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Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on October 19, 2007

panic_button21.jpgAaaaaahhh, I love these situations ! I just thrive in them !!!

They are the best for a blogger also… and definitely the perfect ones for a Sixers blog.

So my beloved Sixers dropped their fourth preseason game, this time vs Utah, and are  0-4 overall now, already at the bottom of the conference.

Read it again, the key word in the previous sentence is “preseason”. What should this word tell us? That IT DOESN’T COUNT, right?

Uhm no, not in the Sixers world at least. Sixers fans are those that like to push the button in the picture even for the Summer League, imagine now… and imagine  Sunday night, when our record will be 0-5 after the more-than-likely loss vs the 3-0, top ranked, ass kicking, future champs Boston effin Celtics.

But this is Negadelphia, and this is the time when the average Sixers fan gives his best (?). So comments usually go from “We suck” (the most balanced ones) to “X is a bum”, “Y is overrated”, “Why did we keep Z?” (the analytical ones) up to “We will end 0-82” (the pessimistic ones, almost complaining that the NBA doesn’t have a 162 games season, in order to go 0-162).

In the Sixers board I’ve read many posters complaining that we traded Bobby Jones. BOBBY JONES !!! He had a 26 points game last night and that was enough to start the chorus.

You know what? I’m sure that if he had the same game as a Sixer, someone would have come up with a “Good, but he was 4-9 from the free throw line” smart ass comment.

Don’t waste your time explaining that, according to preseason current rankings, the Eastern Conference finals would actually be Indiana-Atlanta. Yes, Jim O’ Brien’s Pacers are 4-0, while the Hawks are 5-1, ahead of Boston in the list.

Don’t even bother explaining that preseason is…well, preseason !! It comes from the latin “prae” which means “BEFORE”. But it doesn’t matter, the average Sixers fan will kill you with his negativity.

Hey, philanegadelphians were even hard on the Phillies because they were swept in the first round of the MLB playoffs by the Colorado Rockies . It didn’t count that Phillies they got back in the playoffs after I-don’t-know-how-many years, they enjoyed the acheivment for a couple of days and hen started complaining again.

Guess what? The Rockies swept also the Diamondbacks immediately after the Phillies, and now calmly wait to know who will be their opponent in the World Series….

So I am thinking that Sixers will have a wonderful year, get to the playoffs, make a nice run and entertain us for more than 82 games with some amazing basketball?

Hell no, I do believe that we WILL NOT have a winning record and we WILL NOT make it to the POST season.

But the time, and the post, for the predictions is yet to come, here I am talking about a bad attitude that I hate, that I would like to change.

We all know that Sixers will struggle next year, so why don’t we just sit down and relax, and set our minds for the long term plan that we (finally) SEEM to have? Like this we could enjoy more the good things that we will see in the 2007-2008 season that is starting soon: new faces, young players, a core of athletes that fight together for a main goal: improve as a team.

Wanna go back to the Snow, Mc Kie, Randy Ayers era?

(UPDATE: when I wrote this I didn’t have read this, LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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