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Sixers back to old logo and uniforms !!!!!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 23, 2009



Here is the (breaking, really) news:

Lara Price, Sixers’ Vice President of Business Operations, told yesterday to a group of season ticket holders in a fan forum that the franchise will be switching back to the old logo and the old 1982-83 uniforms (white/home, red/away) starting from next season.

Guido sources A reader emailed me that, I’m trying to learn more details but as for now that is more than enough I think, if you remember how much this site and all of you who signed my “Bring the old Sixers’ uniforms back !” petition (around 130 fans/readers) care about this topic.

It means we will look full time like this:


Few thoughts:

1) About time. Enough of the crap we were wearing over the last years.

2) FANS’ opinion counts and is taken in high consideration by the franchise. Which should be logical, and not even worth underlining, but you never know…

3) Blogs, bloggers and online lobbying count. Another important evidence. We won !!

More details later, if I can, but… well, that made my day, really. And remember, you read it here first.

Thank you Kate Price, thank you Ed Stefanski (I know he’s a fan of the classical Sixers unis, and I reported it on S4G), thank you Sixers for this.

And please, never, ever, change our logo and uniforms again, we had enough of….:


…and of….:



UPDATE: I received more details, and thank to reader Josh G. here they are (excerpts from his mail):

Yea it was a little dinner/ Q&A for the season ticket holders put on by the Sixers…. There were probably about 250-300 people there and Ed Stefanski, Tony Di Leo, Peter Lukko, and Laura Price all made their rounds for Q&A’s.

…Laura said the reasoning behind the decision was basically that it was what the fans wanted, everyone walks around in the retro gear ect…
…It was great stuff and the Q&A’s with Stefanski and Di Leo were particuarly interesting because they have solid view points on the roster that I think most fans would agree with…. 
…It was a really cool experience to be able to get a direct pulse of what they are thinking. Plus it wrapped up with a tour of the locker room.
and I told Lukko and Price that they should do a Reggie Evans beard night and they seemed to like that idea. Shit would be hilarious.

Brian/Depressed fan will have a footage up soon, check his blog also for complete coverage.

Thanks everyone  !!!

71 Responses to “Sixers back to old logo and uniforms !!!!!!”

  1. sixerguy said


    So I guess what the REAL point of this article was that Willie Green is going to be a Sixer next year.

  2. Amazing! Way to GO, you guys!

  3. Philaflava said

    You’re a boss

  4. @ Sixerguy: yeah, I tried to hide it inside the uniforms post, LOL

    Basketbawful, Philaflava: thank you !

  5. Best. News. Ever.

  6. kevin said

    It’s not quite a championship – but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Early.

  7. […] buff … Bynum’s goal is to help Rip … Vinnie Johnson vs. Dennis Johnson … OT: Sixers going back to old logo & unis next season (Sixers4Guidos FTW!) […]

  8. Mo Sweat said

    Great new.
    This uniform is one of the beautifullest of all-time. Simply and perfect.

  9. Venom said

    Congrats Ricky my son, and all the Sixers fans. I’m actually surprised they decided to go with this, since they can probably make more money selling both the current and the retro jerseys. This way they really don’t have the retro ones – unless the nineties black ones become those, or, please God no, those that Barkley has on him.

  10. Sixers bring back old uniforms?…

    Sixers4guidos posted that the Sixers announced at a season ticket holder dinner that the team has announced the Sixers will bring back their retro ’82-’83 jerseys full time for the 2009-2010 season. I have made efforts to get this verified, and have…

  11. […] not quite. But they are reportedly bringing back the uniform that his 1982-83 championship team wore (a team that included the likes of the Doctor, Mo Cheeks, Moses Malone, and Bobby Jones.) A step in […]

  12. Jordan said

    This came out of no where, but it’s great news. Good job Ricky!

  13. vote for cooch said

    this didnt come out of know where. they have been wearing these jerseys all year. more then any other time. it was so obvious that EVERYONE likes these so much more. it just makes me made that every great sixer got to wear these colors there whole career besides iverson. im just glad i have his rookie jersey

  14. sixers29 said


  15. pochp said

    This is an excellent move.

  16. […] before in terms of uniforms. The Texas Rangers will wear red at times this year, and according to this blog, which claims to be the first Italian Sixers blog, the Sixers are going back to their red, white […]

  17. Hawk3 said

    We did it!

  18. Hawk3 said

    VICTORY! We did it!

  19. mrfriebe said

    Hey thanks for doing this – I have been bitching about the uni’s for years.

  20. […] * Huge props go out to Sixers 4 Guidos who played a part in the Sixers decision to revert back to their retro jerseys next …. […]

  21. windowsseven7 said

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  22. chocolate thunder said

    It’s about time. There are a number of teams in pro sports whose colors are red, white, and blue, yet, no other team’s nickname and city warrant those colors more that the Philadelphia 76ers. Everyone is right. It is about time and long overdue. Pat Croce liked the black and gold, and they were successful, at the time, so I didn’t mind. However, it is time to get back to the classic style. If they came up with a third uniform, in the future, that was red, white, and blue, and contained stars and stripes going down the side, like the 70’s uniforms, I would not object, either. Get the fricken black, gold, and silver OUT of the Sixers’ color palette! Great work.

  23. tk76 said

    Great job Ricky! You definitely deserve props for getting the ball rolling. Although the current jerseys are not nearly as brutal as some in the Bradley and Barkley years, its still great to see the team listen to the fans and return to the look that personifies the Sixers as one of the benchmark franchises of the league.

