  24. Dannie said

    Retire it!

  25. […] His current petition is for the Sixers organization to retire Moses Malone’s #2 uniform.  Check it out. […]

  26. Kevin said

    Retire it

  27. Retire it just now!!!

    Celtic regards from Spain.

  28. Alan said

    What is it with the petitions? Moses # IS hanging from the rafters at the Wacovia Center. It was retired within the last 8 years!

  29. Jeremy said

    RETIRE IT! PLEASE! MM is one of the greatest OAT!!!

  30. Rodney Wallis said

    Is this a joke? Retire the man’s jersey!

  31. Kartero32Malone said

    Totalmente de acuerdo, Moses fue un excelente jugador, no se porque a los jugadores antes de Jordan no se les da el valor que merecen, sin duda moses es uno de los mejores centros que ha existido y ayudo a los sixers y a la ciudad de filadelfia a obtener unos de los pocos campeonatos de su historia

  32. sixers29 said

    RETIRE IT!!!!

  33. RaptorsHQ said

    Petition signed – retired it!

  34. Bias said

    Retire it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. SixerNugget said

    Please retire it now!!

    Moses is the greatest Center in our history!

  36. DJ YS said

    Yeah lets get it done! Moses is one of the greatest Sixers of all-time and deserves to be honored.

  37. Richard Williams said

    Retire it!

  38. […] let’s face it, your Spanish skills aren’t all that impressive. The incredibly named is carrying the petition to the English sector of the population, and encouraging people to sign it. I guess I’m on the fence here. On the one hand, Dr. J and […]

  39. Huffy said

    Retire it!! He brought a whole new additude to that team.

  40. […] Posted by Ricky – Sixers4guidos on March 14, 2009 (RETIRE MOSES MALONE’S #2 SIXERS JERSEY – S4G PETITION – SIGN HERE) […]

  41. Byron Thompson said

    I vote for Moses!! My hometown hero from Petersburg, VA. It was great as a Sixer fan at 10 years old see our boy from home ride in as the savior to the trophy!

    Retire that number!!!

  42. sixerguy said

    Hey Ricky,

    I wasn’t going to sign this due to the fact that Moses only played for such a short time with the Sixers however I have learned that there is a precedent for retiring a players jersey who played even a shorter amount of time with a team…I saw the movie “The Express” which was about the first black Heisman trophy (MVP of college football) winner Ernie Davis. He was then drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He came down with leukemia and died a year later, never playing a game for the Browns. Well, Art Modell and the Browns retired his #45 jersey..

    Yea, Moses didn’t die, but he did lead the Sixers to a championship.

  43. […] […]

  44. dominoe…

    Retire Moses Malone’s #2 Sixers jersey !!! (S4G petition) « Sixers 4 guidos…

  45. peter gerard scully…

    […]Retire Moses Malone’s #2 Sixers jersey !!! (S4G petition) « Sixers 4 guidos[…]…

  46. Brookjersey said

    Philly people can be very stupid @ times. I know because I work with some of them (thank God I live in Central Jersey between NYC & Philly). The thing that gets me steamed that the Sixers had yet to retire Moses Malone’s # 2 jersey. Yo who made the rules. Who’s the skipper of the Sixers organazation? Let me say is that the 2012-1013 season is the 30th anniverary of the 1982-83 NBA World Champions Philadelphis 76ers. There 3 things I want to see. A big celebration with ALL the members attending (25th was done without Moses. HMMM wonder why?). 2. Moses & Andrew Toney should attend as well and last but not least 3. RETIRE MOSES MALONE’S #2 the same night as well as Andrew Toney’s # 22. That would be the icing on the cake of their lives. I know Moses is deeply hurt. Truly. He is hurt that the Sixers have yet to retire his #. They retired Barkley before him for God sakes! Is they sick? Im not not knocking on sir charles but damn this dude was gr8 but he had given Sixers plenty of problems with his sometimes abrasive behaviors and DID NOT led the Sixer not 1 single NBA finals like Moses has done. On the real where would Dr.J been if it hadnt for Moses. Next thing the Sixer retire Allan ( We’re Talking about Practice!) Iverson’s #. Something’s not right. Ya gotta wonder why Philly major sports has won only 1 title (not including college basketball Villinova’s NCAA title 1985) in 28 years since the Sixers won in 83. Its the people in Philly and sometimes they can be idiots and hurt people’s feelings and they dont win a damn thing. If they dont retire Moses’ # by the end of the 6ers’ 30 th 82-83 championship anniverary. Then God help the Sixers organaztion who are advoiding this NBA gr8 from getting his #2 jersey retired.

  47. jual kaos,desain kaos, kaos murah,kaos bola…

    […]Retire Moses Malone’s #2 Sixers jersey !!! (S4G petition) « Sixers 4 guidos[…]…

  48. Seba Pesce said

    […]Retire Moses Malone’s #2 Sixers jersey !!! (S4G petition) « Sixers 4 guidos[…]…

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    Many thanks ,Julianne

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  51. Kaius said

    Why isn’t Allen Iverson’s number retired? They should retire both.

  52. Geoff said


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