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Sixer-by-Sixer 07/08 breakdown: Andre Iguodala

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 24, 2008


Hey guys, before I go on throwing out my BS about Iguodala, log on to on the right side of the page you will find a poll on “Your favorite Sixers logo”.

Please remember to cast your vote for the only, real, cool Sixers logo, the one with the round ball that is shown top left on this page (option B on the poll), as integral part of Sixers4guidos’ logo:


The REAL Sixers logo is luckily ranked #1 while I’m typing this (44% of the votes) but the ugly one they are using now is close second (41%).

So let’s take advantage of this chance to show how current Sixers’ corporate ‘equipment’ sucks and how this storied franchise should go back full time to its traditions: bring the old uniforms – in the picture. with Andre modeling – and the old logo back !! 

Vote for option B, over and over, until we get rid of the anonymous, meaningless one we have now.

Back to our player-by-player analysis, trying to judge Iguodala’s season.


Iguodala this year made another step in the direction that we were hoping for.

He’s on his way to become an all star. His regular season numbers are at superstar status (19.9 PPG with 45.6% FG, 5.4 RPG, 4.8 APG, 2.1 SPG – with his career highs in bold) or very close to.

Andre showed he’s one of the few, real all round players left in the league, and played in all of 88 Sixers games this season, each night for 40 minutes. That’s huge, especially considering he always takes the toughest defesive assignment of the team.

Unfortunately in the Pistons series his main numbers took a significant drop (13.2 PPG with 33% FG, to go with 4.3 TO, compared to a reg season average of 2.6). That was a huge change of course, that can’t be explained “only” with the great defense Tayshaun Prince played on him.

That made his overall rate fall to 8.5 (scale is from 1 to 10, being 10 the top), less than Andre Miller’s 9, at least in my book. Had he stayed more or less at the same level of the reg season, he would have reached 9.5, and would have been Sixers4guidos’ MVP of the season.


Everything the numbers show (scoring, rebounding, passing) + something that stats DON’T show (playing good defense). He showed leadership, always being a true reference for his team mates, especially the young ones. He never bitched or complained (ok, with the refs he does that…), never said a bad word about his coach, team, management, fans. Nice.

To sum it up, he truely behaved like a supposed-to-be franchise player should do. At least off the court (LOL, this was evil).

He scored the first buzzer beater of his career, in the game at Memphis, and made a good number of clutch plays in crunch time.


The playoffs choking job was honestly embarassing and is worrying for all Sixers fans.

It seems that not only Prince shut him down – which would be even ok, he did the same vs Kobe in the 2004 Finals after all – but also got under Andre’s skin. If you think Iguodala’s numbers were bad, take a look at Tayshaun stats in those six games: 16.3 PPG, 65% FG (with a combined 19/21 in game 3 and game 4 !!) , 40% from 3 pt land, 5 RPG, 2.8 APG in 36 minutes of action…. Can you say “outplayed” on both ends of the court ?????

Free throw shooting is a major concern too. I think is simply unacceptable that a perimeter player of his level shoots 72% from the line in regular season, including 3/9, 8/15, 4/9, 0/4, 2/8 nights… it’s all a matter of focus and self confidence, of course, because he CAN and SHOULD be over 80%.

Outside/3pt shooting is “half” a problem, I think. We all know and should remember that Iguodala IS NOT a shooter, and he probably will never become one. He can OCCASIONALLY hit a three pointer or a long jumper, but that’s not his game. He should use these shots only to balance his drives to the basket, as a “bonus” weapon in the nights when they are falling.

I think Andre will greatly benefit from playing with a real 3pt threat beside him (Ray Allen-type, say. Hey, I didn’t say he should get Ray Allen, ok ????), and would be very good in drawing double teams and kicking the ball out. Of course one thing is having Willie Green there to catch the rock and shoot it, another thing is having… Mike Miller ?


Shooting, three point shooting, free throw shooting. Over and over again.

Hire some indian guru to teach how to perform well under pressure.


Keep him. Sign him at a reasonable price.

I think Sixers shouldn’t go much over the 57 million -5 yrs deal he reportedly rejected last summer. I am no cap expert, but 63-65 would be the max I’d give him for that length. Or more $$, but for a shorter period (50 mill-4 yrs ???). The fact that it will be Ed Stefanski, and not Billy King, to manage the negotiations for us, makes me feel safer…

If he wants more, work on a sign-and-trade deal.

Get a low post presence, and probably Iguodala’s efficiency will raise big time. I think he can be the cornerstone of this franchise, reguardless of the fact he’s a “franchise player” or not, a “#1 option” or not, Batman or Robin and similar BS…

I also think that trading him will ruin the chemistry already built, and perhaps break something in a team that is STARTING to look good, so in general I am all for keeping Iguodala.

But always keep in mind that we finished 40-42 in the worst conference ever, so there should be huge room for improvement, with or without Iguodala !!

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