  24. Hackett said

    This should be pretty cool… Some of the old uniforms for teams looked better than the new ones.

  25. Dave said

    That’s fantastic.

    I actually liked there current uniforms, but I do prefer the old unis. They were special, carried a little magic with them.

  26. Oliver said

    Yes! This is totally awesome news! All hail the new/old uniforms and logo!

  27. Great news. Although, I think I still prefer the AI rookie-year uniforms. Those were boss.

  28. striggity said

    This is nice to see, I wish a few NBA teams would go back to their older Uni’s…

  29. Uniforms: No official answer for next year…

    It was reported by sixers4guidos the other day that the Sixers have decided to bring back the retro jerseys full time beginning next year. I emailed my contact over at the Sixers PR staff, and their official response was (paraphrasing):
    – The Sixers …

  30. guruvoodoo said

    Way to go Ricky, et al. The classic uni is the hard. The others are “bling-y”.

  31. […] First order of business is to let everyone know our friend over at Sixers 4 Guidos had a petition going for a while trying to bring back the old Sixers uniforms. I know I was in complete support of that among many others.  Well it appears his efforts have come to fruition.  He sent me an email this week informing me that… Kate Price, Sixers’ Vice President of Business Operations, told yesterday to a group of season ticket holders in a fan forum that the franchise will be switching back to the old logo and the old 1982-83 uniforms (white/home, red/away) starting from next season. – Sixers 4 Guidos […]

  32. Hawk3 said

    Check out this blog “UniWatch”:

    Under today’s entry (January 26th) Uni Watch News Ticker it is reported that next season’s Sixer jersey is “not quite as simple as an ’82-’83 throwback.” The author of the blog is a reliable source for uniform information and he says he has seen the new jerseys.

    Ricky, do you think you can do some more digging and possibly come up with some more information?
    Nonetheless, it will be good to get rid of the current logo and jerseys.

  33. Hawk3, thanks for the info !

    I know that site because it linked to S4G a couple of times, and btw I got a lot of traffic from them, it’s good stuff.

    I will try to learn something about it, and as soon as I will have some news I will make a specific post about it

    Let’s keep in touch !

  34. Dre said

    I love the Sixers and I love the Classic uniforms. The uniform Barkley is wearing is terrible but the one Andre is wearing is OK… not to bad but the ’82-’83 uniform is my favorite.

  35. Tom Moore said

    Hi. I cover the Sixers for and was told today (Tuesday) that the new uniforms will be a variation of the 1982-83 unis, but not exactly the same.

  36. Tom, thanks for the update, please let us informed as soon as you have more details !

    let’s hope they don’t screw this up !!

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  38. Julian said

    Wow, that is awesome. YES.

  39. […] the more important news is that I’ve gotten word that the 76ers are switching back to their old uniforms permanently starting next season.  If you recall, my website and Ricky’s Sixers 4 Guidos […]

  40. dude said


  41. Sarge said

    LOVE IT!

    Who doesn’t like the flag uniform from 93-94? That was a GREAT idea, they should wear them as an alternate!

  42. Juan a. said

    I am a Sixers Fan from Spain and I am so happy that this news have been confirmed!! The official website already broguht the logo back. I can not wait to see the uniforms!! Congratulations!!

  43. D3Keith said

    They never should have switched. This uni is classic like Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, Bulls … simple and clean.

  44. […] seen Todd actually address on his blog.) Friday: Sixers (may) go old school (according to something a blog is reporting someone told someone […]

  45. john said

    Okay what will happen with Andre Miller?? I think hes going to be gone because they just got Jrue Holliday, who is a Point. Plus i think Sammy will go to the Bobcats. What do you guys think??

  46. Wow…

    I need to come up with an awesome petition idea just to do it. In fact, you have inspired me. I’m going to get to my crackpot team and get right on it.

    Congratulations on a job well done

  47. Johnny Gall said

    I’m happy that the Sixers are going back to their old uniforms, but I am writing this reply because I want to tell the writer of this article something. To the writer: the way you wrote this article and your sentences are horrible. I don’t know how this article was publishes at all. Most of your sentnces don’t even make sense, and most of them have the worst grammatical errors I have ever seen. Learn how to write in the English language before you show your articles to the public. You sound illiterate in this piece of writing.

  48. Johnny Gall, thanks for leaving a comment !!

    Newsflash: I am not american, I am italian, I am born and raised in Italy and I have spent in the US a total of around 10 days in my life (I am 38 y/o). Check the “About us” section.

    I know my english is bad, I just don’t care, I’ll keep writing because I like to cover the Sixers. Some say that my english is funny, some that is even “sexy” and some, like you, that is terrible: the most important thing is they pretty much everyone somehow understands what I’m trying to say.

    I read a lot of forums, sites etc written by americans and I guarantee you that many of them, MOTHERTONGUE AMERICANS, committ terrible mistakes (“it’s” instead of “its”, “their” for “they are” etc), sometimes it’s me correcting them, go figure…

    Have a nice day, come back when u have the chance.

    (uh, one more thing: you meant “was published”, not “was publishes”, right?)


  49. I am really, really happy to see these jerseys again.

  50. Forest said

    i am a celtics fan, but I believe in the spirit of 1776. The phila uni’s should have seventy-sixers printed on them. The young-uns ought to know about the answer to 1984 being 1776.

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